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W e are very fortunate to have many people set some of their valuable time to email us about how they feel regarding this dispute with Nissan Motors.

Last Updated Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Totaling 10,000 Messages


Mr. Uzi Nissan and Mr. Carlos Ghohn:
Upon hearing the CBS News this evening I am appalled at the story concerning Nissan.

                                                        Your Name
                                             You got it from your father
                                               It was all he had to give
                                          So it is yours to use and cherish
                                              As long as you shall live.

                                         If you lose the watch he gave you
                                               It can always be replaced
                                          But a black mark on your name
                                                Can never be erased.

                                          It was clean the day you took it
                                             And a worthy name to bear
                                           When he got it from his father
                                            There was no dishonor there.

                                         So make sure you guard it wisely
                                              After all is said and done
                                       You will be glad the name is spotless
                                           When you give it to your son.

Mr. Ghohn:  May I remind you of your own words;
"Over one year ago, the global community watched in horror as the events of September 11 unfolded in New York, in Washington, D.C, and in the skies above Pennsylvania.  All of us at Nissan have been deeply moved by those tragic events. Our hearts remain with those who were forever affected by the tragedy and its aftermath.  We SUPPORT the tireless efforts of those dedicated to making this world a safer, more PEACEFUL place to WORK AND LIVE."

Over and over you speak of how much money Nissan has given, all the while you are "acting ugly" as my granddaughters say, YOU need a TIME OUT - This is simple - Mr. Nissan bought his, either buy it from him, or deal with it! You might consider hiring him, he seems pretty smart to me.

Find one web site that doesn't have advertising.

I will no longer own a Nissan, nor will I purchase any product Nissan Auto is affiliated with, it is my opinion that you sir are indeed Terrorizing Uzi Nissan.

Our President is working diligently to rid our world of terrorists, to protect all of us, not just Americans. Please do your part to assist him in this matter.  We have a huge mountain to climb to success, and ALL of us must join together.

Apologize to Mr. Uzi Nissan, shake his hand and tell him that together we are a team.  And start acting so.
Carol Moran

As any sane person can see, Nissan Motor Co. is wrong.
Wrong like the mafiosa declaring someone be "dealt with" because they are "in the way".
Wrong like Osama Bin Laden forcing beliefs on the world through acts of terror (this is terrorism as well).
Wrong like children going missing in Florida because no one cared.
When will big business be held liable for their twisted, selfish deeds? Let's start now.
Anthony Milbauer

This is so WRONG!
I own a Nissan and was considering trading it in for another one but after this discovery, FORGET IT!  We need to all send $5.00 to Mr. Nissan to help him with his legal battles with Goliath (More like Satan)!  USA, USA, USA
Tonee Vizcarra

To whom it may concern:
Like many I'm sure, I ventured to to gather information about a new car. Instead I was surprised to find out that the very company I was planning to do business, is engaging in what can only be described as "Economic Terrorism".
I can only thank Mr. Nissan for opening my eyes to this heinous practice before I actually made the mistake of purchasing a new Nissan.
In addition, your "Economic Terrorism" practices make the very appearance of "United We Stand" on the front page of a sick and heinous perversion of its true meaning.
As webmaster, I hope that you do the right thing and forward this e-mail to the appropriate Nissan marketing people so that the full outrage of the American public can be heard. In the mean time, I believe I have some media directed letters to pen.
Thank You
Ed Hamilton

They should let the market decide instead of using force.  If they really want the name, they should offer you an amount you both agree on, or they can stuff it.  Good luck.
Nissan is also forcing farmers in Mississippi who do not want to sell their land to sell by using local government.
Michael Roberts

This sort of commercial terrorism represents the worst kind of big-business bullying.  A company that has little to nothing to lose, files a groundless suit to bankrupt someone who has something they want.  This suit should have been thrown out of court before it even began.
The Nissan corporation will have none of my business from now on, nor will any company that thinks it deserves anything it fancies simply because it wants it.
Angus Reid

I can't believe this. I am a member of The National Nissan Truck Assoc. I have owned my Nissan for years and I didn't need a Nissan webpage to pick my purchase.
If this doesn't stop immediately we will boycott Nissan Motors and make it known on our webpage. This is silly. The big need to quit picking on the little. I know Nissan is a good vehicle and I don't think a computer company is going to persuade me not to buy a Nissan.
Mike Prather

Like the majority of people, I agree that Nissan Motor Co. are using childish, bullyish tactics.
I support Nissan Computers and I will NEVER ever consider buying a Nissan car.
A note to any person reading this.. This isn't just about Nissan Computers - V - Nissan Motors.. This is about morals.  If we stop this happening NOW.. It will set a precedent.  HELP us stop this ridiculous behavior by the big companies.

Seriously, the act of suing Nissan Computer's is ludicrous.  The owner has been using the name Nissan, which is HIS surname, when Nissan WERE Datsun, and only KNOWN as Datsun.
I was looking at buying a Nissan 200sx, but chances are now slim.
This act of "Corporate Terrorism" is pathetic.
Stuart O'Meara

Dear Nissan Motor co.,
Shame on you!  You should post an apology to Nissan Computer on YOUR website, 
I have spoken to everyone I know in New England and several other states and none of them will purchase your vehicles now.  They are spreading the word. 
Encourage those you know to email, call and write:
Nissan Motor phone number: (1-800-647-7261).
Address: Nissan Motor Corporation - P.O.Box 47060 - Gardena, CA 90248
Please pass this on: BOYCOTT, email, call and write until Nissan motor apologizes and pays Nissan Computer for damages. 
Lee G.

I think the Jew Should give the name back to Nissan Motor Company, because motor company is more popular and everyone around the world need to access it. Who cares about the little computer company. They are not even popular.
Jose Martini

To Nissan Motor Corp:
I will not repeat what everyone else is saying, but know that I feel the same.  It is evident that you have made a very big mistake, and should rectify it immediately.  I do not know how you sleep at night, or what you tell your families when you get home.  I hope your children learn one day how you destroyed the small business.  You are truly disgusting.
By the way, you can keep Jose "Do-Do" Martini's business.  Enjoy - he seems like a great guy!!!
Caroline Dietze

ROFL. Just got back from the dump. Right after I read this message, I took up a buddy's offer of a $125 86 Nissan 300zx. It didn't run, it was missing the t-tops, and the tires were removed. It was mainly to be used as a parts car.
I then contacted a friend of my brothers who owns a car-compacting service. I informed him of Nissan's soul-less suit against the Nissan Computer Corporation and my plans for the Nissan. He decided to give me a discount-compacting on the car ($25 only).
We used his tow truck and (sorta) secured the car to the hoist. Well, a couple of sharp turns flip it left and right a few times. Rolled it quite nicely. Then we compacted it into a cube that could fit into the back of an S-10.
Best $150 I ever spent.
Curtis J Sovak

Yesterday I was at you John Elway Nissan in Englewood, Colorado looking to trade in my Toyota 4 Runner for a new Pathfinder.  You see, I have owned 8 Toyotas previously and was ready for a change.  I spoke with a salesman and the sales manager, took a test drive, and applied for (and was granted) financing.  All I had left to do was return to the Nissan shop once they found the exact model Pathfinder I was looking for - they did not have one on site with the options I wanted.  given I had a day or so to wait fo my new auto, I decided to have a look round the Internet to see what kind of deal I would be getting once I finalized everything.  That is when I came across this website which mentioned the dispute Nissan Motor is having with Nissan Computer.  Look....It seems to me that Nissan Motor was a bit late to the party and now you want to take out your frustration on the little guy.  Very bad idea.  Push comes to shove, you should just pay the guy for the domain name and be done with it.  First come, first served.  The early bird gets the worm.... I'm sure there are many more, but I am sure you get the idea.
Needless to say, I will not be completing my deal with Nissan Motor.  I'm sure it's no skin off your nose, but hopefully more people will do the same and maybe one day Nissan Motor will get the message - what is fair is fair.
Looks like I'll have my 9th Toyota this weekend.
Gary Starling

I'm a soldier in the U.S. Army and I joined the military solely to defend and protect our freedom and liberty that our Constitution knows we the people deserves.  This democracy was not built for the Supreme Courts, Politicians, and Huge corporations with money to ignore for gain and personal benefits.  Any action taken against the Nissan family would be NO DIFFERENT from the hostile actions of Sadaam Hussain of Iraq on it's neighbors.
Allan Rhaburn - A soldier

Nissan Motor Co.,
The phrase "first come, first serve" seems to come to mind in this dispute over the domain names and  Nissan Computers was clearly there first, and has just as much of a right, if not more so, to the Nissan name as Nissan Motors.  In fact, if I am not mistaken, Uzi Nissan of Nissan Computers, has been using the Nissan name in business ventures long before Nissan Motors.  So what makes Nissan Motors so special to think that they have the right to bully Nissan Computers and attempt to steal what is clearly not theirs?  To be completely honest, I did stumble upon looking for a car.  I'm sure gets a lot of hits from people like myself.  However, it took me about a ten second search to then find and be where I wanted to be in the first place.  It really wasn't that big of a deal.  I sincerely doubt is going to steal your business from people hitting their website and deciding to buy computers instead of cars.
However, after reading the article on about this dispute over these domain names, I am now seriously rethinking my decision to buy from Nissan Motors.  Is this the kind of treatment I should expect as a customer of Nissan Motors?  Even in the event that this was an isolated incident of bad judgment by a small few executives of the Nissan Motors Company, it still speaks badly to the public.  Not to mention, who's to say there may not be another small group of idiot executives that could affect me and my purchase of a vehicle from their company?  Thanks, but no thanks.
I think I'll see what Mitsubishi has to offer instead.
Arthur Feldkamp

Please respect that there are other companies as old as you who happened to register their domain name first.  It is coincidence that you share the same surname.  They have not high jacked your name they share your name.
Derek Wyatt MP
UK Parliament
Chairman, All Party Internet Committee

To the Nissan bullies:
Nissan is a common Hebrew name and it is the name of one of the months of the Jewish calendar.  The name of the month has been in existence since biblical times.
I would suggest to Nissan Computers to sue you for name infringement as you have used both his family name and the name of the Hebrew month many years after his name had been in existence and had been registered.  Just because you have more money doesn't give you the right to bully people around.
As for me, while I am proud of my Honda and of my Volvo, I will never own a Nissan car, and see to it that none of my friends will either.
Dr. Bar-Av

I would have thought that a company the size of Nissan would have spent enough money in studies to figure out very quickly that this was a massive error.  After Sears tried to pull the same kind of crap in the late '70's, and had the worst local "word-of-mouth" nightmare that could never be repaired, I am truly surprised at Nissan's ignorance.  It would seem obvious that 20-some years ago, you could have gotten away with it.  Welcome to the age of free expression.  No longer can massive companies quietly flatten the little guy without penalty.  They say that for every good thing a company does, they will tell one other.  For every negative action, they will tell 8.
Sadly for you, I did not "happen" to come across this address by accident.  There was a posting in our office lunchroom that stated what Nissan was doing.  I called a friend, as we were just talking about proprietary rights as it relates to the Internet.  What do you know?  He had the same notice in the form of internal email going through his office.
I can assure you that this act of "bullying" will go down as one of the "all time blunders" by a major company.
You'll most likely win the suit because of endless financial (and therefore) legal resources.  Nice to see you're trying to keep your badgers busy after what must be an amazing retainer fee.
Are Nissan shareholders aware of the public affairs nightmare you've started?
Can you say..  "Snowball"?
Yours very truly,
J. Wilson - A former Nissan buyer

For any court to find in favor of Nissan Motor Corp would be a miscarriage of the legal system, in any country USA included. Incidentally I am from South Africa.
Let it be known as a person who has owned and driven Nissan Vehicles that I will never purchase/own another Nissan Vehicle again. Furthermore I will discourage anyone else I can from purchasing Nissan vehicles and related products. A story like this needs to be told.
I hate the arrogance of big companies to think they can overrun and trample on whom they please.
Nissan Motor Corp.... SHAME ON YOU!
Nissan Computer ..... FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT
Brian Anthony Trudgeon - South Africa

As Nissan is now a subsidiary of the Renault Group, all links should be attached to
I understand this matter is bothering you and I wish you good luck
Emmanuel C. Andro

As a fellow lawyer, I see this type of corporate bullying on a regular basis.  Nissan Motor Co. has no legal basis for this suit.  They will attempt to drag this case on until they can deplete your legal fund and force you to settle, or give up your name.  I hope you have qualified counsel who will go after these greedy %$#@&%'s and get court costs and attorney's fees awarded to you for their frivolous lawsuit.
P. C. Schroeder

Sorry guy, it sucks and all that this is happening, but I'm with the Nissan Motors. They're a huge international business that has been around for a very long time. I'm not sure but are you guys international as well? Cause if not it does make more sense for such a large, international corporation such as Nissan Motors to have the domain.

The facts support ownership of by Uzi NissanNissan Motors' actions in this case are shameful to themselves, their ancestors, to Japan, Japanese people in general, and Japanese corporations in particular.  Their perfidy in continuance of this merit less legal case is revolting.
As their revered ancestors would have taken drastic steps to regain honor, I suggest Nissan Motors should liquefy all their assets, give those assets to Uzi Nissan, then end their worthless and shameful existences by committing Hara-kiri!
Steven Wayne

Because I beleive in free market, I'm supporting Nissan COMPUTER, and take action against the Nissan MOTOR that hurts them the most.

I'm trying to decide if I should trust Nissan Corp. of Japan with over $30,000 US of my money by buying a Maxima.
Integrity is large part of my decision. Obviously, if you cannot respect the rights of others to do business legally, I'm compelled to go elsewhere for my business - namely Honda.
I'll be passing this on to everyone I know in the Internet community for others to decide on their own.
Kevin J Burke

Dear Nissan Family,
I'm sorry to hear about this terrible battle you are fighting with Nissan MOTOR.  I come from a family who has their own business and like you we too have fought our battles with our family name.  It is strange how things happen.  Today I went car shopping and I was very happy because I thought I'd found the right car.  I actually stopped by a Nissan Dealership and obtain some information on one of their models.  I was talking to my friend about it and he made me aware of your situation.
Ask me now if I will be buying a Nissan car.  My answer to that is "I will not contribute to the financial gain of a Corporation who is attempting to destroy the AMERICAN DREAM".  I support you 100% and I will make sure that I spread the word at my place of employment as we have over 1,000 people just here alone in Tucson, Arizona.
I will ensure that I inform not only my fellow co-workers, but as well all of my friends and family.  I will make all aware of this injustice.
I will also ensure you that I will pass around your articles to let them know what type of "people" Nissan really are.  It's shameful that they try to have this family image on their commercials, brochures and even at their dealerships when really they don't give a damn about people like us.  This is a true injustice and this must be stopped.  You deserve to keep what you've so hard worked for.
You have my full support along with the Nation.  Keep on fighting and you will succeed.
Martha Varela

Just wanted to let you know I dumped my 2000 Pathfinder because of the brutal attitude of Nissan Motors.  Whatever your financing company was making, add that to the cost of your harassment of this guy.  Also, my wife was looking at the new Sentra, but we went down the street to get a Mazda 626.  You can factor that in as well, plus the fact that we'll never buy another Nissan product.
Stu Guthrie

EXCUSE ME Nissan Car Company!  HELLO????  Since WHEN does it become right to steal what rightfully belongs to OTHERS SIMPLY because you are a BIGGER COMPANY? tried to do this to and FAILED MISERABLY.  This company is going out of business partly due to efforts of eToy volunteers.
Why does being bigger make you RIGHT?  Trademarks and domain names work on the policy of he who got it first, not who is a bigger company.
HOW can you possibly say that this computer company is wrongfully using your trademark?  The guy just happens to share the last name.  I suppose you would force him to change his LAST NAME TOO????
I am buying a new car soon and I am not sure of what model I will buy, but I can tell you right now it WON'T be a Nissan.  You money grubbing losers!
Irate Bystander

As these no-doubt respectably dressed internet thugs crush any and every ethic and principle normally associated with humanity in their blind and grasping greed, I cannot help but wonder if anyone at Nissan Cars anticipated how long this would last, or how damaging it could be?  I have now heard about this case from all kinds of people, in all walks of life.  And none until this last one, let me know via a computer.
The marketing geniuses at Nissan Cars should be proud.  With this legal action, they have generated the sort of publicity that will directly affect their sales for many years to come.  As it should be.  And in all of this, let us not forget the role of the judicial system.  While it was originally designed to cater to the needs of the people, thanks to its poor design, it now only serves the rich.  Good luck to Mr. Nissan.  As for Nissan cars.  If you use the same sort of priorities, values and ethics in the construction of your cars, then I expect to see thousands of un-purchased Nissan "Karma's" sitting un-purchased on car-lots the world over.  Congratulations.
Scott McPherson - Edmonton, Canada

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