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Stop now.  The Nissan Motor Co. will not EVER get my business or even consideration if this lawsuit continues.  It is immature, groundless, and down right ignorant.  If the Nissan Motor Co is so lame and impotent that it thinks it would lose business to a computer company, then maybe Nissan Motors SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS.  DROP THE LAWSUIT, ACT LIKE YOU'VE COME TO YOUR SENSES.
Christopher B. Coffman

Nissan was my grandmother's maiden name in Iraq;  this is in the 1800's, way before there was a Nissan Motor Company.  I can't see why a giant like nissan can't settle for calling themselves instead of dragging a small business owner through courts.
Shame on you Nissan company, you won't see me in one of your cars ever!
Amira Bernstein - Columbus, Ohio

Money and Might do not make right.  If Mr Nissan existed before Datsun became Nissan, what is this all about anyway?  Money and Power, that's what.  I just sold my Nissan Pathfinder and I will not buy again from this company.
Linda Quinonez

To Whom it may concern;
I am concerned with this lawsuit as regards to the "" domain dispute.  I find it hard to believe that Nissan Motor Corp. who was not smart enough, nor had enough faith in the internet nine years ago to register the domain name now wants it. On top of that, now Nissan Motors wants to bully around Nissan Computer Corp. - simply because Nissan Computer Corp. saw the future of the internet nine years ago and registered the ""  domain name.  What is of particular concern to me is that I have been buying Nissan cars for a long time now, and I am VERY disturbed by them acting like big babies - and with a jealousy syndrome that I am not happy to see. It should be an embarrassment to Nissan Motor Corp to be seen in such a light.  I will say this, me and my entire family will never spend another dime on a Nissan Product as long as we exist on this planet - unless Nissan Motors drops this lawsuit and starts acting like a responsible and RESPECTABLE enterprise.  Nissan Motor Corp. should have to do like anybody else - and buy out the owner of the domain name if they want it so badly.  Since I know a bit about the law, the "DOMAIN" name "" is a single entity and there is no lawsuit whatsoever. The ".com" within the phrase "" makes it completely separate from the word Nissan. Hence, NO lawsuit, or at least nothing legal to stand on. It's like taking the word "Compute" and then adding the single letter "R" on the end, and you now have the word "Computer". One is a noun, the other a verb, and they are now completely different words. Get over it!  What Nissan Motors is trying to do is bully and intimidate a much smaller company into handing over their very valuable domain name like a frightened child would hand over his lunch money to the bully of the block.  My best friend just sold a domain name recently for $100,000 - named "" because he was smart enough to register it three years ago. And sure enough a company eventually wanted that domain name - and they paid for it like most people do! The domain name is worth much MUCH more, like about 4 to 6 million dollars, and "Nissan Motors" knows this fact!  Nissan motors - pull out your check book and pay up if you want the domain name so bad - but don't embarress yourself any further by looking like a bunch of legal idiots!
David Kaplan

Nissan Motor should back off.  No one will confuse a computer company with car/truck.  BTW, Mr. Nissan has every right ti the name as does the car/truck maker.  I drive one but will not buy another.  I wonder if this really got ugly after the French took control.
Edward Leviton

To Whom It May Concern,
Your lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corporation is despicable.  Mr. Uzi Nissan got the domain name "", first and does not infringe on your trademark in any way, shape or form!  I suppose next you'll sue someone for having "Nissan" as their last name.
May your auto sales plummet.
Gregory Martin - Atlanta

Please live and let live.  Your company will only receive adverse comment and critism by proceeding.
Allan Levene

I just wish to express my support for Nissan Computer Corp in this court case, as it seems to me from all the information I have seen that Uzi Nissan has the full right to use the name Nissan for his busness actvities.
Chris McKenna

Nissan is the proper Hebrew name for the Hebrew month (from new Moon to new Moon period) in which the vernal equinox occurs. The name in Exodus is the "first month" and the name Nissan is at least 2500 years old in usage and can be found in millions of books & calendars.  Hebrew family names come also from Month's names. For example, Adar is a Hebrew family name which is the month just before month Nissan, Nissan is not an exception.  I do not know what a curiuos incident is that Nissan happens to be also the name of the famous Japanese corporation, but the name Nissan in Hebrew usage predates by more than 2000 years the possible usage in Japan. With all the possible respect to the Japanese Nissan corporation, Mr Uzi Nissan is lawfully entitled to bear his family name, being a well known name for milleneums, and is completely entitled to call the company which he founded after his name. I understand that there must be a differentiation between the Japanese Nissan and Mr. Uzi Nissan's corporation but it seems unfear to deny his old family name which goes back more than the families of all the kings in Europe and possibly elswhere.
Moshe A. Pollatschek

Nissan Motors apparently did not register in  time and you did. If your family name is truely Nissan You have a rightful claim to the domain name provided you registered it first. Nissan Motors appears to be a claim jumper. Lets just say the early bird gets the worm (or so it should go ).
Good Luck Nissan Computer.  Or perhaps they should pay you a huge fee, no one grippde about .TV they paid they did a heafty fee for use of the name .TV because that had been designated to someone already that had a rightful claim to it.
`nuf said,
Dan Moss

Dear Gents from Nissan Motor Co.
After having read the story, I just feel you're not doing right. Just leave this honest man alone and let him do his business and enjoy his life! First come first served. You have to accept that this time you came second. This is life, look forward and not backwards. Put your effort and money in making good cars and not in paying lawyers. Sorry I had to be that direct but it's just how this makes me feel.  I trust to your common sense and human intellect that you will withdraw this lawsuit!
Best regards from Switzerland
Lukas Boesiger

In my opinion, there is no relations between domain name and company name. But! Mr.Uzi Nissan got this name first, it means he has only rights to use it. In this idiotic situation Nissan Motors Co. officers might think to take your second name as well. Nonsens.
Vladimir Y. Bushel

After reading the story and articles, I believe that this is a frivolus lawsuit made by Nissan Motor Co. for a couple of reasons. If Mr. Nissan registered the domain name of with Network Solutions it should be rightfully his to use. If Nissan Motor Co. was concerned, they should have registered the domain name first. Second, He has been using the his family name of Nissan for 20 plus years. I'm sure there are other avenues that can be taken by both parties involved in resolving this matter.  If I may make a suggestion, Nissan Motor Co. should remove the restraining order and call their web site (i.e  nissanmotor, nissanmc, or nissanmotorco. Another possible solution could be that Nissan Motor Co. make an offer to Mr. Nissan to purchase the domain name from him. I would hate to see Mr. Nissan get the short end of the stick just because his voice doesn't carry a whole lot of weight compared to Nissan Motor Co. and just becasue Nissan Motor Co. can afford to have their legal staff entertain themselves by fighting for this unwarranted and once again a frivolus lawsuit.  Mr. Nissan officialy registered the domain name with Network Solutions and registered the service mark and logo with the State of North Carolina, the name belong to Mr. Nissan. After all, as the old saying goes, "First come first serve".
Good Luck Mr. Nissan
Jun Kang

I cannot believe that a world famous moter manufacturer is suing a small computer company over a matter like this. I am sure Mr. Nissan would agree to put a suitable "click and be re-routed" banner on his site to take casual browsers to the Nissan moters site. This is what the international Airline alliance called "OneWorld alliance" did with a site called  Nissan motors, stop this ridiculous action, it makes you look meanspirited and silly!
David Olesker

I am saddened to think that such a great Company as Nissan is indulging in alleged Domain Name Hijacking.  Surely you must know that the average person will know the difference between yourselves and a computer company from way back. Just lighten up and call yourselves, save yourself some money and that will keep your prices down. And, more important have a bit of respect for the guy who was there first.
Geoff Stokes

Nissan Motor Corp,
After reading about this case, I am appaled by your behavior. Because you didn't have the foresight to register and, you are bullying a legitimate company. This company is named after its founder. Your company changed its name. This company has a legitimate right to these domain names. Your company does not. If you choose to continue in your bullying tactics, you will suffer ecconomically from the loss of business when this case becomes better known. Next time, don't change your corporate name and be quicker to adopt new technology.

Nissan Motor Co.
Is the reason you are sueing Nissan Computer Corp, because they had the foresight to establish their website before you ?  From the facts I have ascertained it seems to me that they have every right to trade under the names " &".  If you feel that this is causing tremendous confusion amongst your customers and suppliers, then perhaps the answer would be to offer to buy out the trade name so that the exclusivity is solely yours.
Dr David Patchick

The internet is first-come, first served, and is public domain.  I resent corporate high-jacking of fairly registered domain names, and the use of legal maneuverings to financially strain the rightful owners.  Your option is to buy the name if it is important to the corporation.
Scott Wickard

Ok why don't leave alone to that person he want to open is owen businne please your a big corporecion and hi small you are to much por favor dejen a nissan computer que haga su propio negocio ustedes son una corporacion grande y ademas nissan es nombre judio y ustedes lo agarraron porque quisiera saber dejen de estar armando pelea con nissan computer por favor
Jaime Portocarrero Teshla

I feel that Nissan Motor Co. has no right to take legal action against Nissan Computer Corp.  Nissan Computer Corp. has full ownership of the name because they registered and paid for the use of it and it is not their fault that Nissan Motor Co. got on the band wagon a little too late.  Nissan Computer Corp. was established before Nissan Motor Corp. which shows that there was no infringement of copyright laws.  Besides, Nissan Computer Corp. used Nissan because it is his family name and not just because he wanted to compete with Nissan Motor Corp.  Besides if Nissan Motor Corp.was so worried about having an internet presence they would have registered one of numerous Nissan sites registered by others, other than . Nissan Motor Corp. cannot expect to get something for free.  How many of us in the world has the same name?  Should I be able to sue someone just because they have used my name to register their business?  I think not.  This suit needs to be thrown out.  Nissan Motor Corp. stop wasting the time of court system just because you are using your money to get ahead!
Elizabeth Petty

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