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I want to show my solidarity with Uzi Nissan and Nissan Computers. I 'll pass the word round: I shall personally boycott and encourage my relatives, friends and colleagues to boycott by any possible mean Nissan Motors.
Gabriella Franzone

Free Enterprise is a right earned by United States citizens.  Thank God.  I hope a large, non-United States car company doesn't change their name again to Almarwol, instead of their original name Datsun, then I, a U.S. citizen, would have to be concerned about going to court to protect my right to use my own name in my business.  By the way, I have had my name since my birth in  1947, my father also since 1921, and my grand father and great grand father for more than 50 more years.  My son Albert IV, and his son Albert V, also have the right to use our family name in any business they choose.  Don't take that right away from them as you are trying to do to Uzi Nissan.
Datsun, now known by another name should return to their roots and their real name.  That would be more honest than trying to tear away the old family name of my friend Uzi Nissan, for the sake of the "Not so all mighty YEN."  DATSUN MOTORS, play fair, and we will let you remain in the market place.  Otherwise, Chevrolet, General Motors, Chrysler Corp., and Ford will become the only cars of choice in the United States.  Be assured.  I will do everything in my power to persuade every one I know to "steer" away from buying anything NISSAN Motors produces.  By the way, NISSAN would be a lot easier to find on the internet, had I the desire to find it, because it says more about the business than simply, a well known U.S. computer company.
Think about it.
AL & Marcia Franke

As a proud owner of two Nissan Sentra automobiles, I find it very disconcerting to see Nissan Motor Co. taking such actions as it has with this issue. Although I understand a very large company like Nissan being concerned with image and brand awareness, I find it hard to justify an additional Nissan vehicle purchase after seeing these kinds of actions being taken against a respectable small business owner by Nissan Motor Co. There are other alternatives that could be taken by Nissan Motor Co. Register a name like or Taking advantage of your corporate size to bully a small business owner just because you can or because you have more omnetary resources is childish, and bespeaks of poor corporate citizenship.
Thank you,
Frederick Thomas

I just read the story about this lawsuit.  I'm looking to get a car to replace my old van.  The new one won't be a Nissan.
Steve Dolan

Nissan Motors does not need to behave in this manner since you legally own the domain name.  Naturally, I will not patronize any company that attempts to take advantage of another company that rightfully owns their own domain name. Especially since there are so MANY "nissan type" domain names registered. They needed to offer to PURCHASE the domain name. I will e-mail them promptly of my feelings on the matter.
Doris Jones

I think you so called big boys nead to grow up. don't you realize that each time someone sees the name NISSAN will automatically think of NISSAN cars, it does not matter whether they use the WEB page or not, your name is being advetised... I do believe that Uzi Nissan should take you to court for using his name in your car manufacturing, think before you act. In England bad publisity is bad and not how some think that any publisity is good no matter what!!!!!????? You will be giving your NISSAN company a bad name in this country, but if you don't rate the UK as car buyers then it will not bother you.....
David Hulley

First come, First serve.  Nissan Computer has just the right to his domain name.
George Beaupre

I fully support Nissan Computer Corp. They registered their name first. It is not like the founder just pulled a name out of a hat and decided to name his company Nissan. It is his last name! P.S.:My brother just bought a Maxima from Nissan Motor Corp.!!!
Josh Fagan

It has been my experience (not being a major company) that the internet is a level playing field for all users. I think that is how it should be. If Nissan Motors wants to use Nissan they should have to work within the rules and either wait for the name to become available or pay Nissan computers for the rights to the name. If Nissan Computers doesn't want to sell that is thier option. Instead of wasting money in court and on lawyers Nissan Motors should spend it on buying the name or coming up with an even catchier name. After all, with a name that old lots of people had the right to use it.
Art Elliott

Considering that Nissan was used in the US prior to Datsun aka "Nissan Montor Company" of Japan.  The ownership of the name and the web site should belong to Uzi Nissan.  The concept that certain words or ideas belong to a corporation smacks of bring brother and the Apple Computer Company.
Dr. Jacobsen

The pronunciation of the name NISSAN in Hebrew is considerably different than the similarly spelled (but entirely different word in Japanese) and is a legitimate word in the Hebrew language.  I have no idea how many businesses are operated under the name "JACOBS," but there are many.  I have never had any difficulty regarding the use of my name in any business I have operated in over 40 years.  It is incredible to me that a company that hid its name under the guise of "DATSUN" for so many years out of fear for negative association while there were still many people around who were aware of that company's original products and their use would stoop so low as to do something like this.
Uzi Nissan has every right to use his name in any business he operates, including the internet, and Nissan Motor Co. has no right to force him to do otherwise.  Until he, Mr. Nissan, employs his name in association with motors, cars, and the like, he should be left alone.  After all, the name is NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY and not simply NISSAN.
J. Richard Jacobs

I believ in this kind of situation, it is a give and take situation. Mr Nissan, has already got the domain name even before Nissan Motors were motors? So Why not Nissan computer corp sue them?  Nissan Motors should just go get, right? No conflict here, if not, just buy it from mr Nissan?

I am under the impression, that Nissan is this mans given sir name...How can another company sue someone for using their own name...Maybe Uzi should sue this other company for using his absurd, that the courts have to waste their time with this type of thing...Sorry for your trouble UZI.....Shalom

Play fair! You were Datsun here before you changed to Nissan. What's the guy supposed to do? Change his name? That's totally ridiculous. Why don't you use
Marsha Kamish

I can not believe this has turned into an issue!!!  Fight them all the way Uzi!!!
Luke Hudson

To may it concern:
I cant understand why such a big co. like nissan motor wants to fight just for the pleasure of fight...don't u have anything else to do than thinking about money? Or may be you don't have enough? Or u just make it because of the power? Are you out of your mind? Thousands of people around the world have as a second name Nissan...are you going to bring an action against all this people just because the have the same name of your co.?
Give me a break!!!!!!!
Yemi Galante

To Whom It May Concern:
The 7th month in the Jewish calender is called "NISSAN" and no one has exclusive rights to use this name.  The Hebrew language is the most ancient of languages and the Japanese people were not the first to use it, so why don't you leave the poor guy alone. He is just trying to make a leaving.
Steve Honigsfeld - Sacramento, California.

Nissan Motor Corp. can certainly use nissanmotor as an internet name.  Nissan does not have to be the single attachment.  Mercedes uses mbusa and BMW uses bmwusa, what's wrong with  Are thye that brain dead?
Marsha Anne

I'm sure that greed is tearing this wonderful country apart. The trouble throughout the world rest on the shoulders of those who deceive.  I've always hated a Lier, cheat, & thief. The matter is better delt with by God. Good Luck to Nissan COMPUTER.

I believe that Uzi Nissan is entitled to use his last name as his website name.
Gerson Kaplan

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