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I wish to express my sympathy with Mr. Uzi Nissan who adopted his family name as a business name. The pressure of Nissan cars corp. is unfair, cannot be justified and indeed is very dangerous to democratic and fair-play rules.
sincerely yours,
Haim Shmueli

A name is a name! the Internet is new ground. Who ever gets the name first should get it! why does big business think that domain names are god given to them?
Mike Gorin

Dear Sirs,
I think it is a bunch of bullshit about what the Nissan Motor Company is suing you for.  You guys have had your Internet server since '94 and they are just now doing something about it, that isn't right.  They are also saying that Nissan is a trademark name or something like that and that you can't use it?  Nissan is Uzi's last name, he should have a right to use.  I f he knew when he made the server that it would piss them off so bad then I am sure that he would have thought of something else to use.  They could have worked it out without suing them and taking them to court.  The way I see it, it should be an open and shut case.  You guys keep the name, and they go back to Japan and keep on making cars.

I myself own domain name's. If I was in the position your family is in I would sue Nissan for the hold up of developing your web site. Nissan motor corp, is a dury company. I made a mistake by doing business with them. I hope you win and then counter sue.
Mike Yasmer

I would simply like share my opinion in this case.  I think that it is rather disgusting that Nissan is taking this course of action, Mr. Nissan (The owner of has every right to own the domain.  It is not like he's doing this to be a jerk, it seems doubtful that he registered the name thinking "DATSUN" would buy it from him down the road.  If I register my last name,, and 20 years from now a company buy that name has made the big time, does that mean I'll be getting sued as well.  I should hope not!
Good luck with the case Mr. Nissan.
Will Eisenbarth

It is not the position of any company to intrude on the rights of an individual, just to gain personal profit, real or perceived. I believe that since the name was legally registered, the Nissan corp. should stop harassing Nissan computer and if not, a counter suit should be filed.  A personal name cannot be trade marked!  If it was illegal for Mr. Nissan (Nissan computer) to use his personal name, then he would also be barred from using his name for any reason.  The United States will not allow this to happen.
Sean Masterson

It's Huzpa of them !!! Justice is for all not only to rich companies !!!

I strongly support your company. I think that those Japanese companies are barbaric!!! Let's kick them out!
Neo Cheung - Hong Kong

I was looking for Nissan Car information using this URL.  I would have expected it to be such.  But as any educated person knows, there is nothing preventing someone else from registering the address, especially if they have a valid claim to use it.  It sounds like you do have a valid claim to the name.  In this case it is simple.  The is a valuable resource for Nissan motors and they would like to have it.  They were late in trying to register it, and missed out.  So it is simple, if they want the name, then they should negotiate with you for it's purchase.  This has no business being in a court of law.
Scott Blair

I dislike this kind of bullying of small companies by larger companies.  Especially in the supposedly more open domain of the Internet.  Cease and desist all legal action!
Tim Dickson

I'm a huge fan of Nissan Motor Corporation and yet I wholeheartedly agree that you have every right to this domain name.  I support your effort and will spread the word.
Al Abadilla

To whom it may concern:
It is reprehensible that Nissan motors would be suing an American company over use of the domain-name ""   This is just another example of a latecomer to a party trying to make up for lost time due to hesitation or poor foresight.  Obviously, in the "first come, first served" world of Internet Domain Names, Nissan Motor Corp.'s case is one of sour grapes.  I believe that Nissan Computer has effectively dealt with any "confusion" issues by the display of the disclaimer prominently positioned on their home page that they are NOT Nissan Motor Corp.  To Nissan Motor Corp, the old adage "You snooze, you lose!" comes to mind!
Stan Bartsch

Dear Nissan Motor Co,
Sounds like you're company was a little slow on the curve ball on the Internet game.  And as I'm sure your lawyers have let you know, just because your company's name is "Nissan" does that entitle you to that web site's name.  However, if the Nissan Computer CHOOSES to sell you the site that is their perogative.  Good luck Nissan Computer.
Deborah Foster

I say keep up the fight.  It's not as if you were squatting on the site... It's your family name.  If the take it from you, it will signal the downfall of our rights as Americans.
Jonathan Schenck

Shame on you for trying to muscle this person just because you were late to the party. I am looking a new car on the Internet and this does nothing but reflect poorly on your company.
Albert Ryden

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