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I'll be joining the boycott and definitely won't consider a Nissan when I buy a new car next year.
Only if all of us so-called "little guys" band together, can we effectively grab the attention of the big-bully corporations.
Are you listening Nissan Motor C
P. Dakin, N.S., Canada

A message to Nissan Motor Company. 
I remember when you were Datsun.  I remember when you really cared about your public image.
I have just notified the local dealer to cancel the order on the 4X4 I had ordered yesterday.  I put a cancellation on my deposit (which I was smart enough to make on my credit card), telling him I refused to deal with any company which thought they could run over a small company.  I also told him, though the dealership was not responsible for the situation, I would make a point of getting this story out and into the media, since ultimately, Nissan would understand the loss of revenue.  It is unfortunate another small business has to suffer due to their suppliers stupidity.
Ere Communications

As the current owner of an Infiniti G20, my second, and having been responsible for two friends having purchased Infinitis of their own (we deal with Lokey Infiniti in Clearwater, Florida and Precision Infiniti in Tampa, Florida) and one who has been shopping for a good price on the Infiniti Q45 I would consider myself a good customer of the Nissan Motor Company; that is until I heard about this ridiculous attempt to bully this man into giving up his rightful name and trying to run him out of business by dragging him in to federal court.  This simply is not the kind of company I will continue doing business with.  If you have any doubts about my ownership of your vehicles, past and present and those owned by folks I have referred to Infiniti, I will be happy to provide the VIN numbers to you under separate e-mail.
Disgustedly yours,
John Engstrom - Lutz, Florida

Well Nissan Motor lost a long time customer when I read about this.  I will NEVER buy a Nissan Vehicle Again.
I will spread this to as many Cisco, Southwestern Bell, Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, Ameritech, and Southern New England Telephone employees as possible.
I think that Nissan Motor Corporation is acting in a childish and petty manner about this.  If you own the domain name, Nissan Motor needs to pay Nissan Computer Corporation the price it asks for the name, or respect the wishes of the owner.
Victor Pinamonti

Greetings to UZI Nissan!!!
Boy, I almost purchase a X-Terra (NISSAN) today!!  But then, knowledge changed the buying power of a small buyer like me.....I figure.. I don't want to drive a car made by a company who has no MORALS!!...I didn't want to feel dirty driving the X-TERRA....To me it would feel like driving an stolen car, so I didn't want to feel like a criminal....Well I have decided to go for the RANGE ROVER DISCOVERY......I wasn't sure about the two choices at first!...Now I am! Driving the Range Rover will make me feel clean and proud.... I am just an small ripple in the world...but many ripples can cripple a GODZILLA like Nissan OF JAPAN.....I hope my ripple can help get you cripple GODZILLA...
MR. UZI Nissan;
"TRUTH" is fighting on your side,
"JUSTICE" and "HONOR" will join your crusade,
"FAITH" will guide you to Victory!
Euro Ortiz

I will not be purchasing a Nissan Patrol or Pathfinder in view of the Nissan Motor Company's pathetic lawsuit against I am sure Landrover will be grateful of the business.
Michael Boltman - Australia

It seems to me that Nissan Motors could simply use or as their URL and there certainly would not be any confusion in that respect.  Besides who is to say that Nissan isn't infringing upon Mr. Nissan's right to use the name.  I have owned two Datsuns and one Nissan vehicle, but never again and further will never rent one again either and as a frequent International business traveler, I will make this point with the rental car agencies I use in writing today.  I am also writing a letter to the court, and to local car dealers.
Capt. Donald Grouns

I will never, ever, purchase a Nissan Motor Vehicle, nor will I purchase one for my wife or kids when they are old enough. As long as Nissan Motor Vehicle Corporation continues to treat legally rigeous individuals and companies like dirt!
Henry M. Valdes

This is a call to everyone in the religious community not to purchase a Nissan vehicle.  It has become my personal mission to involve any church organization not to purchase a Nissan vehicle.  I am a computer consultant for St. Andrews Episcopal Church for years and I do not see why Nissan Motor Corp cannot settle out of court or get their own domain.  Nissan Computer Corp has my backing.
Mr. John S. Cush of Mastic Beach, NY

On behalf of Weekend Pace Couriers, I would like to express our concern over the actions of the Nissan Motor Co. regarding the matter of the domain name  We believe that this is yet another example of a large corporate exerting its own interests over a smaller entity.  The cost to Nissan Computer to make a stand must be substantial and present a tremendous economic burden for the companies future.
As far as we are concerned, we would like to see Nissan Computer come up trumps in the case and be awarded some substantial damages.  We do not have any Nissans in our fleet and due to the actions of Nissan Motor, we will never use Nissans for any future activities.
Justin Coe - Weekend Pace Couriers Limited

I seek refuge in Allah in order to be saved from the accursed devil.  Oh Allah I seek refuge in you in order to be saved from the mischief of the dajjal.
In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.  All I can say is that Mr Nissan has a right to his family name; I have the right to refrain from buying a Nissan Motor Company car.
First come first serve on the internet.  The real Mr. Nissan is in a business that has no relations to motors cars.  And I hope and pray that he wins millions in a counter lawsuit for your attempt to steal his family name.
When you are wrong you are wrong and as a Muslim I stand for the right of the Israeli to use his seven generation family name which is probably older that the Nissan Motor Company.
Muhammad Jamaal

Dear Nissan Motor Company
Did you ever read about viral marketing?  Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions. Like this:
It seems that you wrongly initiate the boycott of your company, without thinking about the Internet:  you have the power of money but we have the power of emails, websites, newsgroup, etc.
I will ask my friends to boycott your company until you stop the pursuit against Mr Nissan.
Xavier Brochard - Director, Voies / Europe-serveur

Please leave the Little Guy alone, please stop suing to take your name away from other people who share your name.
I will boycott your products until your agree to stop hijacking legal domain names you might not like.
Gary Boren
Andy Starkweather
Ron Richardson
Mark Sadegein

All of us who think it's unfair for a giant car manufacturer, with unlimited legal talent, to bully a smaller company JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN, should not only refuse to buy Nissan car products, but make their decision to do this known to Nissan Motors. Let's do it!
Patrick Nease

Please advise Nissan the automaker that they have most likely lost a customer of 13 years.  I am strongly tempted to dispose of the Nissan vehicle I currently possess.  I think it is now safe to say I will be selecting a new Vette instead of the new Z Nissan Motors is supposedly coming out with.  So, keep going Nissan Motors.
I would also like to advise Nissan the automaker that they should accept the fact that they were extremely slow to accept the relevance of the Internet and move on.  Otherwise, they should pay Nissan Computers for  I think that Nissan Motors should be thankful that Nissan Computers has always given a link to Nissan Motors.  I would change that if I ran Nissan Computers, unless of course I was now paid a handsome advertising fee.
Mike Connor - user of the Internet before it was mainstream.

My Father has been buying Nissan Cars and Trucks for some time now.  In the past 20 or so years he as had seven Nissans.
We were online looking to get him a new Nissan when we saw this site.  The next day he bought a Toyoda.
Nissan Motor leave Nissan Comp. alone you will lose more than you will ever gain.
Prof J. Newell - U Mass

As Director and CEO of Speedy Bay Area Airport Express, I'm canceling the lease(s) on my entire fleet of over 80 y2000 Pathfinders immediately.  I will be looking for another, more consumer "friendly" import Automaker to fill my fleet needs.
Derek J. Olsen II - Director, Speedy Bay Area Airport Express - San Francisco, CA

It is ABSURD to say that because one corporation is bigger than another, in a DIFFERENT area of commerce, it "owns" a word.
Nissan Motor should be ashamed of itself for pretending to be a computer ISP and computer company -- or pretending that it owns all rights to the word "Nissan" in every language.
Does Nissan Motor desire to sue all Israeli calendar makers for using the month "Nissan" (that's been in use for a longer time than automobiles) too !
Arnold Williams

Nissan Motors needs to be taken to task, for trying to BULLY a small company..
Robert Jackson

Dear Mr. President and your pack of Lawyer,
Firstly, nobody have any right to anything on the Internet until you have register for it. It was designed for one and for all and I think that it is time for you to learn that. you people have no right. PERIOD.  To help Mr. Nissan here are my action Plan. 
1. To Never consider owning a Nissan related Product again.
2. I was considering to buy a Nissan (Singapore No.1 right now). But Forget it. 
3. To inform all my colleagues and ask for there support.
4. Create a chain mail regarding this..
I thing this is the last time that you see Nissan hold the No.1 car in Singapore.
Duc Dang - Senior IT Consultant

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