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Domain names have and will continue to be the bane of the internet, since individuals users cannot remember ip addresses; is not as enticing as, obviously.  However, when a domain name is registered by a user, regardless of that users intent, it becomes the property of that user, period.  Since Mr. Nissan has legitimate claims to a family name that dates bace generations, and since Nissan Motors did not register the domain name prior, your legal department can bitch and moan all it wants, but in the court of public perception, and public law, Nissan Motors has no claim to  I base this on my career, I am a Senior Network Engineer, and have seen this occur on more then one occassion. was originally registered by a gentleman who"s last name was Porsche, apparently a common German name.  Porsche Motors tried to sue him, and lost.  Porsche Motors ended up using for a period until he relinquished his registered doamin name for a fee. By the way, Nissan Motors, I was on my way to look at your new line of pickup trucks and stumbled into this issue.  I do not like to see a multi-national corporation bullying a medium sized computer intergrator over a legally registered domain name.  You should be ashamed of yourselves and all the high powered law professors you studied under should be equally disgusted with so brazen an attitude to bully someone into giving up their domain name.  Use nissanmotors, use nissan-usa, buy the domain name, but don't bully, because you know what, I'm now looking at Toyota Trucks.
Mr. Ali K. Murguz
P.S.  And if you think boycotts don't work, talk to your friends at Mitsubishi with there silly ideas of building a salt extrtaction plant where the gray whales nurse.  We boycotted them until they cried uncle.

You people are going to turn a lot of people off as far as your company is concerened. With this attempt to steal someone elses domain name. I think it is terrible and if you don't back off I'll never knowingly purchase one of your products.
D. Howard

Nissan Motor Company should have thought about registering the domain names before Nissan Computer Company! I am sure that Uzi Nissan did his research to find out if NISSAN.NET and NISSAN.COM were in use.  He found out they were not so he registered them first.  First come first serve!  I own a classic 1980 Nissan Fairlady Z only produced in Japan,
but I will not buy any other Nissan products until NISSAN Motor Company drops their lawsuit.
Kirk R. Towner

Hello Nissan Motor.  Did you not think anyone else in the world would have the name nissan?  Come on, Nissan motor acted to late to registar there name and now they think they can aquire it by manipulating the justice system.
I for one think this is entirely outrageous and will think twice about ever buying a Nissan again.  I hope Nissan computer counter sues for everything they've lost and then some.
Matthew Friedman

I am deeply troubled by the allegations of this law-suit.  Mr Nissan clearly has a right to the web address in question due to the fact that he is in a completly different field (computers vs autos) and the Nissan Motor Company is clearly truing to sue him in order to get his web address in order to make it easier for customers to reach them.  They should have gotten on the web craze sooner.
We have been talking of getting a new vehicle and were considering the Nissan truck/SUV but will refrain in support of Mr. Nissan.  Good luck to you in your fight.  I will pray that you are victorious in an effort to push back the giant in a victory for all of us over the "Big Corporation".
This is a gross injustice!!
Donald Lanham

I do not care to express anger or hatred toward your company for your actions nor your strange ways of doing business, but you have to realize this is the WWW (Internet) not Japan! We have standard rules here! and whoever register the name domain first should have every rights to hold the domain. Where were you when the Internet was out? It's your fault for falling behind, you shouldn't make others pay for your mistakes. Nissan Motor; watch your actions, you keep this BS up and it will be the last time you get to sell another Nissan in United States or anywhere else.
Don't underestimate the power of THE PEOPLE - the people of the United States -
Tuan Nguyen

Back off, Nissan!  Uzi Nissan owns the domain name fairly and squarely.  Your legal claims are meritless and intended only to extort a "little guy" out of an asset you'd like to own.  You don't own it.  It's not your property.  It's Uzi Nissan's.  Back off.  I will be spreading the word about your wrongdoing as widely as I possibly can.
Thank you in advance for your correction of your behavior.
David J. Rosen

Both Domains belong to Nissan Computer. Mr. Nissan was the first.
Fred Lieb

I too think Nissan Motors blows.  It is crazy.  I reckon that there should be a counter-suit against the car maker by the computer co cos they have no real basis to sue in the first place.
f__k nissan motor

I am getting tired of rich companies/famous people getting the domain names they want simply because they have the money to do so. Domain names are first come, first serve basis, and until that changes, what makes you think you can just take something that belongs to someone else?
I guess that's how the car business works--you are just out to rip someone off.
Mary True - St. Petersburg, FL

I am in protest of this ridiculous and bogus lawsuit, please let it be to the others bussines companies.
Nissan Motor Co Ltd, must be elect other domain name.
Alexander James

This is a case that involves anyone and everyone who makes use of the internet/web.  If this case goes to court and the motor giants win then what next?  The right to register a domain name exists equally for everyone who can pay the registration fee!  I could not support Nissan Computer Company if they were trying to hold on to the name Nissan Motor Company but THEY ARE NOT... This man is using his family name in a perfectly legitimate way and in a sense it has been his good fortune that he may have gained from the name association in the minds of his clients in the past. That is how the dice falls.  I can't see the relationship between a computer company and a motor company falling even remotely into the realm of 'dilution' as there is no conflict of interest in a business sense.  Clearly then, the motor company are trying to use their huge legal budget to blow this man out of the game.  THIS IS IMMORAL AND UNACCEPTABLE.
Allan Munro

Its the guys name, Nissan auto started out as DATSUN(after the founders), He got it first, as the old saying says, Possession is 9/10's of the law, Nissan need to go back to DATSUN, they were better cars then.
Lee Farinholt

If Nissan Motors wants the name, they should attempt to purchase it legally, not steal it. First come first serve should be the rule. Names are shared. There is at least 1 other Bill Horton in every town I have ever lived in. I did not sue them to get them to change their name. I have never had a problem with these other guys with my name. The occasional misdirected mail has been the worst. Worst case scenario, Nissan Motors could buy advertisement from with a link to their homepage. Whats the PROBLEM? Do we really need to go to court over something so trivial? GET REAL!!
Bill Horton

This is similar to and, I believe... But, this shouldn't happen... I am against a larger (big pockets) corp that can afford to drag things out forever until the smaller company can't afford the legally bills... Another thing that I am against, is other companies buying up all the domains for a few dollars a year and then holding them for sale at  much much greater price... Get your domain and leave the rest for the other guys... I have built 4 web sites... Two for a company that I worked for and two for myself... Each of them being totally different for the others ones...
Good luck and best wishes in your fight for your right...
John Bertelsen

Stop this madness, big corporations must learn the same lesson that the rest of us learned in gradeschool, that first come first serve is a reality and that they should quit acting like children and except the fact that they didn't get it first.
Owen Barnes

It is an error to try to take someones elses property away from just because you have the power and money.  Mr Nissan, Nissan Computer Corp. has the full rights to his property. If someone had not notified me of this error it would have gone unnoticed by me and I would have been very upset at your company for doing this to an individual without having an opportunity to defend him.
There are right ways to do things and wrong. This is wrong on your part. If it is a fact that you are taking this man to court to take away from what belongs to him. Simply because of his name. Would you take a mans name from him? I certainly hope not.
Respectfully, (so far)
Pat Austin

My name is Randy McGlenn, I am the president of InfoSmart, also a computer consulting company.  I am a very patriotic person and believe strongly in our constitution.  I am confident, that the people of the United States would not allow such a gross abuse of corporate power.  Such things as this have not gone unanswered, such as the case with Microsoft Corp. Whether they are guilty of thier accusations or not, corporate bullying is not tolerated.  I pray Nissan Computer will succeed in defeating this terrible lawsuit.
Randy J. McGlenn II

I think that Nissan Motor should simply register INSTEAD of !...  I think this because quoting from the Nissan Computer Corporation's press release:
"Nissan's last name has been in his family for more then seven generations and can be traced back to biblical days (identifying the seventh month in the Jewish calendar), long before Nissan Motors was in existence".
David Makil

I believe that domain names should be issued on a first come, first serve basis... I think if Nissan Computers has the name registered, it would be poor judgement on anyone's part to try to take it away from them... No company is big enough that they shouldn't have to play by the same rules as the rest of us...  If Nissan Motor Co. wanted to use the name, they should have requested it a long time ago... Since is already taken, why can't they use, or something similar?
Good Luck, Nissan Computer.  I wish the best for you.

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