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I am NEVER buying a Nissan product again!  I hope your company goes bankrupt and people see you for what you are, Corporate Terrorists scume suckers!
David Harrison

Based on the information thus far, I see no valid basis for Nissan Motor's lawsuit.
Based on the information thus far, I will exclude Nissan Motors from any consideration when I am shopping for a new vehicle.  If a corporate entity were to file a lawsuit preventing me from registering my actual name as a domain, I would be outraged. Nissan Motor should recognize this and cease all pending legal action.  As a resolution, I would suggest Nissan Computer establish a relationship with Nissan Motor that would provide compensation for each visitor that is redirected from Nissan Computer's site to Nissan Motor's site.
I wish Nissan Computer well in this matter. Thank you.
Dan Kruschek

This is the most outrageous case of harrassment I have ever heard!  The fact that Nissan Motor Corporation thinks that they can strong-arm a legitimate private US business is completely apalling.  Maybe that's how things work in Japan, but here in the US we have the right to open and maintain our own businesses.  And here's another "new" concept - "first come, first served".  I guess Nissan Motors should go ahead and change it's name again so they can have a web site all of their own.... how petty and stupid this truly is.
At one time I would have considered purchasing a Nissan vehicle.  Not any more!
C. Harrison

My work is online only and I've seen this many times. Sometimes its legitimate sometimes its not. This particular instance Nissan Motor Company is flat out wrong. I'm not considering a new car at the moment, however, remember the lessons learned. One good thing makes its way to 10 people, 1 bad thing makes its way to 100.. I'll be sure and pass the word..
Barry Moore

Japan doesn't really share a lot of Western cultural values, but among the most important are not stealing, and returning property to the rightful owner. On the other hand it is believed that the little guys- Japanese, and foreigners alike should submit themselves to the greater good of the large Japanese company's cause (makining money,and enjoying nopan shabu-shabu.) And since Japan is such an important ally and host to the American military, Nissan has a case. Anyway- that's MY take on the situation. It'll be interesting to see which set of values prevails; honesty, integrity, and courage- or money, power, and nopan shabu shabu. Good luck Mr. Nissan- in keeping your own name!
By the way, my WIFE drives the gas guzzling turbo charged envirnoment crushing white Nissan 300ZX monster, not ME; and I wont let her buy another.

I'm not an observant Jew, but i am incensed at what I just found out about the Nissan Corporation, i hope this is brought to the attention of the Israeli government and/or of any Jewish lobby or organisation powerful enough to sue Nissan corporation so this makes precedent.
Jean-Pierre Monneray

Nissan Motor Co is plainly wrong in this action. They are using bully tactics to get Nissan Computer Company to release their rightfully obtained domain name. Filing a law suit against someone who can doubtfully afford to fight a legal battle is cheap. I'd expect a bit more class from an organization such as Nissan Motors. I'm sure that if Nissan Motors had approached Mr. Uzi Nissan respectfully, that Mr. Nissan would have linked to Nissan Motor Co. Evidently that isn't enough for Nissan Motors. You can't take someone's family name away from them. Uzi Nissan registered the domain first, his own family name.
Nathan Hosey

For Nissan Motor to attempt to acquire Nissan Computer's domain name by resorting to the court system in this way is both childish and unethical.
Jeff Stewart

You people have a lot of neve trying to take the internet name of someone who has had the name long before you.You should put a number before your name like #1 nissan.
Daniel F. Morrow

Nissan Motors...back off!!  If anything all you have a right to is

I hope that Nissan Computer wins this ridiculous lawsuit. Just because Nissan motors waited to get there product on the internet they should not have the right to/or the power to shut down another business venture, just because it has the the same name. I think the most logical solution to this is to simply have Nissan Computers place a disclaimer statement in there ads stating that they are not a part of the Nissan Motor company and let it be at that. If Nissan motor company should win this suit then every company out there with a trademark name will be able to shut down every small business that opens up that has the same last name in there business.
Jim Baker

I believe that when it comes to domian names, it should be on a first come, first served basis.
Jim Eldridge

How can a man's name infringe a large organisation? This case stinks of the usual big corporation bully boy tactics. If Nissan(autos) are so concerned then rather than sue a man for registering his OWN name why not sit down and negotiate with him. It could prove to be beneficial for both parties.
David Campbell

Listen highjackers. i think u are stupid for doing this so stop.

You are certainly entitled to use that domain name.
Karen Brucki

Nissan Motor USA has no rights to claim, or order Nissan Computer of anything.  They lost an oppourtunity to register the name as anybody, in first come first service.  Far as I am concern, Nissan Motor needs to buy from Nissan Computer company, and its affiliated owners.
Steve Kim

I can understand if Uzi Nissan had bought the domain for use other than his own business would make it right for the Nissan motor co. to prosecute and take the name. Too bad that the way it happened was Nissan got to the name first, IS using the name for legit purpose, and Nissan motor co. just wants to push its weight around. this is rediculous and i think that Uzi Nissan should be allowed to keep the domain name.
JR Bass

The domain names NISSAN.COM and NISSAN.NET belong to the one that bought them first.  Just like the name Nissan Motor belongs to them. They registered it first, it belongs to them.  All Nissan Motor can do is try to buy them off Nissan Computer.
Frank Rondon

We had a similar situation. Jimlar Corp. purchased the trademark "FRYE" from the Frye company, a manufacturer of boots. They applied through NSI to take over our domain name and NSI agreed. We then went to Federal court in Oregon where we are located. The matter eventually was sent to court in New York.  Be prepared to spend over 6 figures in the defense of your name. We did and the Jimlar company eventually tired of the pursuit and gave up when we were getting into the pretrial phases.  It sounds like they are trying to make the same sort of claims that JIMLAR (Frye) did against us. It was hard, however, for them to prove dilution or product confusion. I suspect that the same will be true in your case, although the Nissan name is pretty well known. If your web site is well developed that helps, too. A strong trademark is a good idea, too. Our Frye Electronics, Inc. trademark did not prevail over FRYE, according to NSI, but NSI may have changed their stance, since the law has been going in your favor.
Good luck. Others who have not been willing to hire good lawyers have had to give up their domain names. There is no guarantee of success and you have no monetary reward when you win. Just your domain.
George Frye

Big business in general is out of hand. It's things like this that make the working man like Mr. Nissan feel stupid. This should not be allowed. Copyright infringment? Rubbish, it's just stuck up beaurocrats who act like little children when they can't get their own way...
Andy Cowley

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