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I think you should let the poor man use his birth given name.  I will NOT buy a nissan if this continues to be pursued and I will definitely forward this site to my family and friends.
Julie Rivett

Dear Mr. Nissan
I wish you success in your combat against Nissan Motors.  You can be sure I will NOT buy any Nissan vehicle while this suit continues against you... and I do like the vehicles, especially the Z model... but I will buy a Ford SUV instead.
Greg Molenaar

The obvious thing to say of course is:"Will I ever buy a Nissan Car in the future? This lawsuit is an argument against it!". The rich and large companies are already far to powerfull. They have no more "rights" than the ordinary man, but they can definetely buy the best lawers who know all the loopholes of the law. Although by right the domain-name belongs to Nissan Computer Corp, I'm sure the milion dollar lawyers of Nissan Motor will find a way to make the court give the domain name to them. Think of the O.J. Simpson case.
Marcel Bontekoe

Just a short message. I am an owner of a Nissan 300ZX and disagree with Nissan motors stance on this issue. If a decision isn't resolved I will cease patronising Nissan  automobiles and voice my opinion widely on the matter. In every format available to me.
Daniel Chow

Just because you can break a small business in court doesn't mean you should.  Mr. Nissan has just as much right to his name as you do, and he registered it first.  While I may by computer services from Mr. Nissan I will be careful NOT to buy a car from your firm.
John Lunde

This is clearly a case of a big company brutally trying to not only intimidate a small company, but also trying to destroy the small company. It angers one how these large corporations believe they own the world and everthing with it. I say to Nissan[the car maker]....Lay off the real Nissan [the computer man]. If Nissan wants to lay exclusive claim to a name, let them go back to Datsun. As a matter of fact I still hear people refer to their cars as Datsuns. Nissan leave the real Nissan alone.
Hinsley Smith

I think that anybody that wants to have a domain name needs to buy it from the rightful owner. The larger company could have thaught of it first if thay were so concerned and registered it before.
John Enns

Stop the nonsense, the owner is the one that registered the name, if nissan motor did not do it, It was only as a result of a lack of internet projection.
Oscar Cuellar

I am a happy owner of a Nissan Maxima.  However, I am disturded by Nissan's attacking of the small business over their rightful domain name.  BUY the name from them if you want it Nissan!
Don Fraynd

I have one question; who was there first with the name? If it wasn't you, you need to get own on life. I have owned 2 Nissan autos and do not like weight pushing.
Joan Brown

Anybody should have the right to puchase any name that they want. If the large corporations get mad because someone else used the name, it's there problem... they should have reserved it first. If a large corporation complains on the grounds that it infringes on a trademark, why didn't they solidify the trademark by reserving it in the first place... Or pay out a large sum of $ that couldn't be refused... Anyway... There will always be injustice in the business world. It sucks, but what can we do... Business is business...
Deric Davis

If the Nissan Computer company is a real company, meaning they actually sell or provide a service for profit, then the Nissan Mortor company should back off.  Worst case, they should buy the domain name. the Nissan Computer company could then use the or something like that. but by no means should the N.M.C be allow to steal it!

How dare Nissan motor try to hijack Nissan computers domain name. If Uzi Nissan had the foresite to register the name and all the power to him. Nissan is an old jewish name that goes back hundreds of years.
Nissan motor stop the law suit. As an Orthodox Jew in the computer world, I understand the pride in one's name.
Harry Sturmwind

I believe that Mr. Nissan did not misuse the name Nissan nor was there any malice in doing so. Nissan as he state is his family name and he should be able to use it.  In order for Nissan motors to say that this is their name and no one else should use it, they would have to have sole ownership of the name and I do not see that they do?  they have ownership of Nissan Motors not Nissan computer? if Mr. Nissan used the name with premeditated malice intention, I do see a reason for Nissan's reaction however I do not see that here?
Maria Gonzlez

This is all about who has all the money and not what is right. I believe if they want the name they should pay for it just like everybody else. I also elieve that if the court systems allow this hijacking, maybe we should consider taking all the power away from the court system and give it back to the people.
John Blackstar

I understand that you are having a domain name dispute with the Nissan Computer company. I have been seeing a lot of "tactical" court cases recently, and quite frankly think they are a criminal act in themselves. I will support any legislation to prosecute the use of the courts to bully competition. If Nissan has had the family name back as long as he says they have, I believe they have as much right, perhaps more, to the domain name than you do.  Are there other alternatives? Perhaps you can register or something similar. The net is going in that direction and I think it will greatly help to solve some of these confusing and troubling, and wasteful issues. Perhaps you can take and they take Nissan.comp? See if there's a way to share resources as opposed to taking them like a bully. The guy could even help you out by having prominent links to your site on his own.  Why is it that we are taught to play and share as children in order to overcome the instinct to bully? Then later on as we learn that skill and make our way up in the world, revert back to the same tactics? Don't be a bull in your war strategy, use Akido. Perhaps you will even make friends and allies in the process!  I hope you all will be able to sort things out in a civil way that benefits each of you.
Christopher Paris

Nisson motor company.....drop have no case! If you want a web site then get your own...not try to borrow off of someone else!
Dale Eshelman

Nissan Motor Company you were a late comer to the internet and now you want to bully your way in.  Do the right thing and buy (if you can) the name you want.  If it is not for sale do what anyone else would do... use another name.  You better hope I am not on the Jury.  Not only would you LOSE but you would pay restitution in the fullest allowed by law to this poor man.  Don't push if you don't want to be pushed back!  Your cars stink to begin with so why even worry if you have a website with the name you want.
Deborah Alger

I think Nissan Computers should keep this website. Its is their real name and they were first.  They didn't take this domain name in a try to earn extra money from Nissan Motors.
Nick Keeman

Dear peoples,
Ridiculous situation/lawsuit, in holland we have a saying that goes like this;  "Wie het eerst komt, wie het eerst maalt".  Translation:  "He who comes first, will grind the first"!
greetings from Amsterd

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