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Dear Sirs,
I wish to register my support for Mr. Nissan and his company.  He has as much right to the address as Nissan Motor Co. and he was there first. 
I have owned a Nissan in the past but I will certainly not own one in the future if this lawsuit is pressed further.
David Geiss

I am very concerned about the actions of Nissan Motors, Corp. and how they feel they can just bully a smaller business entity. I for one am fed up with this type of behavior. I am in the market for a new vehicle and was looking at either a Ford Focus, a Dodge Stratus, a Nissan Altima, or a Toyota Corolla.  Believe me, after hearing about the lawsuit against Nissan Computer, I am taking any NISSAN MOTOR vehicle off of my potential shopping list.
Good Day,
Michael J. Ullman

As a small business owner, I am very concerned about your stance over the "" and "" domain names.  "Nissan" is the business owner's name, and he has the right to use his own name just like the rest of us. And he registered it first -- period.  I am forwarding this website link to all of my family and friends, as well as all the small business owners I know.  Large corporations don't have a license to harrass small business owners.  Unfortunately they have deeper pockets.  I will do what I can about that and not buy a Nissan, and by forwarding this link, will ensure that many others do not support your tyranny.

Dear concerned parties...
I would like to express my concern and sympathy for the nissan computer corp. This issue is an obvious case of corporate bullying done by an organization who possessed little foresight about the benefits of electronic marketing and commerce and are now suffering the consequences of their own neglect. To coerce and manipulate a smaller company in an effort to resolve its problem is a cowardly and embarassing move that won't be without its own reprecussions. I am currently in the market to buy a new SUV; this situation has swayed me away from the Pathfinder, which I was seriously considering as my top choice.
Dr. Joshua Fienberg - Seattle, WA

I am dissapointed in the actions of Nissan Motor Company in regards to the case brought upon Nissan Computer Company.  Nissan Computer Corporation has obtained the web addresses, and, rightfully and legally, and with no intention of cheating nissan motor company out of their share of any profits or business.  Seeing as how the two comanies are in two totally different businesses, it is quite clear who is in the wrong in this case.  Nissan Motor Company is in the wrong for not properly addressing the issue.  An offer for the web addresses made to Nissan Computer Company is the only morally correct way for this issue to be taken care of.  Although Nissan Motor Company has been in business many more years than Nissan Computer Company, I see no reason for Nissan to claim the right to have the internet domain names listed.  As a consumer, I would rely on the advertisements to tell me where the website for a company would be.  I find it very disturbing ;a company with as many resources as Nissan Motor Company could not have a smart enough technology department to know to register the domain name or .net when it came publicly availible.  The fact that your company didn't beat the current owner of and to the punch, is your own loss, and you have no right to take that away.  I would see if they were using the site to sell cars, or car parts even, but they are not.  I am very dissapointed in this case, and the case involving Madonna, the singer with the website, where both issues are being forced into court when a simple offer of reasonable compensation should be the first step to gain access to a website that you were to slow to register.  I was interested in your line of products, especially the Nissan Maxima, I viewed your company as a respectible company till now.  If this issue goes furthor and you tear this man's website from him, I will seriously consider looking at other company's cars instead.  I also will spread the word to all of the people I know about this case and urge them to do the same.  All it takes is one person to spread the word and before you know it, the  whole nation will know what kind of dirty tricks a company is doing.  Please reconsider, both for the benifit of your company and the defendant's.  Thank you for your time. 
Michael Janer

The domain name system is a first come first serv system.  A lack of anticpation or direction by Nissan Motor corp's management team should not be grounds for litigation.  I came to this site looking for Nissan Autos at least the owner of this was kind enough to have a link to the correct address prominently displayed for me.  After viewing the facts I think I will move on to the toyota site.
Chris Orkies - 240z and 240sx owner

Mr.Uzi Nissan, please keep up good fight. Nissan Motors screwed themself long time ago by changed their name from "Datsun" to "Nissan"("Nissan" in Japanese means Japanese made and "Datsun" in Chinese Cantonese means dead boy). Uzi, your last name has been with your family for long generations, long before their existence. These Japs being big enough to bully small business is not damn right, also you people just abuse of cybersquatting laws, you should know YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE, just park your shitty in Tokyo. By the way stop killing the whales and apologize to the Chinese people of your Nanjing massacre.
Samvid Poon - Hong Kong, SAR

Well, well, well.  This is certainly BIG FISH eating small fish.  The BIG bullies of the world edging out the smaller people who's trying to make a legitimate living.  Nissan Motors has no shame. They were out to conquer the world and lost. Now they're trying to do it again. When will they learn ?
My support goes to and all other small legitimate businesses in the world.
Laurence Pang

I'm sending this as a stand against not being able to use your own name for your own business. I do hope this is for real and that fairness is played out, but I hope you don't try to take on the gun company as well........

I think nissan motor company should be ashame of this unethical and egregious suit of theirs.  I thought this is America where rule of law usually prevail.  Being a big corporation is not a liberty to translate the law to suit their deeds or trample on the little guy.  Be rest assured that they will lose this lawsuit.
Power to you Nissan computer and keep hope alive for the little guys all over the world and the truth shall prevail regardless of their hired gun attorney's interpretation of the law.  Stay focus and victory will be yours.
Concerned citizen against injustice.
Kelly Adams

Just like to say I'm glad you haven't given up the fight. Domain names are given out on a first come first serve basis so there should be no reason why Nissan Motors can claim it's theirs!  This could be solved by strict guidlines on who gets what domain. In Ireland it's very difficult to secure a .ie domain. They are only granted to people after a certain amount of validification is performed. This system for .com would eliminate any arguments and squatters stealing domain names that rightfully belong to a company.
I hope your case goes well....
Good luck
Cian O'Braonain

Surely you now regret not regestering your name on the internet sooner.  But as the old expression says "First come, first serve"  I think your time in court will be a valued lose of time.  You may have high prices lawyers, and debators on your side.  But one thing remains clear, his surname being "Nissan", gives him the fullright to trade as such on the internet.  Especially due to the fact that he is not affiliated with production, manufacturing, and selling cars.  How fair would it be if my surname would be smith, and I decided to sell my fish online.  While another guy down the street is Smith's plumbing.  Two different trades gentlemen, sorry, but Mr. Nissan here as my full support and you big head honchos should try to alternate your internet dot com name.
Valentine M.

As an auto aficianado, I can honestly say I've NEVER visited an auto manufacturers web site.  Why should I?  I can go to a local dealership and see the real product.  And there are much less biased sources of information regarding automobiles elsewhere on the net.  Why go to the manufacturer's web site?  I understand that they are statisticly the lowest web traffic anyway.  Leave Nissan Computer Corp ALONE!  I DO buy computer products & services over the net.  And they have as much right via surname as any corporation would have.
I will be watching this case closely and the outcome WILL have an effect on which auto manufacturer is in the ring for my next purchase.  And if Nissan Motors angers the hacker community (they are watching this closely as well), look out.  Nissan Motors may get more than they bargained for!
Carl Carter

Leave the guy alone, for f**k's sake! It's his own surname and he has every right to register those domain names. He got there first, while the motor co. has obviously only justwoken up to the net! Good luck to to the small guy.
Michael McCann

I am outraged with NIssan Motor Corp. Either they should offer to buy the site or they need to just find a new name. You had this name first and it is your given name. As a big company they should know better. Stand strong!

I certainly hope the courts send a message to deep-pocket organizations by awarding huge punative damages to Mr. Nissan. I would also hope that Mr. Nissan would take a substantial portion of this award for the establishment of a fund to help others defend themselves against reverse hijacking of domain names.
Since the most likely outcome will be an out-of- court settlement, at a minimum it would be nice if a Mr. Nissan would help establish a net based organization that could help others caught in similar situations.
Good luck Mr. Nissan. Hopefuly you will prevail.
Dale Roark

This lawsuit is totally unfair.  He had the name first, so it belongs to him.  Corporations always think because they have power they can just push the little guys around.  Why doesn't this corporation start a new trend in fairness and general respect for other people and leave Nissan Computer alone!
J. Duke

Please leave "Nissan Computer Corp." alone!  They got the domain name first, and it is rightfully theirs.  I could name other examples of domain names that resemble the names of large companies, but the large companies missed their chance.  Consider "" which belongs to a health care company rather than the well known electronics company.  Theirs is "" instead.  Domain names belong to whoever registered it first, so just stick with ""!
Dan Gordon - A concerned citizen

Justice for all... The Justice Isn't Blind in USA?  Save the rights of small business...
Odemir G. Santos

This is obserde. Is nothing safe these days . If you need my vote or rule im behind you. We need security on our computers. If these people get information it can destroy our worlds we build for ourselves.
Lynn Bondanza

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