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Mr Nissan has every legal right to the .com and .net domain.  He has been running his business for years using the name and is even incorporated.
You know what's sad?  I was thinking of buying a 2000 Sentra, even with the stupid spoiler.  But considering how I have myself been bullied in the past by someone claiming a domain of mine, I'll just say "no" to the Sentra.  Honda or Toyota will have to do now.  Nissan (Motors) just lost $25k (CDN).
L. de Barros

What kind of bull is this for a moter company trying to take away something that belongs to a man not a machine?  As if Mr. Nissan Motor Co cant use the full, He or She Has to try and steal just the name Nissan to use as his/her link to the World Wide Web.  What a petty thing to do and how low will they go?
I will not ever consider buying a NIssan then as I do not wish to feel as if I helped take Mr. Nissan's family name threw the mud.  I am more then upset as I had thought Large Corperations were more understanding as most started out SMALL as well.  And Good Luck Mr. Nissan in this never ending Bull you will most likely face for the rest of your life and many generations to come.
C. Vaters

Dear sir/madam,
If the suite against Nissan Computer is not dropped within the next month, I will never buy a Nissan Automobile ever! This form of corporate bullying is unacceptable and should be ceased. If you want to have what is rightfully theirs, offer to buy it!

I'll remember this if I'm ever in the market to buy a car.
Daniel McGuire

Please stop your aquistion of Nissan Computer Companies domain name.  I will not buy a Nissan automobile otherwise.  Seriously.
Andrew Martion

Dear Sirs:
As a purchaser of Nissan automobiles since 1985, I am writing to let you know that if the facts are true that your company is trying to coerce this company to give up their rightfully owned name and trade marks, then I stand by them and not with Nissan Motors. You do make a wonderful car and my wife (an influential teacher of 25 years) and myself (a manager at Sears, Roebuck & Co.), will support the effort to deny your wrongful claim. Please see the light & possible negative fallout from you misguided & "corporate" stance. Afterall, there are Honda, Toyota, & Hyundai.
Alan Dittmar

Who do these large coporations think they are. Granted i just went to your site thinking i was going to see cars but no big deal, you guys got it first. The same thing is happening in Scotland where the Mcdonalds corp thinks they own every damn thing. Good luck and dont back down.

Hereby I wish to utter my support to the Nissan Computer Corporation. This is only one more crime commited by a Large multinational. This incident just shows why we need a far more competitive market in both Europe, The States & Azia.  The power of Microsoft, Sony, Shell & many others have proven this. Let us only hope that there is still a future for the small family firms....
Kind regards,
Erik Jacobs - The Netherlands

Nissan Motor are using unfair tactics & measures in what could turn out to be very detrimental to their public image.  Why not simply register with " Real Name " in the search engines?  Nissan Motor aren't doing themselves any good by spending so much effort & dollars in such a negative way.
Carl Pelleteir

If all these stories are true (without a hidden agenda), then I'll implore Nissan Motors to let Nissan Computers be. Nissan is a name that can be answered by anybody. There are so many "Mercedes" around and about with their names well incorporated into their businesses, should they be taken to court by the builders of Mercedes cars for using the name "Mercedes"? Please let these people be, let their company grow. Once again, I'm writing all these in support of Nissan Comuputers with the hope that there is no hidden agenda. To Nissan Motors, I pray that the company grows bigger, but please do not kill the small Nissan Computers. Maybe you're even helping their commercial standing by all these court issues. Someone like me has never come across Nissan Computers in my life (and that is true), but now I now. I wish you all best of luck. God bless you.
Ola Anifowoshe

If Nissan Motor previously was "Datsun" why the need to change to Nissan Motor?  Obviously the thinking was that Nissan had more name recognition than Datsun.  And that must be because the Nissan family had done its job at popularizing the name which "Datsun" now wants to exploit.
If the case is decided against Nissan Computer will any domain name ever be safe?
Lucy Dipboye

Don't be a bunch of corporate arses.  Why don't you let the subject slide.
Simon Nice

It's just not the way e-commerce users want it to be. Nissan Motor, think harder, come up with a cool solution. Forget the lawsuits. Put your best men together and find a way to solve this dispute.  Actually, I don't think about buying Nissan, as a consumer, that is. Toyota is my choise, if it has to be asian. Rather stick to european made cars.
B. E.

HHHHMMM. This is interesting, nissan motor company is sueing a small business because they are using for there home page. Well what I have got to say is this, Nissan you could have purchased that domain name before he did but you did not, why not? you are now day late and a dollar short. I hate to say it but you will not win the battle in court. also what is wront with or or something like that. why didnt you try to purchase from Mr Uzi? Did you even try? I dont think so you sent him a letter years back stateing something dumb. You could have bought from him for $XXX,XXX.XX you have the money im sure you could have made him an offer he couldnt refuse but you didnt even try instead you take him to court and are trying to sue him. you are spening more money in attorney fee's then it would have costed you to just buy out his domain name. you know there are many many domain names out there that were purchased from people like Uzi by a larger company for say a cool mil. but you didnt go that route did you. I am very upset. You know what Nissan motors if you type in you wont go to Dodge automotive web site at all. but you dont see them sueing the company do you. O by the way Nissan I hate to also tell you this but there is not a copyright enfrenchment here I checked out you Copyright on the gevernment website your not registered as Nissan.... your registered as Nissan Motor Company (Corporation) by the way I also email Uzi's attorney about that just incase he did not see it. so legaly you cant fight him for copyright so again you will loose and look like a big fat ASS. hey Nissan you know that MR Uzi can now sue you back in a counter lawsuite for all the trouble you caused him and for other things... (but you will find those out later they are a treat I emailed MR Uzi's attorney.) you probly wonder who I am dont you? I am a Computer Company like MR Uzi Nissan's but the difrence is that I am also a hacker a very good one so I sugest you better put up a better firewall cause your site is not that greatly protected, and I know many others like me, this is not a threat at all, But Nissan you really should pickon some one else cause you know what Uzi Nissan can move out of the country and still keep his web site and and you wont be able to sue him then and he could still run his company, Any ways Nissan Motor I really dislike you know and will not Ever ever buy a Nissan nor will any body I know and I know a lot of people also I plan on supporting MR Uzi Nissan against you and will make sure you go back were you came from cause You wont be able sell any more Nissans around here, Did you know that 70%+ of all the business's are small business's in the US? so I think you are in big big trouble. also by the way Nissan I now own a Jeep and now will continue to own jeeps and GM's from now on.
Mr. Uzi Nissan, We are behind you Brother...
John Crabtree

It is time we do something about this. WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AND BE HEARD!

Nissan Auto, surely you could use another name and be a sport about it. Use Nissan Auto or if it's better business change the whole damn name. However, your actions are disgusting a lot of people not only with you and your affiliates, but politically which will harm you most.
For Mr. Nissan, please do not be discouraged. There are many people out here who hear your voice and who care. Best of luck.

After considering all the available info, I would say that Nissan Computer should have the domain name if it wishes.
Li Chu Cheng

There is an old adage in America - "You're a day late and a dollar short."  I realize the Intenet has taken off in a big way in the last few years but no one has the right to "takeover" a legitimate site.  If you wanted these sight names all you had to do was claim them first. But you didn't, so you are a "day late".  If someone by the name of John Doe had registered these domain names, you would be entirely justified in you endeavor to "own" it without paying John Doe a fee.  Unfortunatly, anyone whose name is "Nissan" has the right to these domain name - If they got it first, it is theirs.
Your corporation has lost face in the world by bringing this lawsuit.
Conrad Baldwin

Nissan Motor Co. needs to get over the fact that they didnt get Mr. Nissan was full right to own this web site. I suggest Nissan Motor Co. to take  And, next time something as huge as the internet comes along they wont be left behind and expect go just dive right into the mix.. they will have learned their lesson.
Jarret Minkler

I think that this sort of thing is worse than attrocious.  It's sickening to know that people believe that having big money means you can have anything else too.  Fight for the little guy!!
Aaron Turpen

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