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You are not the only company called Nissan, only the biggest, Do not be bullies.  I logged on to find details of the new Nissan Primera, but having seen what you are doing to a smaller company I would not buy a Nissan car on principle. Your Behavior is despicable!
Brian Davison

If Nissan Motor Co. is able to get away with this nonsense, then it would be logical to think they are getting away with a lot more.  We should now all be afraid to ride in any Nissan vehicle.  I for one will inform Nissan owners to drive very very carefully.
R. C.

I came on this web site to look for a new car but It was not the correct web site. I own a new Nissan Maxima and I am very upset that Nissan motor corp. Is doing something like this I own a business under my last name and no one can change that " I will not have anything to do with Nissan motor again In the future If this matter Is not dropped I am on my 2nd Maxima It could be my last.
Jeremie Pereira

As a past Nissan owner I was looking to compare the Ford Sport-Track to Nissan's Frontier XE Crew Cab. I looked at which is logical and I am sure why you are suing Nissan Computer for the name. After seeing this site my decision is made, I will NOT be purchasing a Nissan vehicle now or ever again. I will also encourage everyone I know to avoid Nissan Motors. Hopefully, Nissan Motors will end their harassment of Nissan Computer.
Brian Bergström

I stumbled across details about this lawsuit when looking for information on the Nissan Quest. After reading about what is happening, I am crossing Nissans off my list for future purchases. I am so sick of huge companies essentially acting like terrorists toward smaller companies. I'll consider buying from companies that act in a more ethical manner instead.
Kristi Garner

I've owned Nissan automobiles exclusively since July 1976.  At that time my car was called a Datsun B-210.   I believe few people will be confused by Nissan Computer Corporation vs. Nissan Motors whether on the web or on the road. Nissan Motors has the capital and clout to select any iteration of dot com name and shouldn't be allowed to throw its weight at smaller enterprises after discovering a previous user has already secured its chosen URL.  If it can be proven through documentation and imperical evidence that Nissan Computer Corporation has been using its name in commerce and on the Internet long before Nissan Motors and Nissan Motors hadn't sought an injunction, Nissan Computer Corp should prevail in my public opinion.
Joseph Bell

I came across your site trying to find a link for the Nissan Motor Co. to get employment.  I am a soon to be graduating mechanical engineer from the University of Pittsburgh.  I really think that it is unjust for Nissan Motor Co. to file a lawsuit against you.
Greg Barilla

Kol Hakavod!  I wish you all the best in your fight for the rights to use your name in your business.  What's it like in Raleigh?  I am thinking of moving from San Francisco to an area where I might be able to afford to live.  Also,  I want to congratulate you on your Israeli subheading under your website. My sister is one of the spokespersons for the Golan Residents Committee.  The webpage has certainly changed during the past few years.  I look forward to keeping in touch.
Solon Rosenblatt

I landed on Mr. Nissan's company's site while looking for Nissan Motor Co. But agree strongly that Mr. Nissan has a right to his surname, company and yes this domain name.
Salvatore Conza

I would just like to say that I think it's terrible that Nissan Motor is trying to muscle the little guy for a domain name.  Nissan Computer Corp. had it first.  The fact that Nissan Computer Corp. has nothing to do with producing motor cars (the most publically known business of Nissan Motor) is proof enough that there is no trademark infringement.  A much easier way would be to compromise and possibly put a link to Nissan Motor on the Nissan Computer Corp. web page.
Alan Bustamante

They should be kissing your ass and begging you for a name release while throwing money at you.  It's your name, not theirs, no judge in his right mind would take it away from you.  Fight-em!!!!
Andrew Mostovoy

I don't support your campaign against Nissan computer.  If you want the domain, buy it from them or register the new domain types that arise, but don't use your resources as a large company to overpower a smaller company. This is not a domain squatter case, and reflects very poorly on Nissan Motor.
shaun fagan

The internet is not owned by any one person or company. If this were a person trying to make money from selling Nissan Motors a domain name I would have a problem with that. This is a man who has used the Nissan name for many years for business. Nissan Motors needs to lay off.
Jim and Brittany Hirsch

It really is time the big companies got their act together and stopped this trade mark game.  It is obvious that they cannot own all rights to a name. Keep fighting.  I do, however object to companies and individuals who register big companies names to make thep pay to use it.   This dose not appear to be your case.
Ewen Locke

The medium of so called 'the internet' puts anyone and 'almost' everyone on the same level.  In 1994 when was registered ANYONE was able to obtain that domain - Nissan Motor Co. is strickly driven by money in this issue, sorry they were LATE! Thats life, and now Nissan Computer has to defend a NORMAL daily transaction of registering a URL!
Michael Barbo

Mr. Nissan ,
It seems I visit your sight every couple of months being that I have a short term memory.  However, I don't see it as an inconvenience, merely, an "oops, Tim, there ya go again..." kind of thing.  And with the handy little reminder at the top telling me what Nissan Motor's url is, well isn't that more than they should expect.  I mean, I wish I had, but hey, I realize that there are a billion other Tim Wilson's and of those, one of them beat me to the punch.  Since it's their name too, I certainly don't see myself suing them to get it back!  Shame on Big Industry for being so screwed up.  Unfortunately, my visit to your site was the first I had heard of the lawsuit, it'd be cool to let the world know the truth on this.
Good luck sir, good luck!
Tim Wilson

Dear Mr. Nissan:
It is always the same: the small smart guys get a good thing going and the stupid (or rather slow) big bullies come and try to take it away. Good on you for putting up the fight -- I sure hope you win! Though I won't go as far as most of your other supporters claim to go and boycott Nissan outright... I think they make good cars and I am looking to buy one. But I do enjoy that you are giving their PR and marketing dept. a good fight. In the end I am certain that it will be them with egg on their faces and I hope that you will make sure to fully report their defeat on this site.
Keep us posted!
Klaus Schoenwandt

Just when I thought I had heard it all about giant corporations, this lawsuit takes the cake.  Where do giant corporations get off thinking they can push around small business owners. We all have the right to registered any domian we wish, as long as the domain name has not been reserved or already taken by someone else. Even then, Nissan Motor Company should at least make a reasonable offer to purchase the domain name if this is the name they wish to market as their website.  I think you should find a lawyer that can represent you with the fee based on them winning. If I was a lawyer, I could not think of a better way to promote myself, than by, taking on a big Coporation, like Nissan Motor Company.
Wayne Comer

Go Geek Hyper@ctive threatened me with a lawsuit if I did not change the name of my website. So sue me. I get kinda upset when people get threatened or actually sued because of a name. A real good example is this one right here. For the record, I support Mister Uzi Nissan in his fight against the Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. Fight the good fight, Uzi! 
M.C. Wright

I feel strongly convinced by the stand point of Nissan Computers that the domain belongs to them, since they have the same association with name as Nissan Motors... I also feel, morally, this Nissan shouldn't have taken this stand point and if at all they were interested, they should have sattled the case outside, by convincing.  I support the plea of Nissan Computers and would also favour them to sue Nissan Motors for all this Harassments and pains.
Pradyot Rai

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