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I think what Nissan is doing is wrong and shameless. I'm now boycotting Nissan in support to Nissan Computer Corporation.
Tony Kentta

All Nissan Motor has gained by this lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp is to loose on potensial customer forever. I'll never purchase a Nissan Car.
Hans Kristian Larsen

What kind of a world do we live in today when a large coorporation has the power to take away from someone what is rightfully theirs. Has money become everything and honesty and fairness nothing? I am appalled at the fact the a company such as Nissan would even care about something as petty as this. I surley will pass on the word about this to friends and collegues whom I'm sure will find this equally appalling. Furthermore I can guarentee that I myself will not be pursuing any business from the Nissan Co. due to this situation.  The owners of this company should really stop and think about what is was like when they lived in the real world, full of people who can not buy what is not for sale. Maybe, in fact, what they should be looking into purchasing is some integrity.
Sidney Turner

I recently purchased a Nissan Truck and after reading Uzi's unfortunate situation I have decided the the Nissan will transform itself into a Toyota or other make. This in light of the fact that the truck has cost me more repair bills in the last month than any of my other five vehicles combined and Uzi's situation will encourage me to send a message to all the Engineers I know and our production personnel to not purchase Nissan products.
Best of luck Uzi!
James DeBose

Nissan motor co, as a Company that should be very concerned with what its customers think of it the issue of getting the Domain name should not have come to this. As a Licensed Driver looking for a car to drive to and from school soon, I must say that I will NOT be spending any money that would find it's way down to your company (i.e. I may buy a used Nissan, but I will never buy Nissan parts for said vehicle, or never buy a new Nissan).
If it was an issue of misuse of the domain, such as a site to promote (considering how much of it is on the internet) porn, or illegal activity or the like, I could understand. If it was an issue of Nissan computer corp. Using the domain as a car sales or repair company, I could under stand. If it was an issue of wrongfully bad mouthing your name (and if the site does have misleading information please send me to where I can be corrected), I could understand. But with all the trouble that you have caused for NCC and the fact that they are STILL willing to post the clarification to send your customers to (while it may have been a requirement for them to hold the domain name, I personally would have allowed the domain name to go down based on principal if that was the issue), should say to you that they are very much so dedicated to keeping both company names in good standing.
What it all comes down to is this. Unless by some miracle of god Nissan motor redeems itself I would rather walk, use public transportation, thumb a ride, crawl, not make it to my destination, or even sleep on a park bench due to lack of transportation, instead of helping support a company that would do such as you are.
Awaiting your redemption,
Christopher Verleye

I think the nissan motor company is just pathetic. They couldn't jump in at the begining like any REAL corperation would have to grab the web address that they wanted. When you own a web address, you OWN the web address. How could owning a web address that coresponds to your company name and last name be a copyright fraud? This whole thing is just stupid. Nissan motors is just upset that they can't have the address that they want. I think nissan motors should just pay to put a link on the home page directing their customers to the right site. It is nissan motor's own fault they don't own that url. Nissan motors, LIVE WITH IT AND LEAVE US LITTLE GUYS ALONE! You think nissan motors would be smart enough to come up with another url that would fit them just as well. Well iv'e said my pease. Idiots....
Chris Sorrows

I find this lawsuit ridiculous.  Domain names should be a first come first serve basis.  Just because Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, Inc. (the automaker) are big companies does not give them the right to take away what is already someone elses.  To allow Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, Inc. (the automaker) to win this lawsuit would infringe on Nissan Computer Corp.'s freedom and "unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" (Delcaration of Independence) which are the very foundation of America.  If in this country, the small buisness man can not have the same opportunities as the big buisnesses then we are not the country we say we are.  Nissan is Uzi Nissan's (the founder and president of Nissan Computer Corp.) family name.  Since he was not attempting to steal a copy-righted name he should be allowed to use and  This is another example of big buisnesses tring to take over the little one.  This lawsuit is wrong!  I hope the defendents win!
Christina Bailey

Instead of trying to steal try to find your own name.  How about other big companies are willing to work around the issue rather than fight the little guy.
Elizabeth Jackson

Yet another disgusting example of the ultimate power of corporations on this planet. This scares me.
Good luck to you Mr.Nissan...
Jason Muxlow

It is high time that companies like Nissan Motor Company face the penalty of law as individuals do.  Their lawsuit against Mr. Nissan should be thrown out of court.  That is after they are forced to pay massive punitive damage for harrassment and inconvenience.
Alan D. Latham

The very idea that some mega corporation thinks they own a name that is someone's birthright is absurd!  This is not the first such incident I have heard about and I think big business should have forked out the money early on and shown some forethought.  The early bird gets the worm and if they didn't want to spend the money and stake their claim then they can either ante up the money and pay the man WHATEVER HE WANTS for it or dream up some clever alternative name for their domain.  For SHAME at trying strongarm tactics.
Cynthia Armstrong Corbett

This kind of behavior is unacceptable.  The web should be first come first served.  Allow small business owners to have the same rights as big business.
Henry Farmer

I adamantly disagree with Nissan Motors' action to sue Nissan Computer Corp over a domain name.  Nissan Motors, you of all people should have NO right to do this.  After all, you weren't Nissan from the beginning as Nissan Computer Corp has been.  I seem to recall you were once known as Datsun.  I seriously doubt that Nissan Motors would suffer any form of financial loss or loss of a customer base simply because doesn't take them to their car company.  Be real.  Do you think the general public is that stupid?  Yes, I admit that I, like many others, type in the obvious for a company's web site.  However, I, like many others, know what a search engine is and how to use it.  Prove to me that you are losing money and customers over this.  You can't.  Nissan Motors, being of the Japanese background where honor is held above all else INCLUDING PROFIT MARGINS, I find it disgusting that you think you own the Hebrew name Nissan.  Where will it end?  Will you next sue Paramount Studios for allowing Star Trek shows to use the name of your truck in the opening line "Space, the final FRONTIER"?   Better yet, I dare you to take on Time-Warner.  Why?  Because when you type in, you are immediately linked to  Oh the horror!  How dare Time-Warner?  Sound ridiculous?  Indeed it does.  Now look in the mirror and see something more ridiculous, suing a Jewish immigrant because he has the gall to register his family name as a computer domain.  Grow up, drop this frivolous lawsuit, and concentrate on making your quality cars and trucks.  To Nissan Computers, keep the faith that this will go before a judge that has common sense and tosses this lawsuit in the garbage where it belongs.  I'm just sorry you have to spend your profits defending yourself against a bully who thinks gross profits should be the deciding factor.
Ric Murtland - Torte-hating consumer

I completely agree with Mr. Uzi Nissan.  I really hope you win this case (I personally don't think that Nissan Motor Corp has a case).  Good luck!  I know that I would be sorely upset if this happened to me!

People will NOT stand for your ignorant display of monetary power. If you are allowed to take the Nissan domain name you will find yourselves in the rebuttal of those who seek justice. We do exist and we are WATCHING you.
Jay Monson

Suing a person just because he happens to be named like your company AND registered the site before you did creates a pretty bad impression about the company.  It's not a company pretending to profit from your name by selling it back to you. They're doing business under it and were there first.  Don't be a sore loser if you didn't "get" the web in time.
Ricardo J. Méndez Castro

I disagree with Nissan's attempts to make anyone a criminal who chooses to register a domain that is their own last name.

Such a shame!  that a large corporation like Nissan Motors cannot think creatively and allow this man to maintain the domain name which tells much about his life and ancestry.  Why not NISSANMOTORS.COM?  How hard is that?
Phillip B. Panczuk

The Nissan Motor Co.'s lawsuit for trademark infringement is ridiculous.  Since when do they have ownership of the NAME Nissan. The car company, like the Computer co., bears the name of its founder.  Sounds to me like sour grapes over NOT creating a website first. First come first serve...if the computer corporation had the foresight to settup the websites in its name before the car company, bearing the same name,...too bad. You snooze, you loose, it's as simple as that!  Why can't they simply set one up using  Too long or unwilling to share the name?
K. Levine

Another example of David and Goliath!
James DeBose

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