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The actions of Nissan Motors against Nissan Computer are absolutely disgraceful.  It is stories like this that remind us everyday of how the corporations are ruining our lives one person at a time.  This is nothing more than a schoolyard bully picking on someone they know can't fight back for financial reasons.  I support Nissan Computers on these matters.  Nissan Motors can't expect to change their name and have the whole jump through hoops to celebrate it.
Let me make this perfectly clear.  I personally own a 1994 Nissan Altima.  I have EVERY bit of service on my car done at a Nissan dealership.  My brother owns 1998 Pathfinder and gets EVERY bit of service done at Nissan dealerships.  I am in the market RIGHT now for a new car and was looking to get a Pathfinder.  I will NEVER buy a Nissan product or service as long as they continue to entertain this nonsense.  I can assure you that my brother's business will be lost too.  Also, I will spread the word about this injustice to everyone I know who is in the market for a new car.  I remember recently that Nissan Motors was on the news because they were failing financially.  These kind of actions against American citizens could be what finally puts Nissan Motors in the toilet.
Good bye Nissan Motors!
Robert Carpo

Nissan Motor Co. is wrong to sue. If I ever wanted a Nissan, I would consider not purchasing one due to this lawsuit.
Tyler Graves

You're going to have a hard time pitching your expensive vehicles to the VERY LUCRATIVE market of Computer professionals in light of your actions against Uzi Nissan.  I wanted an Xterra but after reading about your despicable practices I would never buy from you.  Every day I share this story with more and more computer professionals- you're losing business.
Hope it's worth it.
John Nemes

It's up to Nissan to prove bad intent on your behalf.  In this case they have no case as long as you don't try to sell them or anyone else the name.  You are allowed to use a name for many purposes, even to do a parody on the automanufacturer.  You have a very clear reason for use of the name and should have no problem proving that to a judge.
I'd put something on your main page, asking people to boycott the greedy corporation - and shame them publically, your entitled to your opinion.
Good luck.
Andrew Wysotski

Nissan is a family name and does not interfer with Nissan Motor. He had the name before you did. Your attempts to use the courts as a leverage to bankrupt this man and his company is unforgiveable. I am cancelling my order for a pathfinder. I wold rather have a explorer tires and all.
Dennis Bannon

Shame. this action by Nissan motor company will certainly influence my car buying decisions in the future.
Kent Heyer

Let me just say that I previously owned a product of the NOW Nissan company when it was called Datson motor company !  Just as with Princess Diana and all those involved with her, and many hundreds of others that have had their very own names used by others for monitary purposes....the person "Nissan" vs the company Nissan is somewhat rediculous ! It is HIS name and is his by birth not by merger !!  You the Motor company have vast amounts of money to force him to give up his actual name used for his business...all because you wish to do so!  Why don't you check out the alternatives ..for Nissan Motors....You (NissanMotors) can use your other names that are incorporated with you or use a new .whatever , rather then the .net and .com he has had for years !?  Others like I am backing the small business and person "named" Nissan, which owns his own business which is in his name here in the States and Whom I beleive shall prevail in arbitration after massive costs due to you the NISSAN MOTOR CO. Just another case of big business pushing around the little guy and usually getting away with it ! Not if all those concerned voice their beliefs and opinions ! This is only going to cause you bad press anyway !  I truely hope Mr Nissan of Nissan computers doesn't lose his business of over 4 years ,over a name You the MOTOR CO. feel is rightfully yours !  Nissan Computer Corp. is a far cry from being mistaken for Nissan Motor company ! Or are you the "motor company" going to start making computers and selling computer related items rather then cars ?  Please don't let Corporations destroy the small businesses around the world by taking their names and bankrupting them with foolish cort cases !
"A very concerned person in California"
Dave Reich

We must prevent Big Business from usurping the right of the individual!
Jamil Agard

I protest against your lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corporation. It is offending that big companies start lawsuits against rightful owners of a certain name.
Hans Lemb

May I suggest that someone (with a lawyer in the family would help) sets up a new company. Changes it's name to NISSAN and submits a counter-claim. That should wake up the judge.
Best of British luck!
Steve Harbron - LONDON, ENGLAND

If this is perceived as a "Big Guy Beats Up On Little Guy" theme by the public and/or the press... I believe Nissan Motor Co. will suffer in the long run. I'm sure the press would love to over-sensationalize the story... with a little prompting from concerned citizens.  Nissan Motor can keep it up... and see the sales go down. After that and paying to lawyers... I wonder what the stockholders will say?
My 2-cents worth.
Andy Ward

Typical abuse of corporate heavyweight power.  I think the best solution would be for Nissan Motor to place a link on your page and you get paid a referal fee everytime the link is clicked !
Good luck.
Tim H.

Keep your head up and fight the Nissan Motor company. I understand that '20th Century Fox' had to change their trademark name to 'Fox' because someone had the rights to '21th Century Fox'. This appears no different to that case. This use to corporate power to crush small business is ridiculous but I am sure you will win!!
Good luck
Mike Walcott

I curse you in the badest way that its possible.  Youre afraid of beeing poor now aingnt you.  You have alot to learn in the age of the aquarius.  The small will be big and the big will be small.  Join be a member there instead.
Espen Kant Antonsen

Typical of a 'big brother' syndrome.  Surely Nissan Motor Co should be sacking their communications department for not being alert to the need to register their name years ago.  No point in 'flexing the muscles' now against a small decent company who are only trying to make a living.
Alan Kerr

I fully support your stand against the tyrants at nissan motor company. Who do they think they are?  If they were that concerned then they should have registered the domain name themselves before nissan computer company did. Simple as.  Why should the lamers of big business and multinationals be able to claim someone elses property as their own? I'm sure they'd be pretty unhappy about someone claiming their intellectual property as there own (ie ford claiming some propreity manufacturing method, just because they were making cars before nissan)
John O'Connell

To whom it may concern:
It really is a shame to find that a company with the respectability of Nissan Motors would lower themselves to thievery.  You do NOT own a name...and certainly you do not own it on the net.  You were most certainly slow in gathering your domain name.  This is sad, but it happens.  Live with it and go on.  Leave the smaller companies alone and continue to do business gaining the respect you've already earned.  Allow Nissan Computer Corp. the right to the name they have earned as well!
Respectfully yours,
Deborah Griffith

Stop this infringement of reverse domain name hijacking by big business and megalith corporations. This mans name is his by birthright. Nissan Motors should either buy it from him or think up a new name.
R.H. Eisenberg

Why on earth do you think you should be able to sweep in and steal domain names simply because it has the corporate name mentioned.  There are thousands of individuals with names and domain names - perhaps individuals should sue corporations for using and defaming their individual family names.
Trevor Russell

If Nissan Computer Corp. registered their site with a .com and .net before Nissan Motor Co., more power to them!Try looking a or and see if there are automakers there...
Harold Jaynes

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