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The lawsuit is bullshit!  You can't trademark a surname, and if you try to, you deserve whatever "abuses" of your "trademark" you get.  Besides, the internet exists on a first-come first-serve basis.  Nissan Motor's attempt to wrench an honest domain name away from an honest user, not a scalper, shows just how petty, greedy, and arrogant their corporation is.  I'll be sure to tell everyone I know to boycott Nissan Motors and any suppliers and subsidiaries I can find!
Ariel Paulson

Hey guys, why don't you let Uzi have his own name?  From what I know about his case, he does not own the name. Also, forty seven new domains (.com, .net, .org) are on there way to the internet in a few months.  Why don't you buy all of these.  There might even be a .car, who knows?  However, in light of your unfair dealings with a small business owner, I will not buy any Nissan Motor products.  I will also urge my friends, family, and coworkers not to, as well.
M.W. Otte

Just because your companyname is Nissan doesnt mean that you are the only one called that in this world. You have no right to sue someone just because you are to slow in understanding the fact that you needed a website, and I think that the only way I can convince you and others like you are to never buy any of your products for as long as I live, and spend some time convincing others that they shouldnt as well.  This mail is to show my support for the Nissan Computer corporation.
Alexander Steel

I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER NISSAN AUTOMOBILE!  And I hope all TRUE AMERICAN's will stand beside me.. JAPAN's singular most important goal is to HURT AMERICA and see the Fall of our Government.. been that way since December 7th, 1941.  DONT BE DUPED by supporting their products OR beliefs!
Mal Entente

I am absolutely horrified by this story.  It has actually had such an negative impact on my impression of Nissan Motor Co that I vow never to own a vehicle manufactured by them.  This case is an absolute farce...and yet another demonstration of how big Corporations and their unethical law teams attempt to steamroll everything and anything in their path.
Graham Oldreive

I am aware of this lawsuit from the daily news and can understand Nissan Motor's stake in the suit.  However, it appears as to me that Nissan is attempting to legally steal the Nissan Computer Corp domain name.  Nissan will lose this battle regardless of the outcome.  If Nissan Motors gets a favorable judgement it will stink of politics and bribery.  If they lose in court it will prove that this was attempted theft in the first place.  Nissan Motors should back off and accept that they were too slow to pick up the domain name 10 years ago. They will save face if they drop the suit.
Andy Hird

If Mr. Nissan's name is his *own* name, you simply cannot copyright it.  Starting a company named after a person is probably how Nissan Motors got started in the first place, as well.  It is outrageous to assume that simply because your corporation is more well-known than Nissan Computers, you should be allowed to take the domain name Nissan Computers has already registered.  If you truly care about public relations -- why not try to organize a co-operative effort? Ask Mr. Nissan to link NISSAN.COM and NISSAN.NET to a simple, easy-to-understand page where the customer can choose which company's page they are interested in viewing.  This solution seems much more equitable and friendly than the court-ordered battle over a person's name!!!  Please re-consider.  Far too much anger is taken into courtrooms, which were designed not for anger, but for justice.
K. L. Bechdoldt

I believe that your claim against the Nissan Computer Company is bogus and ridiculous.  For a big company like yourselves to try to take the rights of an individual to use their "own" name is a very low and inconsiderate thing to do.  This man has the "right" to use "his" name if that is what he wants to do.   So why don't you just "BACK OFF" and let him build "his" business. While you mind your own.  He got rights to it first so just accept it and go on with some other name. Just leave the man alone. Quit waisting his time, your time, and everyone else's time.  Just because you are a "big" company doesn't give you any more legal or moral right than the rest of us.  If you really care about people this is not the way to show it.  If you keep on it "will" hurt your business.  Leave "Nissan Computer"  alone and mind your own business,  and stop trying to run over someone because you think you can.
Cheryl Owen

I agree.  No doubt about it.  If the owner uses his family name for the name of his company, then the internet name belongs to him not Nissan Motor Co.
Adriana D'Arcy

Once again, common sense, human dignity and the rights of the individual are hammered by scavengers (read lawyers).  I might have some sympathy if the domain name was held hostage for sale back to Nissan Motors, but someone using it to run their own business?  Take NissanMotors or something, and chalk this up to experience.  Remember, WE are your customers, and I for one have a long memory...
Richard Kirzinger

I am very disappointed in your attempt to steal the domain name from somebody who has complete legitimate reasons for owning such.  My awareness with your practices will certainly effect my future decicion making process on what companies I intend to do business with, and this does not work well in your favor.  Shame on you, for knowing full well what you are doing and knowing you will get away with it, and the only thing that would stop you is the possible impact it would have on your sales.  This really is an outrage and I hope they countersue to get all legal expenses paid for by Nissan Motor Co when they win.
Jeff Miller

Dears sirs,
I want to express my disgust with your actions against Mr.Nissan and his site for Computers.  Just because you happen to have the same last name it does not mean he is infringing upon your trade name or trade mark. I can assure you, that can be proven on the court of law. If this becomes news of of public domain (now is probably only in the net)sooner or later you may pay a high price on the marketplace.
Sebastian Ferman

Nissan Computer Corp. should be complaining.  I entered NISSAN in the "search" blank on MSN, and the first ten pages of search produced only reference to Nissan Motor related sites, even though your simple should be first mentioned, in my opinion.  It seems your documentation of the use of your name in business (especially prior to Datsun changing to Nissan should be enough to quiet any problems with Nissan Motor corp, let alone the other sites that are not owned by car manufacturers.  Good luck, and I'll see you about buying computers.
Frances Galbreath

There can be no justification, legal or moral preventing any person from using his lawful name to conduct his lawful business. If there is conflict in the use of names then the conflict must be resolved in favour of use of a family or personal name as a domain name. Where there are two such then the conflict must be resolved in favour of the family / person who first registered the domain name. In a conflict between business use of personal names as domain names, the conflict must be resolved in favour of the first business to genuinely register that name as a domain name as a fundamental component of their business, that is not a pariah on any pre-existing business that has failed to register that name as a domain name but has registered the name as a trademark.  I trust this individual viewpoint based upon commonsense and common law use of a personal name helps clarify the conflict issue in the subject heading.
Nick Elliott

I believe the internet is first come - first serve, thus Nissan computer company rightfuly and respectfuly should be allowed to continue to its buisness on the internet, if nissan motors were so concerned about its website they would have registerd it well before nissan computers did, they would have, and still can try to buy it from nissan computers, which is the only real solution i see...
Just my $0.02,
Tom Tijerina

Nissan should drop their dispute as you are only using your real name.  If they don't have the address first, they have no right to stop you from using your own name.  All the best and success to you, Uzi.  Shalom!  A Good Year!!
M. Radovsky

These guys are right. Nissan Motors has shown themselves to be a great disappointment in the automobile business. No integrity, obviously no self-respect; just good ol' power-hungry thieves, with a good measure of greed thrown in. I didn't know about this story when I bought my Toyota Tacoma a month ago, but I would have helped me to decide between the Tacoma and the Fontier a whole lot sooner if I had known what Nissan was trying to pull. Mr. Nissan, many people are behind you in this, take heart. If they're not total idiots (which they may well be), Nissan Motors should see how this is making them look to the public, a public which can make or break them.  I feel really good about my Toyota!
Gary Turner

I agree if the solution is nissan change the name to original name as "Datsun" or pay to nissan computer for using the name nissan. thanks.
Herry Gunadi

I think that Nissan Motor do not have any rights to pretend on domain. If I will take for example first nobody has rights to pretend to this domains. It is a family name. Who was was fist got it.
Vadim Smelyansky

I personally take a stand against the Nissan motor Co. sueing the Nissan. computer co. Mr.U. Nissan has a right to his name & the name of the company he founded. I hope the law suit does not bankrupt this small business.
Lynda Lou MacIntyre

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