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Nissan Motors:
What you are trying to do is unreasonable and immoral. If you would like to own a domain name owned by Nissan Computer, a reasonable offer from your side should be made! It is solely in discretion of the owner (Nissan Computer) to decide whether such an offer is acceptable and to transfer the rights for domain name to your company. That is a proper and only way!  It would be very sad and very dangerous for the future of world order if you, Nissan Motor, prevail. I sincerely hope American law system will not go as far as you, Nissan Motor, want them to go. Such precedence would need activation of every possible public force to fight against Nissan Motor.
I will *never* buy a Nissan car (you have lost me forever) and will do anything in my power to explain to as much as possible car buyers what you are doing!
Matjaz Kozmus - KCi - Slovenia

Mr. Nissan, I pray for strength and victory for you, your family, and your business.  I also feel very strongly about not purchasing their cars. They should not be allowed to do whatever they choose simply because they are a Big American Auto Company.
Margaret Noble

As a small  buisnessman myself I see this action by nissan motors nothing more than the newest way that big companies use their money and power to step outside moral restraints and use the legal system to step on the smaller members of society.  It is my hope, that rather than sue, they can come to a rational agreement or pay nissan computer what the domain is worth to nissan motors.  This type of strong-arm tactics is the same reason that microsoft now lives in court, and Is the lowest form of injustice.
I will play my small part, and never buy or allow friends to buy a nissan motor product. I will spread this information to everyone I know, and perhaps, with enough people refusing to buy these products, nissan motors will lose enough money from this to cost them far more that the domain may make them. Even if they lose their suit. Any company as low and honorless as to even consider such a thing does not deserve  thier position of power.  It is not the survival of the fittest, but of the foulest.
Mike Bessey

I find it appalling that a judge would even agree to hearing Nissan Motor Co's suit against Nissan Computer Corp.  I find it even more appalling that Nissan Motor Co filed such a suit.  They have just lost a customer.
Marlene Bohanan

Quit the strong arm tactics. I am a law student and have been perusing Nissan autos so as to purchase a new vehicle. However, upon hearing of this predicament I will unquestionably refuse to consider purchasing a Nissan product. Furthermore, I will forward a e-mails concerning this unethical activity to classmates and colleagues throghout the  New York metropolitan are and the country. I can assure you that they too will find this behavior unsatisfactory.
M. Boran

I understand the frustration of your company about the domain name being used by another company, but I don't understand how you can say the company is illegally using the name.  He did not use your name to his advantage, it's his family name and should have all the rights to because he simply registered them prior to your company's thought of doing so.  As a large corporation, you should show that you can deal with this situation in a much more mature fashion as that would generate good P.R. for you.  I came on to today because I just bought one of your cars,  it was a simple mistake however I'm glad I saw his ad cause it frustrates me to see large corporations take advantage of smaller companies cause you can simply afford to battle it out longer than others.  I have close friends who own a product and was sued because Al-ease sounded too much like Aleve  when their product came out on the market years before the popular pain medication.  I just ask you to consider dropping it for the sake of human decency and good P.R..  . Thank you for your time.
Marc Blaisdell

I'm not surprised that a company which would change its name mid-stream to the name of a Jewish month would then turn around and sue a person whose use of the name predates your own.  And, why are you only suing Nissan Computer and not the other hundreds of companies who also use the name "Nissan" in their domain names?  I'd really like an honest answer to this.
Michael Liebmann

Dear Mr. Nissan:
I stumbled upon your web page actually looking for the automobile company's site.  After reading your story, I would just like to comment on your situation.  I applaud your stance on the entire issue.  For Nissan Motor Company to even consider a lawsuit against you is complete insanity on their behalf.  You have total rights to both domain names in my opinion.  You were there first.  A company that has thrived within the realms of free market economy, Nissan Motor Company was simply beaten to the punch by somebody who was more aware of the market.  Pure and simple.  I wish you the best of luck against big market bullies and their scare tactics against the very same people they claim to serve.
Andrew McGee

I think that nissan motors is being absolutely rediculous. The name Nissan does not belong to them and therefore should not have the right to do what they are doing, Maybe they should sue you to change your last name too,( ha ha ) how stupid can they get. Companies like that show a lack of management maturity and show just how low people can go with sueing people over stuff that they think is theirs. The name Nissan is no more than letters of the alphabet put together and is not owned by them, so they need to cut the stupidity.  I wish you the best of luck against your battle with these selfish people.

I believe you have full right in owning and keeping up the "Nissan" family name on-line.  Although, if they where to compensate you in a real generous way, I may concider changing given that you are allowed to keep this domain name for at least the next year.
Chris Hensel

Play it simple.  No need to note on your web site.  With full discloure of the facts about "an attempt to bankrupt the Nissan Computer Company".  Public support does count.
Kent Hsin

I have read the details of your lawsuit against Uzi Nissan Computer.  Since there are 2 sides to every story, I'd like to hear from a Nissan Motor Co's.  reason for the lawsuit.  We want true justice to prevail.  If indeed Nissan Computer was legitamately granted the email address, how can you have the chutzpah to make such a big deal out of this as to go so far as sue.  Can't you and Nissan Computer come to a compromise agreement without suing?  It's just a tiny little matter of slightly changing the wording on your respective email addresses.  How about doing a few good deeds for your fellow man instead of projecting greed, lust, and power-hungry motivations.
Anne Schwartz

To Nissan Motors Co. I feel your Lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp. is wrong.  I could support a lawsuit were it not for the fact that in this case the name was adapted from a family name.  Your Lawsuit would be comparable to suing anyone who uses a town or government name as part of their Company name.  Where would we be if the government sued every company that used "America" or "American" in their name....Lets see there could be no "American Family Publishers", "American Gas" "American Appliances" and an unknown amount of other companys.  Let me ask you...where did you get the Nissan name from?  As long as Nissan Computer corp continues to make it clear that they are not the Nissan Motor Co. what should it matter to you?...Do you not care about your customers?  This lawsuit tells me you don't.  It shows me that you are as a company self-centered and egotistical.  It makes me think twice about considering a product from you.  If all you care about is your own company at the expence of others I'd be worried that you will sell me an inferior product just to keep yourself afloat and the heck with the customer.  I really hope you will reconsider the message you are giving the public and withdraw your lawsuit.  It is after all the little guy (read customer) that allows you to exist.  By continuing your lawsuit (and the publicity it will inspire) you are showing us that you don't care about the little guy (again read CUSTOMER) and aren't really worthy of his money.
Please respond.
Keith Snyder

Nissan motor co. is beyond ridiculous, NOT EVERYONE has a unique name by the way.  Tell them to figure out their own website and not try to get a quick scam to get rich more!!!

This is a small world that so many people must live together, but internet is so big and there are so many tld names that can fit Nissan motors needs.An example; why dont you use (Nissan Motor Sports :)
Baha Levent

Nissan Moter corp. drop the case and accept that you are not getting the Domain Name. Just because you are a large corp. with a larger piece of the pie it does not mean you can use that to bully your way through life. Stop being like a little child who has lost all its toys and can't get his own way.
Mark Yeoman

You have NO right to take domain names from ANYONE who has legally created them ...
Ken Patterson

Nissan Motor are trying to bully the small guy.  As Nissan Computer are using thie own name they,are entitled to keep their domain name
A From england

Having been in a similar situation to yourselves I support your plight.  We (my company) had registered a domain name to pursue a development project and were subsequently taken to court by a company who registered their company name 2 years AFTER we registered the domain name. The case continues... (although we're not fighting a multi-national).  I wish you the best of luck and hope that the US courts can see some sense.
Jeremy Burgess

I suppose Nissan Motors are just jealous of Mr. Nissan's heritage - I mean I would be too if my name was Datsun!
Rachel Fairhead

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