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My daughter wanted us to get a new Nissan, and we were going to before we all saw this "takeover" attempt by the Nissan Company over an individual.  I've loved every DATSUN 280ZX that I've had, thank goodness I don't have a NISSAN, only three Datsuns from before they changed the name to  NISSAN.  When we get our new non-Nissan, I'm going to sell my 280 to someone I don't like, and impress on everyone I know what's happening.  I don't know what's going on behind the scenes about this big corporation's desire for their new namesake, but I do know that it's not right to do what they're doing.  I guess the people (or person) behind this thinks he (or she) can hide behind the company's billions, and believe me that it had to start with one person, but this one person, and those in agreement, are doing no good for their company, nor for themselves.  Maybe you've lost your soul in your desire to forward your position.  The world is watching, and don't believe it's not.  I don't know who you are, but you do..  Shame on you.
Ernest Monceaux

I plan to flip the coin, "head" - the Honda CR-V "Tail" the pathfinder...after reading the law suit Nissan Motor vs. Nissan Computer...i dont need to flip the coin any more. Nissan Motor ..shame on you!
Tom Nguyen

Living in Japan, I am quite aware of the "might makes right" doctrine that goes on in this society. I am not surprised at Nissan Motor's actions, and this lack of surprise saddens me considerably. My old Mitsubishi Chariot will not last forever. Whatever my new car will be, Nissan Motors will not be the name on it, though I would be proud to sport a logo from Nissan Computer Company on it! I, too, like so many others, will spread the word. It seems to me that Nissan Motor Company has shot itself in the foot. Maybe in both feet. I am sure it will be on its way out soon.
Rev. Andrew S.L. Carrick - Missionary to Japan

Just to register my shock at the behaviour of large companies from "civilised" countries-
I have owned 3 Datsun/Nissan vehicles in my life, and pledge solidly never to own another, and to tell every owner of one I encounter (thats many!) of the discusting conduct of the company they have benefited.
Malcolm Chalmers

I have a Nissan Almera GTI, great car, but I don't think I will buy Nissan again.  This will be my very little support to this cause.  Good Luck to Nissan Computer!
Marco E. G. Maltese - Italy

Man, what you people are doing is despicable...Not only are you suing this company on bogus charges but you are attempting to basically force your way upon a smaller company just because you have the means...This is their domain name...and forcing them to relinquish it is only going to give your business a bad name...
I personally have changed my opinion about Nissan and many more people will if you keep doing business the way you do...the internet was designed for information not highway robbery...
Wake up and realise that its not because you have a lot of money that people are going to respect you...look what's happening to Microsoft.
Lucian D.

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing for the simple reason that I am disgusted.  Are you losing any money over this domain name?  Is it causing any harm to your company?  I can't possibly imagine how it would.  And if it is...well, thats the way it goes.  The man is using his name.  Not yours.  He has just as much right to it as your company does.  Is there really any point in disputing that?  Or are you just looking for a quick buck.  I know of quite a few people who will not be buying your product to show their support for this mans cause.  Maybe not enough for you to notice.  But if your that big of a company...why do you need to sue over something like this.  Someone needs to find a better use of time.

Why not use instead........i mean thats what you do.
Peter Chamberlain

Fully support Mr Uzi Nissan's position. I do not see any malice from his part, and it is a totally fortuituos situation the fact that his surname is the same as a the company name. Mr. Nissan registered the NISSAN.COM domain first, he is in my opinion entitled to it.
Peter Salamon - Israel

Mr. Uzi Nissan should have every right to use his own name in his business.  Computers have nothing to do with cars - and the similarity in names could only help both parties.  I believe patent law says that one business cannot carry already patented name of an existing business, but Motor Co. is not Computer Corp.  Stop stomping on the little people and worry about the big fish.
Janice Tichauer

On the basis of the evidence presented here I think it is clear that this is another case of a major corporation using heavyhanded tactics to try to rectify their original mistake in underestimating the importance that the Internet would come to have.
Daniel Shiryan Caffrey

Mr Nissan of Nissan Computer Co.:
As far as I know, we still live in a 'free' country and I congratulate you for expressing your right to use your surname in a proud manner as the name of your company.    When I surf the net, I have enough common sense to realize that there are other sites not related to what I'm searching for as should Nissan Motor Co.   In that, I agree with you that you have stepped over NO lines of illegal misuse of this name or any intent to plagerize in any way.  Whatever the term is they are using.  I believe its always a deeper enemy here that goes back to the beginning of creation where satan chooses to go after the 'Apple of G-d's eye'.  With that, I speak my mind and say Nissan Motor Corp. needs to realize that they are not exclusive in name and when they get into computer sales, why, then they can think up another name to use as not to conflict with Nissan Computer.  Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts.
Carmen Hartigan

I have thoroughly reviewed all the data and references provided in the email entitled "Modern day David and Goliath".  First, I want to commend those who organized and compiled the data and narrative for having created such an easily readable document, and one in which the integral facts are so well substantiated.  Second, I find the evidence presented to be impressively compelling - I would very much like to contrast the arguments of "David" with those proffered by "Goliath".  If the integrity of "David's" arguments are not substantively impacted by the counterarguments of "Goliath", then the legal outcome is clear. And, therefore, third, the only question remaining will be the extent of the punitive damage award against "Goliath".
John Gladstein

Can't express enough my disgust at Nissan Motor Co.  I was not about to buy a new Nissan.  I did not look up Nissan as a part of a search for a new automobile.  I learned about these goings on by an email I received from The "Internet For The People" Committee -  I think Nissan Motor Co. should pay close attention to the emails they are now receiving.  If I owned stock in Nissan Motor Co., I would immediately drop it like a hot potato.  If Nissan Motor doesn't rectify this immediately, they will certainly be short lived.  I think two very viable remedies would be to 1) purchase the website from Uzi Nissan, or 2) pay Uzi Nissan a monthly fee (or per click fee) for providing a link to their site on his site.  This would end this ridiculous suit, and both parties would benefit.
I am forwarding the letter I received from The "Internet For The People" Committee to everyone in my address book, and suggesting they do the same.
Dennis Worthen

How can they do this?  What if someone overseas got the name.  America does NOT own the internet.  Though unfortunately, corporate america does seem to own the United States.
Helen Count

I think this lawsuit is insulting to the freedom of people being able to own a small busiess.  Nissan Motor should be ashamed and publicly humiliated!

To whom it may concern,
The above case, Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan computer came to my attention 4th Oct 2000. My intention by this message is to firmly state my alarm at the actions taken by the Nissan Motor Company against Nissan Computer. First come first serve, as they say. you must not punish some one (on claims that you quite clearly can not substantiate) for having the good sense to utelise a new news forum quicker than you. It has become obvious that small scale business more readily and faster opted for internet exposure. Good for them and Better luck to you next time.
Lena Hjalmarsson

I think it is shameful to prevent anyone from using his own name.  A name is one's private property and one's reputation is built on it.  If you were to use any other name, people would question your reliability.  Only someone who is willing to risk his name and reputation should be supported in every possible way.
Manuel Sand

It would appear, from what I just read, that had you had the deep pockets that Nissan Moters' has, you should be doing the sueing.  However, as you know, usually the attornies are the only group that comes out as "winners".  It would be interesting to hear how you have monitarily damaged them!!  Good Luck.

What Nissan Motor is doing to this businessman is just wrong.  Since his company has had this domain name for so long, it is absolutely wrong for Nissan to attempt to take it from him.  The domain name is NOT being squatted upon;  it is being used by a legit business.
Jeff Schall

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