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I think this is outrageous!  i will not now nor in the future purchase any Nissan auto product nor any of their partners products.  I will also send copies to all persons I know or will know in the future telling them my opinion of this bogus lawsuit.  Excuse me but i need to go to my nearest Ford dealer now!

Unless I hear that this suit is dropped and that Mr. Nissan has recieved restitution for his legal fees, I nor anyone I know will purchase a Nissan Motors product.  I know for sure that I can persuade at least 5 people not to buy Nissans because of this.  Therefore I estimate my ability to actually impact Nissan Motors with negative advertisment at about $50,000 USD.  Multiply that times every email you recieve and it adds up.
Why are you so heartless Nissan Motor Co.?
Charles Maynard

This is just another sore looser trying too bully the little guy.  There is no real justice in America.  I can't wait to move away.  When Thugs like Nissan Mtors can throw their money arround to steal someine else's things is just a sad day for the normal hard working guy and the world is slowly turning into corporate rule.  I will never buy a Nissan Motor Product and will stronly urge others not too.   Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I will inform as many as possibe since I own about 50 sites.
Patrick O'Reilly II MBA

As the daughter of a small business owner, I find this story to be utterly and completely ridiculous.  I try to put myself in the position of this man, and imagine it could be my own father who is being threatened by this lawsuit simply because of his name.  Does this mean that everyone in this country with a family name that also happens to be the name of a registered company doesn't have the right to start a business using their own family name?  I thought this was the land of free enterprise?  Give me a sounds to me that Nissan Motor is a little upset because Nissan Computer beat them to the website registration.  Trademark infrigement!  It's his family name for God's sake.  I am totally appalled that this claim is even being taken seriously.  What harm is this man and his small business (which consequently has nothing to do with automobile sales) doing to Nissan Motor.  I've been looking at buying a car within the next couple months....after reading this story, my decision as to what car company to go with has been reduced by one.  Good luck to Nissan Computer....I wish you the best.
Jennifer M. Mannick

I was sent an email about the disagreement between NISSAN MOTORS an NISSAN COMPUTERS.I would like to say that I am 28 year old man in Greenville NC and it just so happens that I lease a 1997 Nissan extended cab XE pickup(which is the lease is up in 02/01).After reading the email on this issue;I can honestly say that I will never do buisness with Nissan Motor Co. any more.Further more,I will send this email to as many people as I can.Nissan Motors is upset because they waited to long to get thier act together.I support Nissan Computers all the way.
Yours truely;
Ray Brooks

To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing regarding the improper and unjust practice by large corporations of taking control of the Internet by hijacking domain names from their rightful owners, particularly small businesses. "Reverse Domain Name Hijacking" is wrong, and as a citizen, I will not simply stand by and let it happen. Smaller businesses are being unnecessarily sued and harrassed by mega-corporation bullies.  This needs to stop--now.
Highly concerned,
Jennifer A. Baer - Huntington, VT

It is a sad day for this country when you get sued for using your OWN NAME!  Happy new year to all, may this be a better year for everyone!!
Sara Schaffer

I hope you are proud of yourselves, for even planning such an frivilous litigation in a federal court, after much and deep research and investigation on your company, it stands to a logical mind (which you do not possess) that the "Nissan Computer Company" is in no way infringing upon your no good name.
daniel jackson

To me, this is simply a case of "First come - First Serve".
If Mr. Nissan had not had that name, he might be accused of "cyber squatting".  But it is not his fault that he shares the same name as a corporation in Japan.  However, it might be fair to compromise by giving up one of the domain names (maybe give the COM and keep the NET) FOR A PRICE.  This would show good faith on Mr. Nissan's part, and show how unforgiving the corporation would be if they did not meet a fair price.  This shows 2 things:  That we desperately need more upper level domains.  COM, NET, and ORG are not enough anymore.  Also, it shows that corporations can use their limitless money to hire lawyers to "buy out the pot", and force individuals to collapse to their desires.  FYI:  Nissan was named DATSUN in the US until the mid 1980's.  This is to try and hide the fact that it was a Japanese company.  Remember that many Americans would not buy Japanese cars because of WWII.  This is why Mitsubishi waited so long to enter the US auto market (They made the infamous A6m5 "Zero" fighter used in Pearl Harbor).  So while WE remember it as Datsun until recently, it was Nissan all along in Japan.  However, while I am brining up some points in Nissan Corp's side, I fully support Mr. Nissan in his right to keep his name.  Maybe Nissan Corp should look into why they waited so long to try and register the name themselves, or just tell people to use
Michael Martin

I have heard of other similar cases.  Guess what corporate world?  The internet is not your toy and neither are the lives of the people that you are seeking to screw over.  I guess you should have got your website up and going a few years back if you wanted those names.  In the mantime, bite the bullet and pay for them just as you would have us pay for your crappy Nissans!  Maybe you can buy it now for 1.9% APR over 60 months!
Jay Hammond

What an extremely petty way for a large buisness to take advantage of the little guy. You are very sorry and I am glad that I neither own nor plan to own any of your products.
Maxwell Lord

It is a sad day in America when a giant company comes after a thriving family bussiness. How much money do they need: greedy companies need to step back and realize that the world will not stand for such a behavior. I will be praying for your family and bussiness.
Misty R.

I think it is disgusting that Nissan Motor Corp. or any other large corporation should be permitted to hijack the free enterprise system in the manner they have by seeking sole use of domain names.  The fact that other people have been savy enough to register them first in true entrepreneurial fashion means they should be permitted to keep and use them uninhibited.  Thats what "free enterprise" and "opportunity" mean.  It's also at the core of democracy.  It's interesting that Nissan Motor Corp. feel they should be allowed to subvert democracy.  To me that indicates a very real threat to the liberty and security of the citizenry.  It's time that "the people" started making one thing very clear to big business: corporations, and the system under which they operate, exists because the people allow it to, not because big business is powerful enough to ensure it does regardless of the consequences.
Steve Aitchison

we do not know how US law applies here.  It is our understanding that the US is one of the most righteous countries in this world and hence mr. Uzi Nissan is using his family to promote his own business by legally acquiring the websites and well in time before the hijackers came aware of the importance of the Internet, we would be highly surprised if a lawsuit can be really successful.  Moreover one cannot be sure to use his own family name for business purposes nowadays in the Internet if once a company shows up after years to claim that they had been asleep of technology and its importance for business.  Itīs like in the gold rush times. We had a legal claim at that time to dig for gold did it and it seems that nowadays the huge companies are goingto think that legal rights can be pushed down by monetary transactions, here lawsuit, to drag righteous people away. We here in Germany at Berger International shall monitor that case as off now and we hereby signal our full support against hijackers of domain names.
Hans-Joachim Berger

It is time to make a stand, Corp America is big strong and unjust.  I will do my best to inform others of your unethical tactics.
Prof. Praxedes Lazarus Sadule

This is a clear cut case on the big company trying to beat up on the little guy.  Nissan computers had the foresight to register the domain for its use.  Nissan Automakers obviously had less foresight and now is trying to strong arm Nissan Computers into giving up its rightful ownership of his Domain names.  It is one thing for PepsiCo to register the name of its competitor Coke... but this is another... Nissan is the family name... Nissan is the store name... He rigistered it... It IS his...  I would suggest that Nissan Auto register a name like or  If the owner of Nissan computers want to be extremely generous, he can place a link on his site to the site for Nissan Auto...  But the important thing is belongs completely to Nissan Computers... Legally... Ethically... and Morally...  If Nissan Auto wins the rights to the site... It is only because they have bigger pockets... and thus bankrupt a viable company just to get their way....  I trust that Nissan Auto will come to their senses and drop this case....  If not I hope that the media will cover the story and give Nissan Auto and bad media coverage it deserves for sueing Nissan Computers.
John Beharry

In my opinion, the web site belongs to Mr. Uzi Nissan as: 1 - He got it first, 2 - It is his name (a rather common one in Israel, and also the name of a month on the Hebrew Calendar), 3 - It was not frivously obtained for the purpose of bilking Nissan Motor Company.
Richard Schroedr

All of the information I have read about Nissan Cpomputer shows that they had every right to use their domain name which has been approved and in use for a significantly long time.
Martin Samuels

Mr. Nissan,
As the owner of a small business, I can empathize with you in your battle with "Goliath". In your various position statements, you refer to the Bible... continue to strive towards Him in your struggle, seeking only truth and what is honorable. You WILL be victorious in the end!
May God be with you, always!
Jeff Yarberry

I worked for Patent and Trademark firms for many years and the person or persons who can prove the first know background use who have priority.  This man is using his name of 7 generations.  If he decides to give his business his name he has every right to, no matter what company also uses this name.  The name is not exactly the same and they are two different kinds of businesses.  Surely Nissan can come up with a site name that would distinguish themselves from a computer company.
Karla Douglas

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