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The proper way to obtain a domain name which is already owned is to make an offer on it. The methods you are utilizing to obtain control over the domains and are heavy-handed and narrow-minded. If you proceed with this lawsuit, i will boycott all of your company's products, and inform all of my friends, family members and colleagues of your corporate behavior and encourage them to also boycott all of your products.
Leo Scarpelli

Nice timing! I am in the market for a new car as I write this. After reading this, it will NOT be a Nissan.
Jeff Watters

In my opinion, what you are doing to Nissan Computer Company regarding their established internet address is extremely unethical.  I hope and pray that common sense rules in the courtroom and you lose this unfair attempt to be a corporate bulley and push the "little guy" around.  The surest way that I can protest your actions is to assure you that I and members of my family will never purchase another Nissan automobile (there are two in our family I am sad to say).
Dan Hankins

This rediculus lawsuit has to be dropped.  I will not buy nissan cars if the lawsuit is not dropped.
Michael F.

I disagree with what you are doing because of the money you have to bully small legitimate companys-will I buy a nissan now  ????.
William Crump

I whole-heartedly support the efforts of The Nissan Computer Corp. I am petitioning for this ridiculous lawsuit to be dropped immediately. It is obviously another instance of these large monopolistic corporation trying to strong arm respectablly successful businesses in this country. It is most apparent that Nissan Motor Co. will gain nothing by following through with this lawsuit other than disappointed consumers who have realized your attempt destroy the American dream of personal prosperity. "Nissan Motor Co. your lawsuit is not versus Nissan Computer Corp. but against the hard working people of this country"
J. Chris Thorne

As a small business owner, I am always suspect of the motives of large corporations in the area of copyright and trademark infringement. While I believe Nissan Computer will prevail in this case, Nissan Motors should be not only reasonable but fair-minded, and drop the suit. The early bird gets the worm and Mr. Nissan was up and out well before Nissan Motors. Just further proof that small companies can move much more quickly than major corporations. Mr Nissan should not be penalized for his good business sense. However, Nissan Motors should be penalized for their poor judgement. I hope the judge sees it that way.
C. Ransom

I noticed that many international automotive companies have their US web sites consisting of "name" + "usa". For example What is wrong with ""? Even was available in 96! Somebody overlooked and after so many years wants to take on someone? BAD IDEA.
Eugene Kanter

I am a former owner of a Nissan Altima (automobile).  My advice to Nissan Motors would be to use the money you are spending on this lawsuit for improved training of your corporate customer service staff and your dealership service department personnel. And why can't you be happy with That, I would say you have a right to especially if is already taken.

Dear Mr Nissan,
I just read your story, and I find it totally disgusting that an International Heavyweight Like th enissan Motor Company can try and tak away your domain name, It would understandable if there was any cyber squatting involved, but as long your name is or was Nissan, then the Motor Co should go and fly kites!  I wish you the best of luck, and I'm sure that we will all hear more about this case in the international media.
David N Brinson
Ps - possession is nine tenths of the law, let them reason with the courts and saee what happens to them....

It is a shame that Big Business think they can bully small family owned businesses into bankruptcy all over a internet domain name. Shame on them!! Like the old saying goes, "first come, first serve". If the Nissan Computer Corp was the first to register and use the Nissan domain name then it should rightfully be theirs for the taking. Nissan Motor is trying to make someone else pay for their oversight!

I support the fight against big corporations abusing the court process to hijack legitimate domain names.
Mun Cheong Fai

Nissan motor co. can't really expect that just because they weren't proactive enough to reserve their domain name early they can take it back from a man whose last name is Nissan?  Tough Beans, Nissan Motor Co - it's not like he's selling cars on his site. Register Nissancars or something and leave NCC alone!
Best of luck to you Mr. Nissan.
Carrie Beale

The only fair and just solution when two entities lay justifiable claim to the same domain name(s) is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Tough on Nissan Motor Corp - you should have been quicker - now stop pushing the little guys around and stop behaving like a spoilt child.
G of Southampton, UK

Once again we have Lawyers at the root of what should be, a simple offer to purchase. I am sure that for enough money Mr. Nissan could think of another name and have a fresh infusion of capital for his business. Of course, if that is not what he wants he should be able to keep it this way. We all want to enjoy a 'Free Country'. Lawyers will take on cases that they know to be unjust, unfair and immoral. They make money, and are experts at creating hostility, even when there was none before they got involved. I suggest that a Nissan Ecec. & Mr Nissan sit down at a table, with NO LAWYERS present and see what they work out. If they come to some kind of terms, good! If not and war breaks out, the guy who starts it is the bad guy. The Lawyers will make money.
Good Luck to Mr. Nissan.
Bill Roche

As the facts appear to me, the Nissan Motor Co. has no right to attempt to hijack by legal means a legitimate website owned by Nissan Computer. This is not the first time such piracy has happened and it should be stopped now. Large companies have no right to browbeat smaller companies into submission by solely by dint of their superior financial and legal muscle.  If this continues, no small trader will be safe and eventually the whole of ecommerce will be brought into disrepute. Then both large and small companies will be the losers because the general public will not trust any of us.
Rae Delroy

I am in accordance with the Nissan Computers. I wait that American justice continues to give a good example as it is of if waiting. Sorry my english.
Shalom Aleichem.
Jean Gabriel

While I can see the point of the Nissan Motor company, NCC was there first and that's just the way the cookie crumbles!  Maybe the two companies could work out an agreement whereby each puts a banner for the other on their site so that users who mistakenly arrive at either site will be able to find the site they want.  I would imagine that would help both parties concerned.
Krista Gigone

Mr Nissan's claim certainly has a legitimate claim to the domain names he has registered, and his claims predates yours by many years.  I think your lawsuit is unjustifiable as it stands. Try some less objectionable way to settle the matter.
Felt Lair

The question is, who legally registered the "Nissan" name first.  If you were registered under then regardless of the size of the company, they should'nt be able to force you to change.  This is a form of harrasment, and they will continue to bully until someone puts them in their place. If you had the domain first, then Nissan Motor will have to live with it.  Who do they think they are anyway?
Kris Kon

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