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The Internet is the last open frontier of the business world, an entity that is not designed to be governed by corporations.  One of the most impressive aspects of the Internet and E-commerce is that it affords the "little people" a chance to compete and make it in the world of business--a world where all too often companies like Nissan Motor (and scores of others) get away with corporate murder on a daily basis.
Understandably, the world of business is cutthroat by design, and as a businessperson I thought I'd heard it all until...I read about this REDICULOUS lawsuit.  How dare you? Who are you to tell this man that he cannot use his family name in his own business?  The corporate world has really reached an "all time low" with this lawsuit.  Nissan Motor, your attempts to bastardize the last existing free market with your greed are reprehensible.
As a consumer who is in the market for a new vehicle, I WAS seriously considering buying a Pathfinder.  However, since learning of the action that Nissan Motor has taken against Uzi Nissan I will not support your company with my hard earned money.  The best part:  I am sure I won't be alone in my stand against your company.:)
Kimberly Rhoton

If Nissan motors continues in it's effort in this matter, you can be sure that I will never buy a Nissan car and will let everyone I know who is thinking of buying a Nissan car in the future exactly what a lack of ethics this company has.
Hans Ferber

To Nissan Motor Co.:
I am a former Nissan owner and until a few moments ago I was not opposed to once again buying a Nissan car.  However, if you continue in your attempt to steal the domain name from its rightful owner, I can assure you that I, my family, and my large circle of friends will never again purchase a Nissan.  I'm sure you're aware that the heavy-handed THEFT you are contemplating will create a public relations nightmare. Personally, I find it hard to believe that your company would even attempt such an idiotic stunt.  Save the money you'll be spending on legal fees, use your creative department to come up with an alternative domain name, and spend the $35.00 top buy it before someone else does, because (duh) no judge in the country will take Mr. Nissan's domain name from him. 
Stephanie McFarlin

Attention, Nissan Motor Company,
I am driven to comment (oops, sorry, please don't sue me. Please, allow me to rephrase) compelled to comment upon your apparent corporate lunacy.  Your attempt to deprive a human being of the lawful use OF HIS OWN NAME appears to be the kind of high-handed arrogance that any consumer oriented company would do well to avoid.  Who on earth do you think you are?  Who do you want potential customers to think you are?  If this ridiculous lawsuit indicates the former, good luck with the latter.  As far as I'm concerned, you just fell from the third best import right off the list.
Nissan motors?  None for me, thank you.
Conrad Tillman

Shame on you. It's just obscene that such an enormous corporate entity should act out of such blatant greed and pettiness.  I for one want nothing to do with Nissan Motor. clearly many others feel the same.
Maya Simons

Shame on you Nissan Motor Co. Let's hope your new owners Renault can make you see sense.
Luis Montalban

Does it physically hurt them to think of a creative domain name or what??? I could probably think of some and charge much less than this lawsuit is costing...

I think that Nissan Motor Corp. Does't have a leg to stand on and not worry about somthing so trivial as a name, for crying out lound its the family name.  I live in Japan right now, if Suzuki Corp. was to sue all the people here in Japan that had that name and used that name in their place of work, half of the country would be in court. So Nisan Motor, give it up, its a family name, and he had the web site before you all did, the old saying you snooze you loose.
Joe Burdette

The way I see it Nissan Motor Corp. hasn't a leg to stand on. I think they need to be more interested in building a good product than bring legal action. You must remember Nissan (Datsun) was at one time the top Japanese auto maker now there number 3.
John Shumaker

Nissan Motors is just trying to bully the little guy in order to get something that they want. It will be a test of wills and who has the most money (Nissan) will most probably determine that outcome and not the legal rights of the parties.

Big bullies!  Leave the little guy alone!  Have some creativity and let your marketing people earn their money.  Think up another name like!
Margaret Jelcich

I do not support your attempt to hijack the domain names from Nissan Computer.  You are acting in a selfish and greedy manner.  This behavior is also dishonorable and lacks the integrity I would expect from a company of your calibre.
Tom Schwarzkopf

This type aggressive mishandling of justice will win you no friends. To the contrary, you are creating an army of dissapointed EX-Customers.
Walter Gray

Guys, cut that corporate theft. is not yours and you know it. Use something else like or use .net or .org. Don't be bullies.
Enrique Dentone

Due to the likeness of the two companies' name, whoever registered first should be the rightful owner. If Nissan Motor wants a domain name, they could name it nissanmotor. If Nissan Motor wins this case, that would mean anyone who is named Nissan will and cannot use their own name due to Nissan Motor's ownership of 'Nissan'? Can it be anymore ridiculous?

Just because you have a lot of money you should not pick on a little guy. Put your effort into recapturing your market share in the auto world. You should go after the expensive market ie; The original Volkswagon Bettle. A basic car for the young folks. Price range $8,000 - $10,000.  Also, ask yourself why not go back to your original name Datsun with Nissan being a division of Datsun Motor works?
Ken Cox

This letter is to express support for Uzi Nissan in using his family name for his computer business and websites.
William J. Morford

Give it up Nissan Motor Company, you lost the race to register the domain name.  Attempting to sue someone out of his rightful use of his family name only sullies your own name and reputation.  Shame on you!
Joe Orzech

Until the rights of the small business men and women of America are protected BIG BUSINESS will continue to use their overwhelming capital and power to fullfill their every need regardless of the effect on those with lesser amounts of resources.  It has to stop.
Craig Morrissey

I don't think it is fair that you are going to court agains this small company.  You should have had more hindsight and bought your domain name when it was available.  I am a Nissan customer, I currently own a Nissan Pathfinder and I previously owned a Datsun XE or whatever that cute sports car was called.  Anyway, if you did not think to buy your domain name before, you should try something that looks like Nissan such as and leave that guy along.  That is his last name and if he had the hindsight to market his name, you have no right to use your legal muscle against him. Actually the same thing that happened to you recently happened to my father who markets this pharmaceutical products under the name Pharmar.  His products are very popular and I recently discovered that the name Pharmar, has been recently taken as a domain name.  I adviced my dad that he should bought the domain before.  I'm telling this so that you know that I'm not one of these crazy people who take on any cause.  I'm writing with experience on your predicament, and I am a Nissan customer.  I would be very glad to hear that you decided that you should have took the name while it was available and use a different name such as the one I suggested.
Ellie Ann North

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