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As a member of the advertising and marketing community for more than 30 years, I am well aware of the importance of branding and trademarks. But when a large company works to ILLEGALLY overwhelm a small company by sheer force of capital, it is time small business owners bonded together to fight off the bully with the stick. My address book contains hundreds of names of professionals in many fields of endeavor, and you can be sure each of them will receive a message from me concerning this travesty. From tomorrow morning, my Mitsubishi will sport a new bumper sticker too: "BOYCOTT NISSAN MOTORS."
Les Schachter

I believe that Nissas motor company has no right to this domain name. I find it unfortunate that a company like this would use their wealth to put out a business of a hard working individual. I and many other people support Mr. Nissan and will not purchase anything from the Nissan Motor Company until they stop this useless lawsuit.
Molly Auer

I too am a small business owner, My last name does not start with the name of a ca,r or car maker, but some day some time I to may be sued because of my name!  Maybe they are justified maybe not, but these kind of tactics are unethical, and because of that I stand for Uzi Nissan..... This is the real point here! and someone in a previous response said Nissan Motors had no vision of the future, and on this case, he sure hit that right!  I would just like to say, I have never owned a Nissan never thought about owning one, and NOW will never buy one.  Uzi, Im sorry to see you go thru all this bull!  But as I have faith in God I have faith that you will come out of this ahead, and I think you know it too!
I just wanted to let you know that I have sent this url address to 105 people on my ICQ list!! thats alot of people, but it gets better the all have their friend too! and they have their friends!! WOW seems to me the WORD is out on NISSAN MOTOR CORP.
Good Luck Uzi!!
John Vonhof

I will do my best to make ppl around me not buy one of your cars!!
Leif Heusse

All I can say is shame on Nissan Motor Corp. I will never buy a Nissan car, so I will not be responsible for financing their devious behavior.
Chris Thaiss

The internet is for the people, by the people. Hardworking taxpayers funded the government research that begat the 'net. I certainly won't support a company that forgets we are supposed to live in a democratic society. The same society that can vote with their wallets and purchase products somewhere else. (Nissan Motor Co should know that better than anyone else).
Bill Nale

I am a former Nissan auto technician. I feel that "if you snooze, you loose". If Nissan waited too long to realize they needed a website and the prefered domain was already taken, tough. If Nissan Motor decides they want, and register, the domain , for whatever reason, is Mr. Nissan going to sue Nissan Motor based on the premise that his business is named Nissan and that is was in the computer business first, therefore; he is entitled to that domain, even though he thought of the idea too late? What if patents were challanged the same way? I thought up the catalytic converter or oxygen sensor before they did but did'nt register/patent it at that time. Send me the royalties for every o2 sensor or converter ever made. We can't run this new economy ex post facto.

Just want to put add my voice to this. It looks like Nissan Motor Company thinks they can push people around because they're a big corporation. I disagree, & to me there is obviously no intent on the part of Nissan Computer Corp. to misuse the name "Nissan."
Brian Fewell

If you file suit against Nissan Computer Corp., then where does this end?  Are you going to file suit against every person in continental U.S.A. whose surname is "Nissan"?  Please be reasonable and rethink how this may influence many people who might otherwise have bought a vehicle from your company.  Thank you for your time.
Anne Nault

I think this is terrible what you are doing to NISSAN.COM and NISSAN.NET.  It was always my understanding that whoever registered a domain name first got the priviledge to use it.  It is his rightful last name, he is not trying to sell it to you, nor is he trying to infringe on your business.  Leave the small guy alone you are already a well established company and will gain nor lose anything by him having HIS registered domain name.  Bullying doesnt work either, those tactics usually bring people together and unite them.  I would hate to look at your product in a different light. 
Mrs. Bailes - CONSUMER

I have no sympathy for "URL Squatters" but it is clear in this case that Mr. Uzi Nissan is not sqatting but is using the name Nissan as a genuine part of his business - A business that does not involve motor vehicles.  Further he has been using the Nissan name for his businesses for a number of years, the name being a genuine family name held by his family for many hundreds, indeed thousands, of years.  He should be left alone to carry out his legitimate business and should not be the subject of harassment by a multi-national corporation, a corporation who anyway called itself "Datsun" until recent years.  This issue is fundemental to personal rights and the persecution and harassment by the Nissan Automobile Corportation should not be allowed to continue.
The line has to be drawn so draw it now.
Allan W. Dean

What the hell is wrong with Nissan Motors?  It it your fault and problem that you did not get your desired domain name.  Leave this poor man alone!
Gust Logothetis

Estoy en planes de comprar un nuevo carro, ahora se que NISSAN seria mi ultima opcion. Odio las compaņias que manipulan las leyes para favorecerse, quien sabe?? tal vez asi pasaron todos los controles de calida....
Eddy O.

Shalom Uzi,
I support you 100001%!  The Japanese are crazy (the appropriate word in their language is "baka"), I know this, I deal with them daily.  They are so small minded... There is a famous Japanese animated film by the director of the recently released Kiki's Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke called Laputa; Castle in the Sky.  There are many companies in Japan that took the name Laputa for their company name to honor the film, but no one is suing them.  I think that the Japanese have a fly in their head ("Zvoov ba'rosh" sounds much better in Hebrew), because you are not one of "them".  What next?  You won't be able to use your first name because it reminds us of a machine gun?
I think that all people need to lighen up...
Good luck!

I have one thing to say. Why don't Nissan Motor Co. just use

I am just appalled that Nissan Motor Company would even consider taking such action against Nissan Computer Corporation. the Nissan Motor Company needs to accept that they have no more of a right to the Domain name or as Nissan Computer Corp. and should feel fortunate that Nissan Computer Corporation did not file suit against Nissan Motor Co when they originally changed their name from Datsun.
Julieanne Meyer

A family name should over ride a company name anytime. Nissan Motors could have had the foresight to obtain as their internet address before anyone else. Nissan computers should not have to change because of your lag.

Come to your senses. If someone buys a domain name with the sole purpose of selling it to the rightful(logical) owner you have my full support in a lawsuit. BUT when someone registers a domain name to actually use it, then you must keep your corporate hands OFF.
Frank Kejlberg

These huge corporations think they can do everything just because they are huge and have all this money. That's disgusting. If they were not the first to register this domain name, then tough, they have to think of other name to register.

I am an indian living in kuwait actually i enterered in this web site to search about the nissan cars i found yours computers site finally after two years i entered in this site again i found all this story that they sued a case against you. after i read this iam sure 100% the verdict will be to your favour because every body has the right to use the own name or families name as many bussiness establishments use as you mentioned also your family name is nissan if it can be proved with official doc, such as passport etc.first you have registerd nissan moter or computer what so ever in 14TH may 1991 you not registered domain name only you registerd the domain in4th june 1994 the gap in between shows clearly you are innocent your if your intention was bad you would have registerd as soon as you started your bussines.i pray and hope for your vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvictory.
good luck
ali syed

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