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I've bought more than six cars and trucks from you over the last 10 years from Southern States Nissan in Raleigh.  I've also purchased a computer and services from Nissan computer company over the last couple of years and have gained a lot of respect for Uzi Nissan, the owner and service person. He and his family have been very good to me and I was appalled at the thoughts of your trying to make him change his name on the internet.  Computers are NOT Nissan vehicles and his name IS Nissan. YOU have no right to try and force him to give up that name and I'm very upset at you for it.  I've bought a 2000 Nissan Frontier PU that is very good and have pretty good relations with Southern States employees whome I've known for over ten years. Nissan Motors is financing my truck now, but I may pull this from you and pay it off by another source unless you STOP trying to take away Mr. Uzi Nissan web address.  I demand to know if you are going to stop, and if not.....there goes your contract and me as a customer. I will probably go to Toyota if I don't get assurance of your aim and you have one week to respond.
Donald R. Walters
PS. This is very foolish of your corporation to force a small business person as Uzi, to give up something just because you have a giant company. I shall notify all my Nissan car owners of this problem until it's resolved.

I have never been an owner of a Nissan vehicle and now I never will.
Michael P. Jarrett

It is a shame that the Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, Inc. (the automaker),  has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Uzi Nissan for a domain name he chose long before Nissan Motors decided they wanted it. His business is established under this name " since 1994 and since 1996."  I do not feel my money should go to the purchase of any Nissan products and neither will numerous others as word spreads. Word of mouth should not be under estimated as it will most certainly help prevent this piracy of hurting smaller business which makes our economy stronger.  Where is the sense of fair play when once the Nissan Motors. Co. was a new smaller business themselves with a different name I might mention.  If Nissan Motors wins this lawsuit, it just might be to their ruin, which will create more publicity on the way they conduct business and possibly cause a larger boycott.   Nissan Motors, should  rethink what they are doing to their company and drop this and other unjust business practices before it is too late and more is exposed about them. 
Betsy Flower

This reminds me of a story: I live near Portland Oregon.  It is the "Rose City"- Seattle is the Emerald City.  Just as New York is the Big Apple.  Anyways- We have a radio station in Portland called "Rosie 105"- Guess what?  Rosie Odonnell is suing the station because her name is used.
Well.... I used to watch her show until I learned of this.  I also used to own a Nissan.  Get the point?
Keith Jacobs

No one in America should be prevented from using his own family name under color of trademark or brandname protection.  Our law doesn't attempt such things in ordinary business.  Why should it happen on the internet?  Fortunately for me, no major corporation does business under my family name.  But shall Ford Motor Company prevent my server, Mr. John Ford, from using his name as he does, viz. "2FORDS", ie. John and his wife?  This Nissan Motor Co. lawsuit is barratrous and should be dismissed.  If Nissan Computer Corporation is not non-suited soon, I have owned my last Nissan pickup.  Incidentally, I had planned to buy a new one before Christmas.
William L. Beals

I guess it was the summer of 1989.  A friend of mine pulled up in his shiny brand new Nissan pathfinder and I have to admit that I was jealous.  I vowed to myself that one day I would own one of  these fantastic vehicles.  Last month I finally got one and it was all that I dreamed it would be.  Having a few weeks of ownership under my belt I decided to see what accessories and specifications  I could find out about my new truck.  I typed in "" and saw that this was some other site.  The site I had visited was not shy about telling me that if I was looking for the car company to click here.  Today, I made the same mistake again but decided to look further into this other company.  Nissan motors, you're gonna sue this man? For what?  Hasen't history showed us enough times that it is wrong to "discover" some one else's property?  THIS MAN IS USING HIS LAST NAME!  For a culture center in honor and respect you sure have dropped the ball on this one. Leave this man alone and kick yourself for not registering your "discovered" name first.  How do I feel about my Datsun Pathfinder now.  I just hope your construction ethics are better than your  business ethics.  BTW, what was wrong with the name Datsun?
Richard A. Sheppard

"Clear Cut Case"...I do not see an infringement or theft of title/name by deception...Example: "Yahoo" is both a chocolate liquid beverage and an internet site are they one and the same or have any affiliation?...
Gloria Keith Wilner

Using the same logic that Nissan Motors is trying to present in their suit against Uzi Nissan, it appears that Uzi should be filing a countersuit due to Nissan Motors not requesting and receiving Uzi`s permission to call their vehicles "Nissans". His counterclaim would be no more invalid than theirs. It appears that Nissan Motors wants to punish Uzi for being a better businessman than all of their corporate marketing and forcasting staff put together!!  The early bird theory usually wins!
Jim Goad

I think that bigger corporations that have all the money try to take smaller companies down with high lawyers fees is a dirty way of doing business. If they really want the name for e-trade why don't they make the computer company an offer big enough that it doesn't have to go to court.
Lewis Riley

Wow...I am utterly disgusted to think even a monolithic corporation like an auto manufacturer could think of trying to mount such a blatantly frivolous suit.  The only thing I see Nissan Motors getting out of this is becoming the next big lawyer joke.  It seems to me Nissan Motors has no business suing another company who took the name first just because they themselves showed up late to the party.  Nissan Motors:  Grow up and move on.  Nissan Computer:  Whatever you stick these pigs for, it isn't enough.
TJ Hara

Get off of it Nissan Motor Co.  Hey, you snooze you lose.  It is quite obvious that Mr. Nissan is not doing anything illegal.  We did not see Delta Airlines suing  They bought the name from the owners.  You can do the same, or drop the suit, pay Mr. Nissan any legal fees or other expenses he has incurred defending himself.  Then, maybe for some consideration, Mr. Nissan will put a link to your site on his page.  Hey, people will find you.
Glenn Hallerman

You know you got aced, the man beat you to the name and you have to live with it.  So big deal, just get online with or or something like that.  My vote is with the little guy with the foresight in North Carolina.  Drop the lawsuit!
Dennis Carver

Nissan Motor Co. should not be allowed to take away your domain name if you have a legitimate reason for owning that domain name.
Kelly J. Abfalder

Ladies and Gentlemen:
It has come to my attention that you are involved in a lawsuit to stop Mr Nissan from using the URL's and  I am appalled at your attempt to try to use strong-arm tactics to obtain this name from Mr. Nissan.  Please cease the legal tactics, and drop this issue.  It has no merit, and you are becoming just an example of what big business should not be allowed to do.  You did not register the name whe you should have, and you have no right to it.
Please stop it now.
Jeffrey Bass

At the age of twenty-one, I feel that I have owned a higher percentage of cars than other people my age. I have owned a 1990 Chevrolet, a Jeep, and two Nissan automobiles. I am sorry to hear that the high prices I paid for my Nissan cars, as well as the high prices other people are paying for their Nissan automobiles, is what is enabling Nissan automotive company to pay to sue Mr. Nissan and his computer company just for using his name. Ridiculous.
Green A. U.

Somebody should contact 20/20 this would make a great story and commercials leading up to it.  Or maybe 60 minutes?
Kirk Johnson

Nissan motor company should back off this suit.  If you need a website, try Datsun.  (Provided you don't have to hijack it from someone else.)
Nissan Computer, you are in the right, and shall win out.
Dennis Worthen

Nissan motor co. needs to back off,  Remember the co was DATSUN then changed to NISSAN.  it just shows how money effects the memory!!
Kirk Hofmann

I think that your family name is your domain and no body has the right to take it from you.  It is look like a sincere registration of domain and is not only a fictive name.  What will be next step ?? and what they will take from you more ??
We support you in your right confrontation.
Best regards,
David Rivel - Beer-Sheva, Israel

This is an outrage that someone would steal another's name. I myself had someone steal my domain name and then blackmail me while trying to retrieve it.  They have still not put the original name back to where it belongs.  This is an outrage and anything I can do to help prevent this from happening to others, I will do.
Bonita Silver

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