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I believe that Mr. Nissan is right concerning his usage of his own name for his business and internet URLs, etc. Had Datsun been "Nissan" publicly all along, then you would still have to deal with the fact that you did not set up the domain names as has Mr. Nissan. You were probably, as a company, not even aware of such things when he got his public internet addresses and business in the public sector.  It is my opinion that Nissan Motor Co is incorrect in dealing with this matter. If you are a responsibile company, and due to your size and "muscle", perhaps you should consider doing the proper thing - offering to purchase the rights to the domain name from Nissan Computer Corp. - but that also should be at the discrection of Mr. Nissan. These are my thoughts.
Due to this matter I will not even consider purchasing a Nissan automobile and I will also discourage others from doing so - until or unless this matter is properly resolved in Mr. Nissan's favor.
Robert Pill

Hi, corporate types,
I got a mail from Uzi informing me of your campaign to take his domain name, which he's had since 1994.  I think it's rather ungenerous of you to try to take this off him, and I won't be buying Nissan cars from now on...unless you change your minds!
Simon Pople

Well I think you had Datsun before you had Nissan. I am sure that Uzi Nissan had the name before you switched to Nissan. So did his family. What you think we might get confused... Computer is not Auto at least I don't think so. If you think the public is that stupid then I guess I would have to wonder in what way your trying to fool them with problems in your cars. What shall we really be worring about? So they bought the .com befor eyou did. Don't blame him blame your exec for being short sighted and then wanting to jump on the band wagon. You lost now your trying to make him lose. If he does I will no matter what voice my opinion and make sure I let everyone know that they should not buy Nissan Auto's. That is my promise to you.
Rememer 1 bad word goes 5 times futher than 1 good word.  Be smart and with draw your action.
M. Rosen

for years I drove a nissan extended car truck and was very impressed with your product.  I am/was considering a new nissan vehicle.  Like firestone tires, who sold a product your firm does not seem to have a contience. Your actions against this gentlemen has convinced me I do not want to do business with your company.
Ross Greenwood

Dear Nissan Motor Co.,
I was looking for your web site because within the next 2 weeks, I was planning on purchasing a new Pathfinder.  Guess what?  Not anymore!  Unless I hear that the case against Nissan Computer Corp. has been dropped by 10/8/00.  I will be taking my $32,000 purchase elsewhere.
Mike Venetis

Stop Domain name "hijacking" by large corporations.  Let "Nissan Computer" keep their "" and "" domain names.  Nissan Motors should have moved into the internet earlier if they wanted to use the "" and "" domain names.
James Miller

The law on this matter has always been clear. The entity that purchases the .com or .net address first is entitled to keep it. Nissan should consider another web address, such as or Perhaps Nissan Motor corp should spend more time devising a new domain name, rather than filing law suits.
Edward A.

It does damage to the reputations of major corporations (such as Nissan) when they try to bully smaller companies (and individuals) and pretend that they are sole owners to anything that  remotely resembles their name.  Nissan should reconsider its stance on this matter.
Bob Hoffmann

I don't own a Nissan and after hearing this story never will.  Although I've always thought that they were GARBAGE anyhow. This is so totaly wrong I can't even beleive that I'm actually hearing a story like this. Good luck Mr Nissan in your fight for your right. We stand behind you and wish a VICTORY~
Gail Windsor - Ontario, Canada

It is simple. Nissan Computer lodged the name request first, legitimately, Nissan Computer gets to keep it.  Nissan Motor should perhaps look at why their market research people failed to see the internet as being a useful marketing tool long before 1996.
Kynan Dent

Nissan motors needs to get off the guys back...What is so illegal about using your last name for a webpage? just because they are jealous they werent smart enough to register the domain name first, doesnt mean they have any right to exhaust some guy in legal fees till he has no choice but to give it up... Why dont they just realize that america is supposed to be capitalistic and if they want the name, they should buy it from him?
michael lewis

STOP trying to crush small companies in order to take their domain names!
Morgan Grundy

As a Nissan customer, I am ashamed to see your firm file this unfair, unjust and unreasonable lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corporation.  Where is your conscience and simple good sense?  I am disgusted!  There's a funeral home named Nissan in an East Coast State. (I'm not telling you where!) Are you going after them, too?  After all, why should they be spared from your tyranical approach?  Please, back off and keep your otherwise good name out of the mud.
James G. Miller

Nissan Motor has no right to try to steal this domain name.  Mr. Nissan should have the right to use this name for his company as it reflects his companies name.  Reservations are on a first come first serve basis and if Nissan Motors wants that name I think they should pay Mr. Nissan for it.  He is the rightful owner of the domain name according to current rules and regulations.

This is rediculous!  Stop the lawsuit. If Nissan Motor Co. wants the domain name so bad they can offer to pay for it!  It's first come first serve for domain names.  You snooze you loose!
James David Jordan

There is a clear difference between cyber-squatting and someone else using the same name.  If another Nissan took the web site first, you guys are out of luck.
Andrew Coleman

This is just another case of big business getting to big for it's britches. Let Nissan Computer keep it's fairly owned and earned website address!
Henry Ryto

Dear Sirs
I do believe that Mr. Uzi Nissan has the legal and moral right to use his last name in his company, and business related.  Nissan Motor Co. should respect that right.
Ramiro Montesinos

In my own opinion, Nissan Motor has no right to change his trade name. Though there is a resemblance, this guy has a valid records and documents.
Gary Corpuz

To Whom it may concern,
I think what Nissan Motor Co. is doing to Mr. Uzi Nissan and his computer company is outrageous!  It would be a travesty of justice to let this lawsuit continue as well as a waste of the taxpayer's money.
Nir Lifshitz

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