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What Nissan Motor Corp is trying to do is completely unfair.  I currently own a 2000 Nissan Frontier, and have Nissan trucks in the past.  I will boycott them if they win.
Brent McCrary

Dear Sirs,
Your action against Nissan Computer Corp. is deplorable and with no moral grounds.  I hope you lose the court action that you took against them.  Until then, I or any of my family and friends, will not buy any Nissan product.  We will reconsider this mini-boycott after you drop or settle this case.
Ben Akiva
(please don't regiister MY last name for one of your products)

I think the your ill advised legal action sholld be stopped.  I once bought a Nissan automobile, but never again.
Larry Ervin

This is another case of the money overriding the rights of citizens in this country.  I believe if he was using his Nissan name to further his automotive business,there would be a cause for concern since he isnt then i say it is first come first serve.  It is not as if the Nissan corp. couldnt see the handwriting on the wall about the internet being the next huge adverising medium they should have secured the site before he did after all they should have their fingers on the pulse of the consumers more than a small computer company it shows me just how inept that the people at Nissan corp. really are that they are just now tryin to hit the internet bandwagon.
I will not ever buy a Nissan vehicle now,and my wife and I are presently looking for a new car,I guess we have one less dealership to visit.
James Mason

Stop harassing the little guy. NISSAN belongs to Mr. Uzi Nissan. I will never buy a nissan again.  I used to own a Micra and you make terrible cars.
Anthony Cammisano

I am an attorney.  It seems to me that Nissan Computer Corp. is protected (at least in the U.S.) by its prior and consistent public use of the trademark and subsequent lawful registration of the related domain name, not to mention the fact that there is no possibility of confusion between the two Nissans.  That being the case, it is only money that gives Nissan Motor an advantage here.  If Nissan Computer musters enough financial resources to complete the case, it will prevail.  In that case, Nissan Motors will be staring at a claim for wrongful suit and/or unfair trade practices which, in most states, will permit Nissan Computer to obtain reimbursement of its counsel fees plus punitive damages (based upon Nissan Motors' net worth).  If I were Nissan Motors I would stop before the tide turns.
Mark Rosenblit

The motor company is wrong.... if the guy has already got the name first..... for his business.... if it needs back... then go and ask for favor..... but no lawsuit... its kind of threat.

This sort of thing sounds like everything that's wrong with the US legal system at this particular point in history. But it's also another opportunity for us to do what is right.
It should be obvious to anyone that this is simply a case where money is being used in an attempt to subvert justice. In America, we deserve what we get, because "we the people" have final authority over the systems that govern us. I would urge everyone to vote for common sense and common decency, with both your ballot AND your check book.
I would urge Nissan Motor Co. to think twice before assuming that people just don't care any more. This could cost you more than you think.
Bob Shrank

Nissan Motor Company is playing big business politics and should not be allowed to dictate what names other are being used.  The word "Nissan" was around long before Nissan Motor Corporation and automobiles were around.  There isn't any misrepresentation present on the part of Nissan Computers.  Nissan Motor Corp. should place less emphasis on this act of immaturity and focus on improving their rather "negative" image of their automobile products.  I personally own an Acura/Honda and would rather buy American over a Nissan Motor Corp. vehicle. 
I hope Nissan Computer stands victorious.
Chris Yim - Washington, DC

As the owner of a 2000 Nissan Xterra, I am disgusted and ashamed that Nissan Motor Corporation is proceeding with this rediculous lawsuit.  A company who accuses a man using his last name as a domain is infringing on another company's identity is downright stupid.
Chris Sebes

We feel strongly that Nissan Computer has every right to use the name "Nissan Computer" because that is their surname dating back to their ancestors.They followed legal procedures for the name registration which was approved.
Eve and Jack Berger

There are many number of businesses which use same names in different or same types of businesses. Citing examples of these may be used to counter a bogus lawsuit such as this.  Providing that the Nissan logo or any appearance of use drawn from this Giant Corporation has not been violated, then the defendant should be cleared of any wrong doing.Simply put, anyone can sue anyone for any reason.  I could sue Joe Brown because of the color of his tie disagrees with me ( there are no laws which state you cannot file a law suite for any reason, no matter what ). The action of this Giant Corporation is to harass and intimidate until they get what they want. Money always appears to be the equating balance of justice, ie. O.J. Simpson. In this case there are no victims or perpetrators. Lock in on your stand. The truth stands up for itself.

To whom it may concern,
for a large corporation to win a case by default, simply because they have more lawyers, money and time is a discrace to the American legal system.  To Nissan Motors, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Because someone in the laborynth of your company was too short sighted to see the possibilities of the internet before Nissan Computers, is your own fault. Find some other domain name,you have the resources to come up with something! To Nissan Computers, hang in there, fight the good fight, defend the American way of life. Not to mention the American dream. Everybody loves to see the underdog win.
Aaron Yund

Businesses are not distinguished by name...but by a service. If large corporations think that by claiming they own a name's trademark and taking what someone has worked hard to create. Then maybe that large matter how powerful...needs to wake up and worry about their profits and the personal business that they run instead of picking on the little guy cause we have the same name! (I call it "the little richard VS.the big dick theory!") Put a stop to this petty crap!
Bob Leland

I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to large corporations taking legitimate websites from smaller persons and businesses by use of legal force.  This is Capitalist America, and if something is owned by someone else, and we want it, WE MAKE AN OFFER to buy it, not attempt to STEAL it by use of underdeveloped internet domain regulations...I will be writing to my government officials to stop this takeover!

Your argument against Nissan Computer is faulty.  You need to drop you accusations and apologize for trying to STEAL some else's domain, just because they happen to have the same name. A counter suit should be filed against you banning you from all domains names! People like you help ruin the internet.
Aaron Shaffer

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I understand your problem, and I understand Nissam Motor too. He want to own the domain to gain more clients worldwide.  But you have registered first this domain and Nissan Motors was late. So it should be no dispute!  Otherwise, I belive that those companies, who are moving fast might dominate over those who are moving slow, and is not just a mater of size.  I wish you good luck, and don't let Nissan Motors take your domain!!!  You have my support to spread this story.
Best regards,
Janos Orban

Keep on fighting.  I am only sorry that money usually wins over justice, but America is a special country and maybe justice will come out on top this time.
Frances Barasz

Best of luck my friend you are in your right however you know that thes corporations with there money will try to weare you out the best thing you can do is to do the least possible with your suit and make it as expensive and embarrasing as possible also file a counter suit for intentional corporate harassment if possible.
Robin Melanson

I fully support Mr. Uzi Nissan's right to use his family name in any part/way to promote his business.  Nissan Motor Co. has no connection or relationship to Mr. Uzi Nissan.
George Martin Melby

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