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From the Nissan Blue-bird, I always had Nissan-cars.  Now I am a director of a growing building company in Jerusalem, and all our cars are Nissan cars. We have the Terrano II car, and half a dozen Nissan pick-up trucks.
This childish case gives me a such unpleasant feeling about our cars, that we might consider not to replace them for Nissan-cars again but for Toyota or Isuzu or even GMC-trucks.
Yours Sincerely,
Dovid Pfeiff    MBA

You snoozed and had someone with a similar name stake the claim. Just because you are richer does not mean you OWN the name in ALL AREAS outside of AUTOMOBILES where you would have a legitimate claim. You did not recognize the value of the internet and are trying to take away the name used for 10 years by someone else because YOU WANT IT NOW.
Want to guess what brand of car I will NOT buy if you succeed? Why not just register NISSANMOTORS.COM Mr. NISSAN would probably provide a LINK from NISSAN.COM if you asked him politely instead of using LEGAL COSTS to BULLY him into submission or BANKRUPTCY.  Other companies used such tactics an ended up nearly out of business themselves.
Larry Morgan

I support Uzi and I will never buy, recommend, or support in anyway, any product that is made by Nissan, until Nissan sets things right with Uzi.
Steven Smith - Massachusetts, USA

I am extremely disturbed that you have seen fit to attack a decent hardworking small business professional with your web site suit. To think that a company as large as Nissan cannot think of an alternate name for its web site, and instead prefers to drag a small company through the courts smacks of imperialism. 
I have bought nissan auto products in the past, but will certainly refrain from doing so in the future.
Please reconsider.
Thank You
Israel Londinski

I am very concerned about your attempt to force someone to give up his name to benefit your company. You could use "" rather than use your financial muscle to force someone to give up his family name on the net.
I now own two Nissan cars. an Altima and a Infinity I-30, but it may be the last Nissan if you continue in this immoral pursuit!
Leon R.

Dear Nissan Motors and Nissan Computers -
My observation is that this suit is perhaps aimed in the wrong direction.  The family name, that Mr. Uzi Nissan posesses, reaches back into near biblical times and the abuse of that name and Mr. Nissan by Nissan Motors should be addressed.
Nissan Motors' claim to the exclusive rights and ownership of that name degrades, defames, and despoils an honorable family of its birthright.  This lawsuit, in essence, accuses Mr. Nissan of stealing something that is already his. That, in itself, would seem to be a libelous action by Nissan Motors by its implication that Mr. Nissan has committed some nefarious act in using his own name to title his enterprises.
It is my opinion that Nissan Motors should seek to revise it's view of what is honorable because it's obvious that Nissan Motors has dishonored it's own reputation for honesty and integrity by bringing this suit. 
An apology is due to Mr. Uzi Nissan, who should be compensated for the attack on his integrity, honesty and family honor that has been besmirched and belittled.
I hope that Nissan Motors comes to recognize the foolishness of this lawsuit and makes amends to Mr. Nissan in a forthright manner.
Sy Posner

I owned a 1973 Datsun 260Z and for many years after the car company changed their name to Nissan I still referred to their cars as Datsuns.  This Nissan computer guy used & registered the name first as far as I can tell. He should keep it!
Bob Plante

just because you have the most resources, doesn't entitle you to anything that you think should be yours.  nissan computer has every right to their domain name. leave them alone!!!!
thank you
Meir Spielman

Nissan is afamily name that should be free of problems when used in bus.  Especialy if properly regd.
Larry G. Rosenthal

OK so are you saying that if I own a patent for my product the other company is suing me just because they thought of it first but never did anything.. Hmm think about it.. Who got the domain name first? Not who got the company first.. Nissan computer will win this legal issue because was also sued by the team NY yankees because of the same reason.. This is not a patent on the brand.. This is a domain name which anyone can have.. Didnt Nissan Motors think before they sued.. Oh I get it.. their lawyer must be stupid as hell. U can not sue a person becuase you didnt get the domain name first.. Its like the game ..If a teacher throws candy on the floor for children to get..  The winner is always the one who gets the most and acts first. Thats all I got to say
Kiratbir Khurana

I believe what they ,Nissan Motor wrong. Why can't they just name their website
V. Gonzalez

This lawsiut is waste of everyone's time and merely a case of big-business attempting to flex it's financial muscles. Nissan Motors ought to be charged with Comtempt of Court.

What is the issue here?  Even a child can understand the difference between Nissan Motor and Nissan Computer.  Is it possible that the legal advisors of Nissan Motor have not learned how to read? Or, are they needing money for their own pockets? This is one of the most absurd law suits ever. I hope the legal system will see through Nissan Motor's absurdity.
Renee Ezelle

This message is sent in protest against Nissan Motor Company regarding their law suit toward Nissan Computer Company, owned and operated by Uzi Nissan.  Is this not the epitomy of harassment?  What are you thinking?  This is not a sleeping giant you are dealing with.  It is an aware one.
Teresa F. Reeves

Dear Sir,
First of all I now my Bible  and when you said that you were from Israel I knew that it was biblical name Nissan.  Secondly,  It is interesting how the Nissan Motor didn't have any problem till you wanted to use it on the internet.  It is the saying first come first serve.  Third when noticy your name for business you used your name.  So how can they Nissan motor have a problem..  It is your name and you have a right to name your business after your own name.  It would have been different if you had thought of this name out of the air, but it is your name.  It sound like a big company throwing a fit to me.  They didn't get the name first so they the Big company is going to take it no matter what.  It sound about right.  But  lets go back to the Bible, It says if we humble our self and turn from our wick ways that God will forgive us and save us.  Well I always look to see if I out of order first and it I'm not then I ask God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob to bring down the strongholds(Nissan Motors) in the Name of Jesus and it will be done.  Just like when God said Let there be light...there was... Now pray for the angel of protection on you first then sent it out and then sent the angel of Mountain moving and it will be done.  I will pray that God will bring down the giants.
God Be With You Always..
Roberta Reighley - Looking up Always for Jesus Return.....

I think as long as you don't "squat" a domain name, no one should be able to make you give up a domain you've registered. By squatting, I mean register the domain but never develop a web page, waiting for the "deep pocket" company to buy the domain from you.  Since you obviously did NOT do that, I feel like Nissan Motors has no grounds for their lawsuit. Like you're gonna do them irreperable damage! Right!
I wish you the best of luck in your fight.
Buz W.

I think that Nissan Motor is generating bad publicity when it takes on a ligitimate small bussinessman.
Burt Bregman

I wish to make my voice be heard in protest of this ridiculous and bogus lawsuit. 
Thank you.
Bobbie D. Flowers

It appears that Nissan Computer Company was in North Carolina first. It is not right that an auto giant like Nissan Motors should harass Uzi Nissan who had the name first. This would be downright bullying, and wrong. Please cease and desist.
Carolyn Raham

I believe as long as there is a keyword describing services in ones' business, it should not matter if last names are similiar.  Too bad more money doesn't add up to more intelligence.
Cher Van Ess

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