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I am opposed to this lawsuit that you have started against Uzi Nissan concerning his web site. He has a right to that site. He did everything by the book and is now facing a law suit because some company with a great deal of money wants to own that site exclusively.  I do not know Mr. Nissan and I have just recently learned of his predicament but I do know your corporation and I can tell you this; I will boycott your corp. with all of my heart and soul if you continue with this suit.
Bill Simpson

I have just been made aware of the plight of Mr. Nissan.  I think everyone has the right to use their own family name in any business they choose to do and I feel that you are doing him a grave injustice with this lawsuit. I will certainly inform my friends of your heavy handed ways and I am sure they will (as I myself will) think twice before purchasing another Nissan or Datsun truck at any time in the future.
Mary L. Morgan

I'm a junior in college and is currently in the market for purchasing a new car.  I must admit that I had my sites set on buying a Nissan, but I have changed my mind completely!  After visiting, this website totaly made me Sick.  I think that the actions Nissan Motor is taking against Nissan Computer is ridiculous! You're just trying to bully around Nissan Computer and it's shameful.
I can assure you that I will not be buying a Nissan.  Instead, I will be purchasing a Honda.  Also, my friends will hear about this and will not be buying a Nissan at anytime.

Keep fighting.  I will never buy a vechicle from Nissan Motors and hope no one else will either.
Good luck.
Anne C. Reade

I am the proud owner of a 1984 Datsun-Nissan 200SX hatchback, a car that is the same age as many U.S. citizens who are getting their first driving license this year. This car is a quality product and will most definitely outlast many of the American cars that were produced this year. It's already outlived a good number of Dodge Neons in particular that were produced in the 1990s. If and when I need to replace this vehicle, I will be in the market to purchase another Nissan. On the latest occasion where I was looking for some information on replacing some cosmetic parts, I stumbled across, an obvious place to look. I was absolutely started to find that a small business owner was being sued for using his own given surname as a domain name. I could definitely understand the situation if Nissan had purchased the domain name on mutually agreed terms. This is ethically and morally wrong, that corporate money could crush and bankrupt an small business in the U.S. I don't think Nissan Motor Company will win this lawsuit but then again, maybe I'm being overly optimistic about the justice system. If Nissan Motor Company wins this lawsuit, my next purchase will be a car manufactured by Toyota, the only OTHER affordable and well-built vehicle available.
Jason Smith

Dear Mr. Nissan and Nissan Motor Company;
I have been informed of both of your actions re: Mr. Nissan's unalienable rights guaranteed by the constitution of the USA. Pay up Nissan Motor and stop bullying small companies.
I will make all persons I encounter aware of this injustice and will not support your car industry.  Please keep me informed of this travesty! I believe that in the end Nissan Motors'losses will be much more severe than Mr. Nissan's tribulations!
N Germelman

How dare you Nissan Motors. If you do not stop your greed and arogance, I will tell all my friends not to buy a car from your company. I will simply tell them what you are doing.
James Shanbrom

I do not understand why nissian motor corp can't pick another domain such as or or any of the many other available similar domain names.  Why did not nissan motors regiter their domain name earlier than nissan computer.  I can't stand these bulling tactics by large companies.
James Tripp

Nissan has enough money to buy him out but do not let them take this name!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Rainey

First... This is MY country... The USA, Remember? We kicked YOUR ass in the last World War. How dare you tell an American (he) can't use his name for anything... That is what you are doing... If he can't use it for his Domain name on the WWW, what is to stop you from allowing him use it on his home mail box, if he owns a Ford and his name is on the title as the owner Mr. Nissan?
Second: If it weren't for us Americans you wouldn't know how to build a car... much less call it a Nissan. You've copyed everything we've ever made.
Third: Don't think you can do anything to me for what I have said... This is, as I said, AMERICA and we have FREE SPEECH!
Lee C.

You're big enough. You don't need to destroy anyone smaller in order to continue to prosper. Nissan corporation 's Hebrew name has precedence over yours. Neither did they steal your name nor did you steal theirs. Names belong to whoever understands and applies well their true meanings. You may be a giant corporation and Nissan Computer a small business. They never saw you as a threat even though you used the same name later than they did. They understand language diversity. Are they a threat to you? Read the story of the giant Goliath who boasted no man in Israel could stand up to him. He was felled by a little shepherd boy, the future King David. This was not to show the might of Israel, but just to show the danger of arrogance that translates might as right as if there were no God of truth in this world. But there is a God who sees all nations and is mightier than all. We all are to answer to Him one day.
Maud Lew

Family name is a family name and if you "STEEL" his family name you steel his identity.
"Give me a break"
G. Whalen

This man's name has been in his family for many generations.  He has every right to and  These big companies think they can get away with everything.  Well good luck Mr. Nissan of Nissan Computer Corp.  you deserve these domain names not Nissan Car Company.
Barbara Sweet

I was also looking for Nissan and thought the owner of this site was one of those greedy bastards who buys all the domain names to sell them at outrages prices. I was pissed it wasn't Nissan the car company. But I couldn't help but read the "court" battle and now I must say I have a change of heart! WOW!! They have no right to do that and I wish this was more public. Its not like you just bought the name to block Nissan the car compnay!!! Good luck, their pockets run deep and you could be in court for a long time. But I think its a shame. You deserve the name like any one else does.
Jay Montelongo

Please drop this lawsuit, and let this man uses his own name.
J. Claude Recca

How can you own the rights to the name of a person who has , naturally ,  named his company after himself! Are you intending to set a precedent where any company can steal the rights to another  individual person's name and his property?
Michael Vanetti

Get a life !!  Do you not know the difference between a computer orientated company and a automobile instituition.  If the state is not concerned and issued all the neccessary certification go and fish somewhere else (polite).  Let's not be petty everyone can see the banner at the top of the page "Not affiliated with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.  For Nissan vehicles see "" Don't blame other people for your choice or wierd domain ?????
Avron Rabinowitz

There's an ancient proverb that sums up this whole silly situation.  It's "first come, first served."  Group Industries (a military contractor) isn't suing poor Mr. Nissan because his first name happens to be the same as their most popular machine gun (UZI).  Beside, you're an obscenely wealthy company with overhwhelming advertisement; the fact you don't own "" isn't going to kill you.  Look at it this way: People typing in "" looking for the car company can quickly rectify the error and be on their way.  The correct URL is right at the top of Mr. Nissan's page.  And people searching with search engines will undoubtedly hit "" first.  So what's the problem? 
Live and let live, okay?
Robert Means

I am writing because I'm concerned about this suit.  If someone has a legitimate business and registers a domain, sets up a legitimate website (in other words doesn't try to hoard the name to try and collect money just for having it), it should be their domain.  If a big company, like Nissan in this case, comes in and tries to take it just because they think it should be theirs, it is wrong.  Nissan Computer is just as registered a name as Nissan Motor.  Nissan Computer should be left alone.
Kevin Cundick

I support Mr. Nissan in his wish to keep his domain names.
David Buchanan - Vancouver, British Columbia

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