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Come on Nissan Motor Corp.! Give the consumer a little credit..If I was to come upon "Nissan Computer Corporation" while attempting to get information about one of your cars it would take me less than a minute to realize my error. Mr. Nissan has every right to proudly use his family name, as for you Nissan Motors, you registered after therefore the name legally belongs to "Nissan Computer Corp."  I hope you will win this lawsuit Mr. Nissan.
Rest assured Nissan Motors that there will never be a Nissan car in my driveway nor will there be one in my 3 adult children's garage or driveway. And my co-workers and many friends will hear about this. With this lawsuit you have shown how small you really are !
Claudia Lucenay

I think this is a clear case of corporate muscle trying to intimidate an individual and his small business. Of course Nissan Motors wants the "" domain name, just like Agilent Technologies wanted "" Unlike the Agilent situation, where Agilent Technologies was able to acquire (I do not know the level of intimidation used, but consider their corporate muscle) the desired domain name, Mr. Nissan wants to hold on to what is rightly his. Too bad for big business. Nissan Motors was clearly too slow in realizing the imortance and utility of the Internet and missed their opportunity to register ""  Nissan Motors can register "" which works fine and adequately differentiates them from Nissan Computers.  Just remember that size, money and an inhouse legal staff does not make a particular company's assertions right. In this case right lies with Mr. Nissan and Nissan Motors should leave him alone.
Rest assured no one in my family will purchase a Nissan Motors product.  Best regards and Wishes to Luck to Mr. Nissan.
Rick Cornetti - Raleigh, NC

This is a problem that is on the rise with the continuing growth of e-commerce.  More and more companies finding themselves lagging in the move from the physical world to the web as a way to sell their products are seeking out and attempting to destroy small company owners who have used the internet as a means to expanding their businesses.  I understand the importance of branding in a corporate giant's profitablility, but I don't believe that the use of a domain name is a legitimate target unless the site uses other trademarks or logos from the plaintiff company in ways that degrade their product.  Intellectual property is likely to be the biggest issue affecting online business owners and other owners of websites who use them simply for family pages or resumes.  If these companies are allowed to win these lawsuits, it sets a pecedent that potentially could rob an individual of their right to have a site by their name if it happens to conflict with a big company, regardless of whether they purchased it first.  That is why we must all band together on such issues if we believe in personal freedom.  In these early stages of the information war, legal precedent MUST lean toward freedom of individuals and not skewed in favor of the faceless entities which we know as corporations.  The exceptions which constitue a legitimate claim for intellectual property infringement are those in which the domain name owner intentially purchased the website name with the intention that the branding strength of the company would increase visitor traffic to the website, and yet has no legitimate ties to his or her original concept or company trademark.  I support Nissan, the owner of Nissan Computer Corp. if his claims are true.  As far as Nissan Motor Corp. is concerned, I will gladly boycott any company which uses its powerful legal teams for corporate imperialism, and will advise all associates to do the same.  Nissan Motor should choose another site name and have its marketing and branding departments figure out how to affiliate that name strongly with their products in the minds of the consuming public.  That is the ethical approach, not bullying smaller legitimate businesses!
Greg Crum

Regardless of how the Nissan car company might feel about the use of its "supposed" name it fails to understand that it can't bully someone into bowing to its wishes. Uzi Nissan has a legitimate claim to his usage of the name Nissan as his company and as his domain name for I myself as a Jew know several people who have either the first or last name Nissan. The last name is spelled like that in English everytime i've seen it which shows the idiocy of nissan automobile's claim that Uzi mispelled his name. It is another example of big buisness bullying the small guy probably because of his success. I wish good luck to Uzi Nissan and I will no longer recommend to people to buy a car from Nissan. How about toyota?? i think thats a real japanese name.. :)
Haim Rahmani

To Whom it may concern:
After reviewing Mr. Nissan's plight, I feel that you are behaving as any other large corporation does.  Suing Mr. Nissan and his corporation for the purpose you specify is immoral, and you should be ashamed of yourself.  When you were a small company, I am sure you tried just as hard to make your business grow.  By suing him, you hinder his small business.  I will be sure to tell all my friends NEVER to buy a Nissan Automotive product.
Celestial Blakmajik

As the webmaster for the domains of several commercial concerns I am appalled at the actions of Nissan Motors.  Several times I have had to advise clients that the domain name they had wished to use had already been registered and never once have I gotten the reaction that my client would sue the entity that had already registered the domain name they had wanted to use, even if that name was a family name they wished to make visible on the Web because it was recognized and associated within their community to their business concerns. It has always been a 'given' with everybody in the 'know' within the internet community that domain names were on a first-come-first-served basis, and if a preferred domain name was already registered you either came up with a variation you could use or found an alternative domain name that would work.
Granted, there have been cases in the past where domain names were registered with the express intent of selling them for profit to the entity that would be most readily identified by using that domain name for their site, but this is definitely one of those cases.  Mr Uzi Nissan has a very legitimate claim to the use of the and domain names.  Not only is he using names from legitimately registered companies/corporations he owns, he has in no way infringed on Nissan Motors by trying to make any comparisons or claims of being in any way related to or having any ties with the Nissan Motors Corporation, nor has he tried to sell his domain names to Nissan Motors in order to make an exorbitant profit from such a sale. He is a legitimate businessman, using the internet as it was intended.... to make his business more visible to the world-community and help promote profit and growth for his business.  Isn't that the premise on which the FREE ENTERPRISE system was established?
At the risk of sounding trite, I too am in the market for a new vehicle and was considering two different Nissan vehicles, but after finding this site and reading about the unjust treatment of Mr. Nissan by Nissan Motors I will not be considering purchasing any Nissan vehicles now, or in the future. I will also be placing links to this site on several of the sites I am webmaster to, in the hopes that visitors to those sites will be curious enough to find out more about yet another example of how a huge corporation has tried to overpower a small business concern.  Also I will be most happy to alert all my associates within my business networks of this situation, and ask for their support in the boycotting of Nissan products and adding links to this site wherever and whenever approriate.
I sincerely hope Mr Nissan wins his case with Nissan Motors, and is able to turn around and sue them for punitive damages to recover some of his losses and costs of litigation in this case.
Jim Turner

How ridiculous! I can't believe this poor computer company is being assaulted by those high-paid corporate lawyers over their domain name. Most people with two or more brain cells to rub together would understand that a COMPUTER company is not a CAR company. But since they both start with "C" I can understand the infantile confusion of automotive industry. A Family name should not be deemed as a copyright infringement. I'm sorry, but if the Nissan computer people bought the rights to that domain name BEFORE the car company did, well that's just tough luck! But I guess the car people like acting like children with temper-tantrums, and they want it NOW. Just grow up, Nissan car people! Some things you just have to accept. Boo hoo. Life is not fair and looks like the Nissan family beat you to the punch. Get over it already!
My suggestion to the car manufacturer: take the billions of dollars you plan to waste in your petty lawsuits and create something of create a park, clean up your community, or help the homeless.
A Banko

I can't begin to understand why Nissan Corporation is unwilling to negotiate and generously compensate Mr. Nissan vis a vis your attempt to hijack his legitimately arrived at domain name.
Eugene Martin

You should go back to being Datsun!  Mr. Nissan registered his name and his sites legally.  Nissan is his name, so who is infringing?  Stop being bullies and as the saying goes: if life gives you lemons make lemonade.  Don't steal someone else's.
E. D. King

If everything I have read is true then this is a typical case of a corporate giant trying to inflict gross injusticies upon a smaller legal business.
Gregory N. Fisher

To niassan motor co.:  Why the hell are you picking on a computer company? They have been operating longer than you and if anyone should be sued its you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to niassan computer corp.:  Why dont you sue the motor company? you've been operating longer than them! This situation once happened to a small resteraunt called McDougals. They were sued by Mc donalds and they countersued.

Nissan Motor Company - Give it up... Your lawsuit is wrongful and you will not win in the end.  A person's last name is no infringement on your trademark..  This is law 101.
Eric Abelev

Based on the domain name history/facts, I believe that Mr. Nissan & his company should have the right to
Bin Zhou

Give'm hell Uzi it david and goleith all over again Just cause their big they think they can bully you in court. If I can help in any way let me know
your old freind
Jim Dooris

Just because a man uses his last name, and it happens to be the same as Nissan corp. doesnt mean he infringed on there business name.  I think in the domain business it should be forst come fist served period.
Ron George

Any American Citizen should be allowed to use his/her given name in establishing a web site or a business.  Perhaps Nissan Motor Co. should consider changing its name to Datsun.
Morton M. Esterson

What a joke, Nissan Motor Corp.!  Even in our country The Netherlands we know that your name was Datsun not so long ago! Although you're big, you can't have it all! The Nissan-name belongs to Nissan Computer Corp.!
Kind regards,
Piet and Ineke Retera - Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Shalom!

The net balanced the power from the big guy and little guys.  If Nissan (car guys) are pissed they didn't register forst, they should fire thier advertisers and PR people.  Good luck Nissan (Computer guys.)

NCC has a legitimate use for the domain name, and they got it first.  Let capitolism work--if Nissan Motor wants it bad enough, they can BUY it from NCC.  I hate to see Nissan Motor Co misuse the court system.
Mike Kastler

Get off the poor working stiff's back, you big bullies!   Why don't you pick on someone your own size?!   Besides, he got the domain name first!   Oh, and by the way:   Buy North American vehicles - they are designed by and for North Americans!    Na-na-na-na-na!
Glen A. Ritchie

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