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It is discusting that people have no respect for others.  It is time that our government stop the bogus lawsuits against legitimate concerns.  Where will it stop?  Will they take every person to court that can't afford to defend themselves.  Something so clear cut as someone using thier name for business purpose should not be allowed to be challenged in court.  Especially by a non-american company, against an american company.  Why are we allowing off shore companies to take over our country?  Where will it stop.  Lets send a message to the powers that be that we will not support companies that do this.  Lets boycott all companies that try to steal names that rightfully belong to someone.  The oldest addage, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.  Mr.Nissan had the domains first, let him keep them!.
Grey Mason

How can you have the audacity to drag NISSAN Computer Corporation through a legal battle over his last name for Christ's sake?
I can assure you that I will never buy a Nissan automobile... And I hope you all have to deal with your consciences your entire lives.
Casey Benjamin Kimble

I will keep this Short as possible.  This is another way for big corporation harras the little guy.  What a outrage!  Would never own a nissan after this.  HEY NISSAN MOTORS, BACK OFF AND LEAVE THIS PERSON ALONE.  Its his name not yours, maby its he who should be suing your corporate @$#%^%$$#! for using his names. WHAT A COUNTRY!!
Jim Moore

Nissan motor company, after hearing this I won't ever buy one of your products. Since Mr. Nissan beat you to the domain name you cannot sue him for using his name on his website. He is older than your Americanization of Nissan, Mr. Datsun!!!!
Mark Givens

Nissan Motor needs to pick on someone their own size--this is a bogus issue.  Nissan Computer should retain their web address and Nissan Motors needs to solve their problems more creatively w/o bogus law suits like this.  I drive a Nissan and will be selling it soon and don't plan to buy another one until Nissan Motors stops abusing customers/potential customers.
jeff peterson

Nissan Motor, why are you out to crush this small businessperson?  You are creating badwill for your potential customers.  I've never bought a Nissan car and maybe I never should.  Obviously Nissan Computer has the right to use his own name.  And he registered it first.  If you are angry, maybe you should fire you're entire marketing dept. and legal dept. who did'nt have the foresight to register earlier.  They simply don't have their finger on the pulse of future trends.  Its not like you couldn't have afforded it.  These two businesses are not in the same industry and therefore each has a right to use the word.  And the one with the right to the internet address is the first one who lays down the money.
Nissan Computer at least has an announcement banner explaining that they are not Nissan Motor.  Do you have a similar one on your site?  Will you if you steal from them? No, you won't.  Why don't you play fair and offer Nissan Computer what that site is worth to you.  A SuperBowl ad is worth $1 million+, so start there.
Rick Saunders

Get over it for petes sake!  Lets see, seven generations to not even one!  The choice is obvious to me, why can't you see the same logic?  Oh that's right, it's nothing personal right? It's just business!  Well maybe you should try adding some morals!  Do you know what they are?  Not the ones in the ceo handbook on how to screw people, i'm talking the ones that we should all prescribe to, to make the world a better place for us all and not just the ceo's and the shareholders.  Get a life!  And while your at it get another domain name!  These ones are taken!
bill cheetham

Hatzlocho rabbah. Just because you're smaller does not mean that Nissan Motor has a right to step over you.
Leshono Tova - and may this year be a better one than last!
Danny Moeller

One more attempt of big business attemptint to squash a legitimate small business.  Proves the talks philosophy.
It is pure bullshit.
Gary Gregory

I think it is an outrage, Nissan Motor Company has no right to say that you are using there name without permission!!!  You have had the name long before Nissan Motor Company was ever developed, it should be you taking them to court over using your name.  This really pisses me off when big companies try to push people around.....don't give up, fight them till the end!!!!
Eric Ragan

Hi, I am in agreement that this Hijacking of Domain names on the internet has got to be stopped!! I have one my self and I know of other people who have registered Domain names with the Internet and I Surely do not want anyone HACKING MINE!!! I offer you any written or Moral Support I can Provide! I have been Fighting hackers trying to get into my Computer and No One Seems to Really be Serious bout this kind of PROBLEM!! It has To be STOPPED!!!! If you are offered by the INTERNET TO REGISTER YOUR OWN WEB SITE OR NAME NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO CHANGE, TAKE IT OR SUE YOU FOR IT!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!
Brenda L Russell

I stand in support of Nissan Computer Corp.  I have known them and used their services for years.  Nissan Motor Co. should take a hike.
James Stewart

Legitimate users of domain names, trademarks, etc should not be subject to corporate bullying. It would be like Rowan Atkison trying to stop me using my own name because he had a tv series of that name! (That last bit might not mean anything no non-british readers but the principle stands).  I have heard tell of a Mr MacDonald who owned a small resturant being sued by MacDonalds (of burger infamy) and the whole thing just doesn't square with 'natural justice'.
Alistair Blackadder

Hi Nissan, It is very BAD that you think cause of your size that your due a Name that a little guy deserves just as well and obtained first. By such actions you degrade your image in American eyes. Please desist from this action.
Elliot Hunt

I heard about your court case and must say, that I feel what you are doing is immoral.  You have lost myself as a potential customer.
So get bent!
Joe Smith

It just seems so rediculous that they would even be concerned about if you were a car dealer than I would say okay maybe, but computers and cars are different..we will be praying for you.
Blessings overtake you friend.

I hope that Nissan computer is successful to keep its domain name. Nissan car maker are using the financial might. The best way out in this imbroglio is that you should mention the url of the nissan auto in your website ,provided ofcourse nissan pays for the same,..... I hope that you are able to arrive at an amicable settlement agreeable to both parties.......
Gautam Mitra

Dear folks, I'm sure you already know that this lawsuit has no ethical basis.  You may own a huge automobile company, but you can't own another's name, even if you share it.  This is an obscene display and attempt at abuse of power.  I urge you to spend your money on your advertising people, instead of the lawyers, to solve this problem.  I'm sure someone there is intelligent enough to find a creative, and maybe even better, solution which would endear you to the public you depend on, rather than alienating them.  Thank you for your time and thought regarding this matter.
Best wishes,
Heather Grace Leigh

I think that the corporation will always try to take advantage, but money solves everything.  Nissan Motor can own the site for the right price.
Guillermo Lara

I certainly agree that you should be able to use your own last name not only in your company name but also a domain name.
Jennifer Moore

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