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To whom it may concern,
This letter is to express my disapproval of the lawsuit you are pursuing against Mr. Uzi Nissan. It is absolutely appalling. For a corporation such as Nissan Motors to try and use the law to STEAL a domain name from its rightful owner sickens me to no end. I have owned Nissan cars as well as Datsun before that. Regardless of the outcome of this case, I will NEVER again do business with Nissan Motors.
James Robinson

Well in making my choice for my next vehicle you have just eliminated one auto company from my list of possibilities.  Companies spend millions promoting the corperate image and then at the first chance quietly crucify the "little guy".
Tony Larrabee

How can soemone purchase a car from such disgraceful company, who seem to derive enjoyment of sueing companies of their every penny; the tables should be turned- Nissan Motors should pay Nissan Computer for damages. I can assure you, once word gets spread about the Melbourne community about this fiasco, Nissans sales will drop dramatically.
Shmuel Loebenstein - Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

I've been a long-time patron of Nissan Motor Corporation.  When I was 16, my first car was a Nissan pickup.  I'm currently living in Australia and driving a Nissan sedan.  I hold Nissan Motor's products in the highest regard.  However, the sort of corporate pirating exemplified by Nissan Motor Corporation again Nissan Computer Corporation is something I cannot abide, and will strongly influence my decision the next time I consider buying a car.  Unless Nissan Motors abandons its litigious bullying, I will gladly contact one of Nissan Motor's competitors the next time I'm looking to spend thousands of dollars on a new car.
Kenneth Letendre

My opinion in this matter is simple. It appears that Motor corp. is upset because computer corp got the domain name first.  If motor corp wants name they should pay for it!  Stealing in this country is still illegal and attempting to, should be punished.  Any judge that hears this case should give prison time to Nissan Motor officials for theft by taking or trying to use judical system to steal!
My opinion is simple and I have purchased my LAST vehicle by those crooks.
Jerry Odell - Chatsworth, GA

First of all, when I found out about this, I was outraged.  How can Nissan Motor Corp. sue a small business for using their OWN FAMILY NAME as the domain name for their business, when the small business registered, incorporated, AND obtained a service mark registration for the name Nissan FIRST? Who do they think they are? Just because they are a larger company doesn't mean they have the right to do so. I don't see the validity in this case, since in order to sue someone for trademark infringement, the name had to be yours to begin with, FIRST. Company A can't sue Company B over a domain name which legitimately belongs to Company B just because it also happens to be a "good" domain name for Company A.  Besides, I would never buy a Nissan anyway, whether they were or or or WHATEVER!  Honda all the way, baby!! I posted this ridiculous lawsuit on my website Http://  for everybody to see!
Kevin Duque

Nissan motors... have you lost your mind? This looks so bad... it makes Nissan Motors look stupid, greedy and immorally anxious to cause pain to an innocent, whose NAME precedes yours.
Dr. K. Hooper

Your's is a big corporation with many employees and much influence.  You should pick on someone your own size and leave small business alone.  Mr. Nissan's small business, like other small businesses across our country, form the majority of employment opportunities for individuals like myself.  Your company should operate your business like I operate my own, honestly and fairly and in a way that demonstrates dignity to others and builds loyalty and respect with competitors and customers alike.  I drive a Nissan Maxima.  Though I enjoy my car, I may now think twice about replacing it with another product from your line.
Shame on you.
Roger Barnes

Come on Big Nissan! Aren't your global profits enough? Leave the little Nissan alone.
Jack York

Please put me in the Jury Box on this matter. I tell you Nissan Motor, you lose. I wonder if the government would let this go to a jury trial? I don't imagine so, since "Big Money" might not get their way. By the way Nissan, if your company ever gets in a lawsuit, and I am on the jury, do you think I will be biased? As a matter of fact, I think there ought to be a search for lawsuits, and the place should be picketed with the "good news" about Nissan!
Kenneth Weisbrod

Big corporations should stop bullying smaller companies and work with them. everyone would be much happier. nissan could get hurt by such bad publicity, simply because they are trying to be a bully. the internet is first come, first serve!!

Domain names were introduced for all to register. If large corporations and anyone else for that matter did not act on domains is no reason to penalize those that did.  Allowing large corporations to use their attorney power and extend trademark law over this is just punishing the intelligent business people for doing the smart thing.  Domains were sold on a first come first serve basis. Changing that after the fact is morally wrong.
Jeff Bennett

It's obvious that those with money are in control.  So much for levelling the cyber playing field.
Dan Pappas

This email is addressed to the Nissan Motors Corp:
Please, STOP harassing the honest people with your nonsense and absurd lawsuits.  You are making a major mistake by threatening the Nissan Computers Corp., which has all the right to use the and names to its website.
Carlos Sourdis

Well my wife wants to buy nissan quest..but I was on my inbox and I received this letter and read about it...I was pissed and mad because i'm planning to have a small bussiness to run....and this story I read helps me understand what big corporate can destroy your life and family trying to survive in this world just to make a decent money..  But thanks to the voice of the people that help posted this story concerning about people who are poor and making a decent living and some f...kkk up corporation is gonna ruin just like that..  Well hope that they all die including their family and friends and everybody who works in nissan company...  Your cars and your truck has a bad design anyway...

So what's next?  Someone names a company Jesus Christ, Inc., copyrights the name, and sues every Christian church in the world?
Carrie Reininger

Big money gets what they want when they want in this country, right or wrong.  Here they are plainly wrong.  Tell Nissan Motor to take a hike and use or something else.  this is not a squatter; that is blatantly evident.
Bill Caslow

Tell Nissan to buy & leave you alone.  No one gave these company's this power of getting something that wasn't belong to them - ever !  Tell Nissan that you will sell the domain for $50,000,000.00 !!!!

Nissan fell asleep, they have nothing to complain about since they should have registered earlier and done something on the net sooner.
Rivka Cohen

I always belived that the government would make a stand on this and defend the weak and small, so come on ladies and Gentleman in the Government, where are your morals? the right of existance of small and weak is being threatend and eroded, by the multinational giant.  Since Nissan company domain name has been registered earlier, then Nissan motor company has no right to claim the domain name.  In computers it is like first come first serve basis.  Uzi I sincerly hope that u should win this case.  A big company can't bully a smaller company.
Shashi Lakhani

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