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It is unethical for you to attempt to abscond with a website because it is using the name Nissan when it is perfectly legitimate for the individual named Nissan to use his last name and when he created the website before you considered it.  I am a regular purchaser and leaser of automobiles and I will not consider purchasing a Nissan unless you take a different approach to this problem.  Offer Mr. Nissan a financial incentive he can't refuse.  You can afford that.  Trying to force him out of his legally owned website by bankrupting him is unbecoming.  I do not believe your trademark will or should prevail in this instance. If it does I will personally ask my congressman to implement a federal bill to change the trademark law to exempt companies named after the last name of the owner from the trademark rules and I will ask them to name it the Nissan Bill.  At this point I am sending my congress persons an e-mail asking them to follow your case.
Thank you for your attention,
William Connett

I have owned Nissans for over 10 years, if you do not drop this lawsuit I will NEVER buy another, and I will tell all of my friends and family to NEVER buy NISSAN.
Gary Cohn

It is my opinion that Uzi Nissan should be able to use his family name on his company and the internet address.  His company registered the name first on the internet and should be able to keep it.  If Nissan Motors had registered their name and web address first, I'm sure Uzi's Nissan Computers would have understood and registered under a different name.  I am appalled that a company like Nissan Motors is trying to strongarm this man and make him stop using the name and web address.
I wanted to let Nissan Motors know that I am in the market to buy a vehicle, was thinking an Xterra... but no more!  I will instead buy one of the competitors because of Nissan Motors unfair behavior.  I will make sure to let this be known to all my friends and family..
Todd Mininger

It's simply not right. Who do you think you are? This is extreme power tripping. I have in the past owned Nissan products more than once, my Maxixma, for instance, which I no longer own but having just come into the country from 4 years over seas, I am in the market and WAS looking first at Maxima as I had had a good experience the first time. Now I will never purchase the product of a bully, once I know them to be bullies. Nad I will have a very loud mouth about this. Some of us in the world today still see things in terms of simply "doing the right thing". Your actions are contemptible.
David J. Hansen

Gee!  This is called legal extortion in the MBA text books.  But still not ethical.  I was looking at new Nissan pickup truck for my daughter in college.  I'll pass & buy a Toyota or a Ford!  Shame on Nissan Motor Co.  Just because you were asleep at the wheel (no pun intended)& didn't get your domain name registered, doesn't make it morally right to beat up on someone who was smarter (& faster) than you.  Go back to using the name Datsun if you can't be fast enough.  It had a good name at one time, as in 240-X!
Douglas Anderson

Uzi - Good for you for creating this website!  People CAN make a difference!  We were going to purchase a Toyota, then came home and saw an ad in the paper for a very low interest rate on a Nissan. We went to check out the website and came to your site. We read the story and are just APPALLED!!!  Needless to say, we won't be purchasing a Nissan - Toyota (which is what I really wanted anyway) - here we come!  Maybe the power of all the people that have seen your sight and decided not to purchase from Nissan is the reason why they're running such crazy deals!  Power to the people!!!  What a great website!  Good luck Mr. Nissan!
Anne Marie

Hey Nissan Motors, CUT IT OFF!!!!  It is not fair that you try to remove something that you discovered too late... that's for losers only!!!!
Fernando Carmona

Dear Mr. Nissan:
I came upon your site while looking for Nissan motors.  Probably not a surprise.  I took the time to read of your plight.  I want you to know that I fully support your position.   There is nothing wrong with a man using his family name --not one he changed to obtain a financial advantage--in his business, advertising or web site.  The Ford family uses their name to sell cars.  The duPont family still sells chemicals under the family name.  Why hasn't Nissan, the car manufacturer, proposed a link on your website to their site?  Maybe they have but they probably do not want to pay for it.
Good luck and aloha.
Peter T. Cahill

I think Nissan Motor Company should be ashamed of themselves!  I sure wouldn't want anyone to be able to take my family name from me either!
Darnell Moonda Fugate

I think that it is perfectly reasonable to use your family name to do business, and I don't think that nissan motor company has a case.  They are just trying to intimidate you.  A lot of people wish they had registered their domain name years ago.  But first come first serve, and you got their first.  Good luck.
Chris Dockter

You do not have the right to the website name if the facts on Mr. Nisan having the name for 7 generations and applying for the website first are true as stated.  You make good autos and trucks.  Do what is right and drop this matter, or pay him for the name or come up with a creative name for your website.  Didn't you used to be know as Datsun?  Of course you did, I used to own a Datsun at the time of the name change and I have owned Nissan autos.  Be fair and do what is right.  The public is watching.
Lee Miller

I think it is ridiculous to assume that any company has priority over domain name registration.  Just like the telephone numbers allocation, it is first come first served. If you wanted to allocate the correct 1-800-NISSAN digits, then you would have to have the idea and get there first.  You wouldn't have a leg to stand on if you tried to claim copyright on the phone number, so why does it make any difference with domain names.  I agree there are a lot of pirates out there who register and try to ransom the names to the highest bidder, but these are easier to spot and easier to prosecute.  They have a completely different motive, and only common sense is required to notice that if a company named NISSAN registers NISSAN as a name, then it is doing it for the correct purpose, whereas if they didn't have a company at all, or they were called SMITH industries and registered NISSAN just for fun or profit THEN they should be held accountable.  Why don't NISSAN Car Mftrs just register or .TW or wherever their country of origin is , or  Its downright bullying and must be stopped.
Jim Noble

I own a nissan, though I am no longer proud to own it. I feel Nissan Motor should be ruled against and made to pay heavy lump sums as compensation for the trouble it has caused. I will do my effort to create as much awareness as possible.
Jason Camenzuli

Please refrain from your claimjumping activities.  why don't you try or something else..use your brains.  the bad pr you create by doing this will harm you.
Andrew Humphries

I am writing in regards to the lawsuit brought against Nissan Computer Corp. by Nissan Motor.  It is an outrage that a company can sue an individual for using a legally registered internet domain name.  This lawsuit sets a dangerous prescident for all individuals with legally registered domain names.  The prescident that any legally registered domain name can be sued for and taken over if at some time in the future under the guise of trademark infringment even if there is no evidence of trademark infringement.  I urge Nissan Motor to drop this lawsuit.  The viability and freedom of the internet are at stake.  Keep in mind that what goes around comes around.

I've heard about the attempt by the Nissan Motor co to take over the domain name owned by Nissan Computer Corp.  The present state is unfortunate for the multi-national organisation, but shows how slow they were on the uptake of names at the beginning. It really is tough, but to take a company to court like this is just not on. The Motor co has just lost out and needs to face it. Why not take another version of the name? Alternatively, why not make the computor corp. a good offer for one of theirs?  I hope this matter is sorted out wisely and without too much muscle flexing.
Yours sincerely,
Chris Wilkinson

In reference to your ridiculous lawsuit against Nissan computer co., Nissan Motor Co. is already losing market share in America. Attacking a small company like this instead of buying the domain from them like you should is only going to hurt Nissan Motor co.'s name further.  Americans pull for the underdog,dont forget that.

I beleive that since Nissan Computers obviously has a rightful claim to the domain name, and they got it first, Nissan Motor Co. is wrong in trying to steal the domain name.  What's wrong with *  It even helps people remember what you do.
Adrian Martin

I will support Nissan Computer Corp. in any way I can.  Nissan Motor Co should have had a complete computer savy team of analysts long before 1994, the year in which and were registered. Therefore, it is all too obvious that Nissan Motor Co. overlooked what a momumental impact the internet would and is having.  Nissan Motor Co now intends to throw a huge sum of money to a team of lawyers with the express purpose of either stealing and or breaking the current domain owner.  Nissan Motor Co was not able to see the potential so too bad.  And, what so's bad about
J R Kirby

Dear Nissans
I think that a large corperation like Nissan Motor can find other ways of getting their name out on the web, rather than to destroy a small company though litigation.
Rey Arias

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