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I will boycott Nissan Motor Co. for this act.
Jerry Griner

Domain names are available on a first come, first serve bassis. Just because a large company like nissan motors did not have the vision to register their name fisrt, should not give them any right to sue for it. This was a mistake of the upper managment at nissan motor's, no different than any other management blunder. Like any other mistake, there are financial consequencess. If the domain name is that important to them, Then BUY IT ! from the current registree. As far as I'm concerned, I will never buy a vehicle, or any other product that contains any content from the nissan motor corporation or any related subsidiary, if at all possible. I dont like strong arm tactics from any large business, and will never support a legal manipulation of the free market place. Domain names are a commodity you have to pay the market rate for what you didn't have the forsight to get for free earlier.
Ben Schoepski

I think it is about time that the large motor corp. back off. Is it possible that they have mis used the name Nissan. Instead of worrying about how you can destroy someone/thing find a way to help. The $ can come and go but the reputation can't.
Martha Taylor

Shame on YOU !  I have to change car because my old one is realy tired.  I know that the new one wil not be a NISSAN.  SHAME ON YOU AGAIN
Bernhard Salgueiro

Well, since I'm at college, I need a car... at least I can rule out one company to buy from!

This is one of the most inane and wasteful lawsuits I have ever heard of.  First of all if Nissan Computers was founded afore Nissan Motor Corp. maybe Nissan Computers should be sueing Nissan Motor Corp.  Second in the cut throat e-commerce world everyone must fend for themselves including staking claims upon domains first, not using large budgets against smaller righteous firms forcing them into bankruptcy because one was smart enough to recognize the potential power of the internet first.  My parents are already unhappy with Nissan Motor Corp. for bad service, they have purchased 4 vechiles from N.M.C., and are still being treated as if they were a 18 year old trying to buy a Bentley; upon hearing this they are questioning the integrity of the company ferther and are looking to another car company in hopes of better service.  I bid best of luck to Nissan Computer and will help in any way possible.
Bryan Cox

If not registered with the intention of cybersquatting which is not the case here,one should be allowed to keep the domain as is the case with Mr.Nissan

I find it revolting that a big corporation is bullying a man for using his own family name for his business.  Perhaps if the suits at Nissan Motors had the foresight and business sense that Mr. Nissan had they would not have put themselves into this no-win situation.
Bob Smith

I think that whoever registered the name first should be allowed to have it.  Nissan Motors could very easily use the or something else.  It is about time that the little computer user can win out against the larger corporations.
Hope Morris

I think it's disgusting how big business feel they can walk all over people and nothing can be done.  I personally don't care for nissan's. Why?  Toyota's are better.  There is a man draining his lizard on a nissan somewhere in this country right now.  I hope it gets stained.
b. echols

Nissan Computer Corporation was first to obtain the domain name by a legal method and to promote its sales, not to abuse a trademark established for an unrelated field, and therefore should keep the domain names as long as it is in business under the Name containing Nissan.
Jozef Boros

You know what?  You could always rent the domain name from Nissan Motor Company!  My friend registered before microsoft did.  He is paid 50,000 per month and everybody is happy.  Nissan should pack up and head back to Japan -- Obviously they can't compete with Honda or Toyota -- Nor can you, Nissan Motor Company -- realize YOU MISSED THE BOAT -- GROW UP AND DEAL WITH IT!

I think they should make hyjacking harder and with a bigger penanty.

This is a big world, and large corperations cannot try to control it.  If people want your product they will buy it, what ever your address.
D Horsfall

I am in full support of Uzi Nissan.  If he is operating a business under this name how on earth is he infringing copyright law. USING HIS OWN FAMILY NAME.  would it be too difficult to register  Let us hope that Nissan loose and Uzi is compensated accordingly
Andrew Birkett

I understand that Nissan is a well known name, but this man is using his own name for his company.  Anyone with a brain can go to his site and see that it has nothing to do with the auto company.  This dispute seems to me more like the big giant trying to control the little consumer with it's power.  Stop doing this and put your attention to making better cars that protect our planet.  Let this man be his own business owner and prosper as is intended.
Debra Bliss

This is outrageus how can some body who has legally applied for a doman name. which is obvious that is his family and buisness name have it taken away by another company.  This name belongs to Nissan Computer Corp and should remain with them. Why dont Nissan Motors Get the doman name of nissanmotor.
Stephen J Smith

I agree that this hijack is unacceptable. What's in a name? Why couldn't Nissan Bakeries have access to this name also? If the fashionable trend of mergers and acquisitions continues, future generations will be conditioned and controlled by one gigantic megacorporation from the cradle to the hearst.
G O'Dowd

I don't see any confusion between nissan computers and nissan motors.  With that in mind how can there be any copyright infringement.  Especially when they knew about the use of the URL for years.  I think nissan motors regrets not being savy enough to register the domain name before nissan computers.  Now they will do anything to get the domain name for themselves.  Nissan Motors is weak and lack vision otherwise they would never be in this situation.
Richard Kipp

To who it may concern:
You have no right to sue Nissan Computer for the site or If you wanted to make your place in the internet you should have dont it years ago.You do not own the name Nissan even though it is also the name of your company.  The way it works on the net is first come ,first serve! The owner of that site had to pay to open it in the first place and opening the domain for your company would have been chump change for your company.You could request to become an affiate on his site and when ever someone went there,they would have the chance to view your products too.  Dont help people to give the internet a bad name ..use it instead to make more money because your only loosing money starting this arguement in the first place.
Thank you for your time,
Serena a Rice-Karpel

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