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I don't understand how you can dare try to prevent Mr. Nissan's use of his family name for his Internet business.  He got there before you; that's not his fault, it's yours.  Fire the shmuck who runs your marketing dept. If you succeed in your campaign to steal his domain name, I swear never to buy another Nissan car; I currently own a Maxima, my second one. I will also discourage anyone I know from buying your products. Do the right thing here!
Michael Meisels

It is a shame that any person feels compelled to damage another because they have the financial power to overwhelm the other. From what I have seen it is obvious that is in a separate industry and in no way claims affiliation with Nissan the automotive manufacture. Because has been doing business for several years as they are an established business. Therefore, is rightfully used by its current owner. To take legal action because Nissan the automotive manufacturer realizes that they came to the internet too late to get the exact domain name they wanted is just too bad. To continue this legal action will only damage Nissan's reputation and will definitely impact purchases by the internet oriented affluent crowd. This group represents one of the largest purchasing groups in the United States. Can Nissan truly afford to be boycotted because they feel stupid for being second in line for a domain name?! Take care who and how you trample as life is a circle. What goes around comes around.
Scott Valler

Nissan motor corp had better take a lesson from the stock plummet that occurred when illegally attacked  keep up the good work Nissan Computer Corp.
The Phil

Hang in there.  I was going to buy a Nissan truck this weekend.  But after reading your article, I will not.  This guys just want your domain name and don't want to pay for it.  You could sell them the domain name for 10 million and retire.  But I understand your fight.
Todd Sharp

I purchased a Nissan Maxima in 1996 and have loved it.  It has been my second favorite car.  Why I ever sold my 1968 SS Camero is beyond me.  Anyway, my wife is ready to trade in her car and based on the perfect maintenance record my Maxima has had, I went to to check things out. I am not pleased with what I found.  I will never buy another Nissan car or truck.  We will be dropping Nissan from the list of dealerships we will visit for my wife's new car. I am a partner in a medium size multi-national computer software company that deals almost exclusively on the internet.  I feel your pain Nissan Computers.  Good luck in your fight to use your own family name in your internet and computer business.

Nissan Motors,
I've always enjoyed seeing, and test driving your vehicles.  I was about to invest in the Nissan Quest when I heard about this ordeal with Nissan Computers.  Needless to say, I don't own a Nissan Quest.  Nor will I.  I think it is rather unfair that you think you can pick on the "Little Guys" because you have the "Money" as a "Body Guard".  To my understanding, Nissan Computers got to the domain name, First.  Why can't you be like all of us little guys?  Wait your turn, take what  you can get.  Oh, I forgot, you have money, you shouldn't have too, Right?  To censor this, I'm biting my tongue.  But why I am driven to such outrage?   Oh, one more thing.  Same old song and dance?   Gentiles against the Jews?  Look out!
David Philpot

Dear Nissan Motors,
Your petty attack of this domain dispute has helped determine that my money is best spent in other directions than on your new vehicles. Being a typical $30-40,000 new car purchaser (about every two years) I had considered looking at your product line for my next purchase but I believe this type of behavior over an issue that you are clearly in the wrong has made up my mind. Good luck, in a competitive arena like the automotive industry such bad publicity will only tend to destroy any chance of growth. I am curious to know though, with such bad corporate decisions being made your plans for the future must be rather limited. Perhaps stockholders should also reconsider where their investments are?
Mark Copeland

Dear Sirs;
Having read the relevant material and considering the matter as a consumer, as a former business owner and member of an international business association, as a professional man, and as a religious court/laws "decider", I consider this lawsuit to be utterly absurd and at best childish. It most definitely does not bring any respect at all to the Nissan Motor co. Quite the opposite is true. It is shameful. To sue a man for the use of his own name is laughable at best. This matter does not bring one the desire to purchase your cars or trucks. Rather, one will consider that if you are so childishly picyune on this domain matter, then what will happen in case of the need to request proper coverage under your warranty. Your very respectably, reliability etc are being brought under severe question by your suing this fellow for using his own name as his domain as do millions of other people around the world. With little effort this could become a vast NEGATIVE advertisement regarding Nissan Motors.   In my studied, yet humble opinion I would think that the motor company would be wiser choosing a similar but different domain name, e.g. or
Rabbi Yaakov Bar-Nahman D.D., Rab. Law Decider & Judge, B.S., Paramedic, Surg., Prof N.M.

I sincerely believe you have every right to use this domain name, and Nissan Motor Co. has no business harassing you about it.  To be honest, I did expect to see the automaker when I typed, but came upon your site instead.  However, you have made it very clear that this is not Nissan Motor's site, and provide, very clearly, a reference to the auto maker's site.  There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that this is rightfully yours.  It could potentially damage your business if you were wrongly forced to change your name, or it could even hurt it if you sold the name to Nissan Motors.  I have lost a certain amount of respect for Nissan Motors due to my findings on this issue tonight.
Best of luck to everyone at
Nick Hansen

I must say that I've never seen a more blatant disrespect for people that shown by Nissan Motor.  Mr. Nissan has a valid claim to the domain and is using the name as a part of his business.  He is not "cybersquatting" or anything of the sort.  Nissan motor should be ashamed at their  heavy-handed legal tactics.  It's their own fault for being asleep at the wheel [regarding their domain registration]. They need to get over it or work out a financial agreement to buy the domain.  They should stop trying to use their clout, marketing and legal muscle to squeeze out honest businessmen.  I almost bought a new Maxima last month but after seeing your company's true colors, I got an Accord for my wife.  Not that you care but it makes me feel good knowing I support good companies that care about people and the community.
David Wright

To Nissan Motor:
While making a final decision on the purchase of a new car, likely a Nissan Altima, I came across the Nissan Computer web site and became aware of your domain name disagreement with Nissan Computer. After reviewing the facts as put forth by Nissan Computer, it appears to me to be a case a large multi-national corporation trying to bully and intimidate a small business owner who is rightfully trading on his family name as he has done for many many years.  Shame on you! Those are mild words, and not the words I would use if we were sitting face to face in your board room. While my pending purchase of your product is insignificant in and of itself, if I were in a position to make a decision that would have a greater impact, say a large fleet purchase, I would absolutely allow your dark tactics to direct my decision to another auto manufacturer. While I sincerely would like to hear your side of the disagreement, I doubt that you will respond with anything less than one-sided legal diatribe.
Eagerly awaiting your response.
Brian M. Trombley

I for one will be sure to never spend my money on a company who forces the American public to give them what they THINK belongs to them. I am a capitalist, but I also believe in fairness, and STEALING someone's domain for your commercial purposes is wrong. So, in retrospect, Nissan Motor Co. will never make a penny from me.
T. Downes

At the end of May, 2000, Nissan Motor Credit approved me to purchase a brand new 2001 Pathfinder LE (a $35,000 SUV) from Quirk Nissan (the official Nissan dealer in Braintree, MA.)  All I had to do was come in and take delivery of it.  However, because I became aware of the status of this lawsuit, I decided to cancel the deal.  Even though the Quirk Nissan manager offered to lower the price on the vehicle, I refused to take delivery and bought a Mercedes instead the same day.  I felt that it was indefensible to support Nissan Motors, given their inexcusable conduct in this matter.  What does Nissan have to say for themselves? And has Nissan offered to pay you fair market price for the name? (There are companies who offer  independent appraisals of the value of domain names.)  Nissan should be smart enough to know that you catch more flies with sugar than with bile.
Tyrone Kelley

And once again : It is about time those huge corporations like Nissan will realize that there are some things they can not do. They can not bully an honest, hard working businees man like Uzi and expect him to fold/sell out. I Was considering buying a used car during the next few month and the Maxima was very high on my list. Not anymore... Hey there at Nissan Motor ! wake up, you can still back out, and you need to because you are going to lose... big time. The only question is how much and how many future customers you are going to lose along the way. When are you going to realize it ? is 300 people not going to buy your products is enough ? 500 ? 2000 ? Just let us know since if it is going on the numbers are going to be much higher... and thank you for your time.
Assaf Lev-Ram

Big Corporations have no compassion for their fellow man?  I can't believe it. WHO IS SUPPOSED TO KEEP THEM IN  BUSINESS?  WHO BUILD'S & BUY'S THEIR PRODUCTS...and their Stocks?   Nissan Corp., come to your senses, or we will reconsider supporting your business.  Mr. Nader is the next to hear about this, and Jessy Jackson..... Nissan MOTORS, if you want UZI Nissan to change his name....Pay him, don't try to destroy him. Remember, what goes around, comes around. Sincerely, a true former DATSUN Fan [now Nissan Fan].....
Hartmut Willinsky

To Nissan Motors:
As a former Nissan owner, I will tell you I am horrified by your company's actions toward Mr. Nissan.  I am a 37 year old married female and our family purchases a new vehicle about once every 3 years. Until I discover that you have dropped your lawsuit against Mr. Nissan, I will NEVER even consider purchasing another Nissan Motors product, no matter what the price.  I would much rather pay a few thousand more to a company like Dodge who respects domain name registry ethics, than to a giant corporation who uses its limitless legal resources to try to strong-arm a small businessman in North Carolina out of what is rightfully his. And if by some chance, a misguided judge sides with Nissan Motors in a court judgment, or forces Mr. Nissan into compliance through lack of finances to fight off your lawyers, then I assure you, I will still NEVER have anything to do with Nissan Motors.  And I will encourage everyone I know to do the same.
This is America.  We do not appreciate big business bullying the small businessman here.  Respect the fact that Mr. Nissan registered his domain name first, and even had his company name registered before Datsun became known as Nissan in this country.  The only way for Nissan Motors to redeem themselves to the American public is to drop this frivolous pursuit of an honest citizen, reimburse him for his legal costs, and give him a generous cash settlement for punitive damages due to all the stress this has put him, his family, and employees through. Nissan Motors is a Japanese car manufacturer.  I always thought Japan was the country where HONOR took prevalence beyond anything else.
Do the honorable thing and leave Mr. Nissan alone.
Debbie Kelly

How is it still possible that a stone-aged big company think they can do anything? I bet that Nissan Motor Co executives laughed at the internet at early nineties.  A respectable act would be to change the company name again (e.g. infiniti etc.). They did it once from datsun to Nissan, it won't be so hard to do again.  My current automobile, a Nissan primera, will  definitely be my last Nissan.
Rami Lehto

Dear Nissan Motor Co:
I currently own a 1997 Maxima.  I have now become aware of the lawsuit Nissan Motor Company has brought against Nissan Computer Corp.  As a late 20s, newly married individual, I have MANY years (God, willing) and many car purchases ahead of me.  I love my Maxima and was planning always to prioritize Nissan vehicles in my future purchases.  Due to your foolish lawsuit, I will not purchase another Nissan vehicle.  By suing over a URL, you have lost potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars from me alone! See the other e-mails regarding this issue from previous owners of Nissan vehicles and calculate what you stand to lose.   Accept these FACTS!  You, like many large companies, were slow to realize the power of the Internet. Nissan Computer was first.  They have full power to use Nissan as it is the name of their company.  Your slow response does not allow you to punish those who were savvy enough to recognize the utility of the internet.  There can be no confusion over Nissan Computer products versus Nissan vehicles. You have not lost any sales because Nissan Computer owns However, you have lost and will continue to lose sales because of your lawsuit over the URL.   Fools.  I hope that the courts will recognize your foolish lawsuit and require Nissan Motor Company to pay the court costs plus punitive damages to Nissan Computer.   I look forward to reading about Nissan Motor's failure in court.
May it come soon.

Nissan Computer,
Nissan is trying to sue you guys for your domain name? Well, why didn't the ba****ds buy it themselves? I am a webmaster and this bull of these huge companies not taking the internet seriously until THEY feel like it and then try to put small guys out of business is ridiculous. Good luck. I drive a Sentra by the way, but now...I am thinking Toyota

I have purchased four computers from you and have always been impressed by your honesty and integrity.  It is truly a sad thing that Nissan Motor Company has decided to take this action against you.  I am not in the market for a new car at this time, but I have told my mother to not consider a Nissan and buy a Toyota or Honda instead.  I will also tell everyone who will listen the same thing.
Mark Shilling

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