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To Whom It May Concern:
My father and I came across while looking for nissan motors.  I intended to buy an Altima, and was looking for dealers in my area.  When I read about this frivolous lawsuit, I was shocked!  Mr. Uzi Nissan has every right in the world to this domain.  It is unequivocably HIS.  I'm only surprised he's not suing nissan motors for stealing his family name and for loss of time and money.  He is clearly the better man.  Shame on you nissan motors!  You dishonour yourselves with your schoolyard bully tactics!  Are you grown men, or are you petty thieves?  I'd rather not give my $60k to a company who clearly has no sense of honor, decency, or respect.  You will find that many potential customers will be put off by your lack of morals and choose not to do business with a company who will stoop to such lows.  I will certainly never do business with nissan motors again, and will also share this information with everyone I know.  I will be buying a saturn, by the way.  Real businessmen don't need to resort to petty theft.  You obviously have no honor.
Jessie S.

Nissan Motors (formerly known as Datsun):
Well, you may win a battle (in court) with your costly lawyers but you are losing the war in the arena of public opinion.  Hellooooo...You now live in the era of the internet and people can talk to many many people about anything they want.  I think it is fairly accurate to say that Americans HATE seeing a corporation try to "nail" an individual or destroy a small business using the clout of size, $$ and big fee lawyers.  Look what happened to Microsoft!  And they thought they were too big to suffer significant consequences.  I am not a big fan of your vehicles, I owned a Datsun truck once and it let me down in a big way; but at least I was willing to consider looking at your products when I buy my next car in a year or two.  That "was" is an important verb tense.  I will not consider buying your product from now on.  Do you have any idea how foolish and ignorant you look in my eyes.  I don't think you do.  In any case, you will not see a penny of my money from now on.  I like classy products produced by classy outfits.  I am stuck with Windows for the time being but that too will change.  I hope this internet avalanche snows all over the courts and wakes them up to the fact that lots of folks are watching.  That makes them very nervous.  heh heh heh.  By the way what jurisdiction will hear the case?  I can write to that court too you know. Best wishes.
Sayonara baby.

The name nissan stands for a lot more than a vehicle.  Havent you already made enough money that you dont need to take down other people trying.  Greed is not the way.  Why would them having the name nissan jeprodize you?  I will never support nissan auto if this happens.
Thank you
keri dennis

Nissan is an old and common name in Judaism and other semetic cultures. If Mr. Nissan registered the name first, then he has the rights with no infringement. How about Nissancars or Nissanauto as a website? many other businesses use their product name in their domain name. If this is pursued, I can guarantee you many will refuse to buy your product in the future, including myself. I have owned a 94 pickup and a 98 Sentra.
Adam Rabinowitz

I think this is unfair and unjust. Always when the small guy try to make a living the big ones come in the picture. It was Nissan foreign motors on a small mini van in 1980.  Nissan is his last name. I will not buy any Nissan made vehicle.
Good luck Mr. Nissan
Ahmad Alsharawneh

Hello, this is to the attention of nissan car company, i own a nissan xterra, and i have got to say i am SUPRISED, that you (car company) are taking this to an xtreme. I think it is kind enough for the man from NCC (computer corp.) to place a LARGE BLOCK SENTENCE, stateing that this is not the website for nissan car company, and even offeres the CORRECT address.
SO Leave the man alone, its bad press.
p.s. To the man from the computer company, i think you should make this more public, call a radio station.. or a tv station.. make as big of a deal as you can of this, once they relize that the are losing favoribility in the public, they will leave you alone.
Hafiz Sanad

This lawsuit is ridiculous.  If your company did not have the foresight to realize the magnitude of the Internet, then that is your own fault.  Your company could still build it's own web presence in a different manner, such as, etc.  This individual got there first.  I hope the legal system has the wherewithall to find in Nissan Computer Corp.'s favor, and make Nissan Motors reimdurse him for all expenses, plus damages.
Cecil Mallory

Hi, I am about to place an order for a Nissan car and naturally typed '' in my browser whilst researching my purchase. I was very sad to read that 'the' Nissan corporation is suing Uzi Nissan for his rightful ownership of the domain name. Had Uzi's family and business name not been Nissan I could have seen the problem. However Nissan is his family name and he simply registered it first to use for his business. I would like to suggest to the Nissan motor corporation that they see sense and drop this court case. Nissan Motors will do themselves no favours by pursuing this case, and certainly by my British laymas logical mind do not stand any chance of winning it.
Good luck Uzi, and thank you for having a link on your index page pointing me to the correct Nissan Motors URL. It's a pity Nissan Motors were not as thoughtful.
Peter Murdie

The value of any item, service, commodity or idea is determined by what it means to the community or marketplace. While Nissan Motors can claim a larger "audience" awareness of identity with the name, Nissan, as a result of exploitive advertising, their "roots" hark back to the name "Datsun", a name that, to the general public, represented such a poor quality product line that it was changed to Nissan only a few decades ago.  The company name, Nissan, was chosen by the carmaker who could just as well have chosen Answan, Smith or Jones. Mr. Nissan, on the other hand, was given this name by his birthright which had clearly recorded it as the trademark of his family lineage for generations. This easily precedes Nissan Motors use of the name in both time and respect. In both cases, its use in any public form is a matter of record and the legal record of Mr. Nissan's name clearly predates not only the motorcar company but also even the invention of the automobile it is associated with.
In the world of Internet domain names, though, there is no historical value as the Internet, as a marketplace, has no significant history and so it becomes a first come, first served queue for all it may represent or offer.  In this case, Mr. Nissan was in line first and if he does not want to part with his "property", he should not be forced to. This is not a matter of public need but of industry greed. No rights to coerce Mr. Nissan or any other world citizen out of their rightfully purchased property should be granted.  Any attempt to do so beyond Mr. Nissan's clear refusal to sell his "property" to Nissan motors should be regarded as harassment and their continued acts, whether couched in the form of legal proceedings or defamatory campaigns should be regarded by the world community as predatory piracy to which some consequence of retribution should be levied.
To condone Nissan Motors, quest to usurp Mr. Nissan's property by the sheer force of their extensive financial and legal resources, is to deny the values of ancestry, personal precedent and the rights of individual freedoms of choice.  This is not a time of warlords. It is a time of world democracy, human rights and personal freedoms. If the laws of trademarks were not created to protect the rights of the first holder from piracy of larger and better-financed predators like Nissan Motors, then why were they created? In this case, it sure appears that an attempt is underway to prove they were created to benefit the warlords of commerce. To grant Nissan Motors the rights to the domain name against the will and legal rights of the present owner is to weaken the founding precepts of not only the trademark laws but also those of copyrights and patents as well. 
However this plays out, the personal and financial costs to Mr. Nissan, win or lose, will never be recuperated fully and can only be regarded as the costs of his vision and foresight in registering the Nissan.Com domain name, first.  Nissan Motors certainly existed at that time and certainly could have afforded the minimal registration fee had they possessed the foresight to see its future value to them. Their failure then, should not be allowed as justification for the injustice they are now attempting to perpetrate on Mr. Nissan.
Emery Nash

As a Christian biblical scholar I am well aware that Nissan is a Hebrew word, being amongst other things the name of a month. If a small businessman whose name it is has registered it as a domain name, I don't see why a big company like Nissan Motor Co. should seek to deprive him of this right. Shame on you! Drop the action NOW!
Revd J Ainslie McIntyre

Nissan Motor Co. you have made a grave mistake. LAY OFF THIS COMPUTER COMPANY.  You are looking like a  "BIG BULLY", and I know that can't be good for business.  I will forward this information to everyone I know.  Good Luck to Nissan Computer Corp.
Katherine Wagner

It's your last name Uzi(NISSAN), end of story!  I drive a NISSAN, however, your have the real last name.  I believe you won already.  The auto corporation was indeed "Datsun" and it was automobile company; again end of story.
Good Luck Uzi Nissan.
Romeo-Jefferson Brillantes

Nissan Computer has every right to keep their domain names, since they were first on the web. Nissan Motor should consider taking another domain name, such as, ...

I ended up at while looking to buy a pickup truck.  It only took a few seconds to find the URL of Nissan Motor Co since Mr. Nissan printed it at the top of his web page.  I've seen this before and it is effective and courteous.  It is hard to imagine why Nissan Motors thinks it owns the name 'Nissan' and this suit seems really arrogant.  I suppose this will be a factor in my truck purchasing decision.  I recall that NBC created a new logo for itself only to find that it wad already been copyrighted by a small TV station.  NBC did not sue.  They did BUY the logo.  Perhaps Mr. Nissan might consider a cash offer for the domain name.
George Rowbottom

My point is simple the domain name in question would be a violation if the domain was parked instead of being used but quite simply it is being used and the company that is using is legally trademarked as nissan computer corporation, saying that you believe to be a trademark infringement is just like me saying that because my name is shawn no one else may registered their domain as  This lawsuit will not hold up due to the simple fact that nissan is a name, the person in question here is not using it to sell automobiles but computers and to be quiet frank yes I have made the mistake looking for nissan motors at however I did still find the site I was looking for.
Shawn Stratton

In these times, the last thing the world needs is a childing multi-national company going sue-happy and taking a small company who really owns the rights to its name (there is no more honest method to a name than through the legacy of your parents).  In fact, if I were Mr. Nissan, I would be researching where the nomenclature for the Nissan Motor Company came from.......
Gordon D. MacQueen

Nissan Motors has no right to take the name ......remember the internet is all about first come, first f__k off.
Christian Stevenson

Nissan Motor Co. has no right to claim ownership  to a domain name that already owned.  The company cannot assume the name Nissan is invented by them.  A trademark name for a company does not mean that they can own claim ownership to a domain.   Nissan is the family name of the owner of the domain.

Greetings,  What the motor company is doing is total wrong indeed.  My husband and I used to own a Nissan pickup truck.  Yes Nissan makes good cars and trucks, they should remember that its the Public that has made them where they are today.  AS for Mr. Nissan,  my husband works with computers and I am proud of him for his knowledge.  As for What the motor company is doing to you sir,  that I do not like one bit.  There is always 3 sides to a story as I was taught,  What is it that the Nissan Motor company does not like with you using your family name?  May I say that I support what you are doing in fighting this case, and what I would like to know from someone in the Nissan upper encholan,  what in sam hell are you all thinking?
C. May

Nissan Motor Co should find another name to use for its website's !  Leave this man and his family name alone!!
Paul Windhausen

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