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I just got a message reading about how you are trying to ROB Mr. Nissan of Nissan Computer Corp. of his Domain Name. Shame on you. That is just so typical of some of the more heartless, overbearing, petty, evil corporations out there.  Why will you not let this man use his name? Didn't he have the Domain Name BEFORE you? If he had created the Domain Name first - Before YOUR TIRED people couldn't get off there lazy behinds to do it - then he should have every right to keep it.
I say to you sirs BACK OFF! BECAUSE MORE AND MORE AND MORE PEOPLE IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE ARE GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR STUPID CORPORATE POLITICS AND THIS WILL BACKFIRE ON YOU - I PROMISE.  I am telling everybody and asking them to do the same to let more and more people know just what nissan motors is ALL ABOUT.  YOU WILL REGRET YOUR LAME DECISION ON THIS MATTER.  Don't get the American Public started......cuz once we are outraged... there is no stopping us.
Have a rotten Day... OK? Thanks!
Aaron O'Brien

I think that your trying to own the name Nissan is a gross, disgusting abuse of power and money.  It is quite obvious that Nissan Computers is not trying to usurp your automotive name. Leave him be! Your audacity boggles my mind, and I resolve to never purchase a nissan automobile, ever.
Kurt Richter

Dear Sirs,
I am outraged!  Although I understand your desire to have the web address it is not a constitutional right.  If the Nissan Computer company wishes to sell you the rights to the web address then you should buy it.  But you do not deserve the address and should be ashamed for dragging them into court in an attempt to run Nissan Computer out of business.   I am going to write to my congress representatives regarding this matter.
Until this is dropped I will not buy a Nissan or any Nissan product and I will recommend that every person I know do the same. has a nice ring to it. Try getting another domain name, like that specifically targets your company.
Lora Radlinski

Hello. I have learned about Mr. Nissan's fight for a domain name with his own name. I was quite appalled to learn that a company would have the gall to sue someone for the use of his own proper name. I am about to graduate from law school and get married. My fiance and I were deciding between the Nissan Pathfinder and the Toyota 4runner as our first vehicle. Nissan Corp's lawsuit has made this quite easy for us. As law students and future attorneys, we have a particular distaste who carelessly weild the law as a battle axe, and we will never purchase a Nissan car.
Good luck, Mr. Nissan!
Tara Pellenberg

Stop this lawsuit......I will not buy your products if you insist on carrying out this law suit. This little company is not hurting your company and He has every right to the name as you do.
Callie Reynolds

If this wasn't so serious, it could be very funny.  Big Japanese Company trying to squash Little Jewish Man Name, all on American soil.  Only in America, could a foreign business squabble over something that was initially their fault.  They should take advantage of the FREE PRESS you are giving them, and get a talented advertising agency to make a commercial of YOU and THEM.  They could use the name, I see numerous possibilites for humor, goodwill, advertising AND a solution to the problem.  You had best stand firm, dont budge.  Hold your ground.  Let them stand under the flag of the setting sun, hope Americans dont try to use it for target practice.
Best of luck.
Jacquie Kraus

If I were the judge in this case, I would throw out Nissan Motors suit as frivolous. Nissan Computer had/has every right to its domain name, as its owner's family name is in dispute here, in the land of the owner's citizenship [and by a foreign corporation, no less]. For me, Hebrew born as I am, no foreign power would coerce me to relinquish my heritage...and my name is part of that heritage; thus Nissan Computer is protecting its very heritage by insisting by sovereign right on retaining its domain name - case closed!
Harvey Freilich

I think it is horrible the way Nissan Motors is trying to take away a person's right to use HIS OWN name. It is obvious that Nissan Computers has the same right to the name as Nissan Motors, and Nissan Motors has no right to strong-arm them into giving away their legally obtained domain name!
Barbara B. Peress

Dear sirs,
I have read the story of Mr. Uzi Nissan and of the lawsuit that Nissan Motor Company has filed against him.  Personally I think Mr. Nissan has all the rights to use the name of his family as he pleases.  Secondly the name has been regularly registered in times when the internet was not as wide spread as now, therefore there is no doubt that Mr. Nissan has registered the domain name with secondary intentions, if not to use it himself.  Thirdly if Nissan motor company is so keen about the domain name, they should approach Mr. Nissan with an offer to buy the name, if Mr. Nissan wishes to sell it, and not with lawyers and especially not after four years.
Davide Martignon

Shalom, Mr Nissan,
I think it is a disgrace that the Nissan company is sueing you! Good luck with everything. I hope it all ends up in your favour!
Patrick Lange

This domain name dispute is a scandal!

I support Nissan Computer Corporation as Nissan Motors claims are baseless.  It is sounds ridiculous, Nissan Computer corp. has been using the president's surname and I think that he has all the rights to do so.  And I do not see how that has to affect Nissan Motors.  The second reason being that Nissan Computer Corporation deals with Computers and Nissan Motors with cars and there is no way Nissan Computer Corp. is affecting Nissan Motors business.  I think that Nissan Motors is indulging in Power Play....
Akiva Ben Yitshak

It's wrong for Nissan Motor Company to treat small business like this.  The name is his last name for God's sake and he bought the domain, he didn't steal it.  If he loses this case, normal citizens have no right in this country.  This will mean you that you have to be rich to be right by law.  I wish you luck Mr. Nissan and hopefully the law will treat people like you and I the same as rich ones.
Ali Mohamed

personally i think that this dispute is ridiculous,since the nature of both bussinesses are totally different from one another.
Thomas Preciado

It seems obvious from your timeline that Nissan Motors has no legitimate case.  Hopefully you will countersue for damages and punitive damages to help prevent this type of bullying from happening in the future.
Curt Lenhardt

I think they ought to have to pay you BIG BUCKS for your domain names.  It's the American way.  The legal wrangle is costing them money anyway.  And if you want to keep them, you should be able to.  First come, first serve.
Paula Anne

I think it is disgusting for a big corporation to take a single person to court over such a thing.  If Nissan Motor Co. feels it need this address so badly, let them pay VERY heavy $$$ to Mr. Nissan.  Perhaps if they made it worth his while, he would relinquish the address, to them.  In the meantime.....I think this is disgraceful.

I happy you have made a stand, I support you 100%.
Richard Freeze

Dear sir or madam:
I believe that Mr. Uzi Nissan, president & Founder of Nissan Computer Corp. should be able to continue using his domain name.  It is HIS name & should be able to use it as his domain name, too.  He did get to it first. 
Derick Freese

You are the rightful owner of the domain name, a multinational cannot by force of money decide to go to the law to get privileges they didn't obtain the right way. They should purchase from you if and only if you want to sell it. This is ridiculous this lawsuit. Keep fighting.
Rene Gattereau

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