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I'm 19 years old and have just purchased a Honda due to the treatment from Nissan myself. I don't think Nissan in general cares about anyone but the all mighty dollar. I have a real big problem with the mistreatment of this small business. Due to the size of this business it is to drop it's web site for a larger co. That is just outragiouse to ask somone to loose business due to there lac of human kindness. I don't know if this is going to change anything with the law suit but I hope this does give the smaller business a boost! Good luck from me! I hope you get what you have set out to accomplish! I for one would love for you to come out on top!!!

We were about to purchase a new Nissan Frontier for the company.  We have immediately cancelled our order and will purchase another brand.  This type of small business harrassment must be stopped.
Bill Allen

I am offended by Nissan Motors efforts to seize the domain name from its legitimate owner by legal bullying. I have owned Nissan cars but will not consider buying one now and will inform my associates about this decision.
Rich Mesek

If I find that the lawsuit being filed against Nissan Computer goes through, I will never buy a Nissan (though I have considered it before) and will recommend to my friends that they do the same.
Daniel Crookston

Please drop the lawsuit against  This is a form of corporate harrassment and should not be tolerated by the American public.  If this persists, I, and everyone in my family will never buy another product under this corporate umbrella.
Kathleen Biersack

There's got to be someone in your company who bright enough to realize "" would work just as well. How about ""? Leave the little guys alone. I sure won't be buying a Nissan anytime soon. Guess I'll get a Subaru.
Akolotu Moeloa

I urge you to immediately cease and desist in your lawsuit against Uzi Nissan and Nissan Computer for their alledged infringement on your corporation's name and trademark on the internet. As Mr. Nissan's website makes abundantly clear, his surname is authentic, and his presence on the net predates yours. Face the facts - he got there first! Your attempts at bullying this small business owner with your corporate legal department will only backfire in negative publicity or worse. Just ask etoys!
disclaimer: I do not know Mr. Nissan or do business with him. I do know that you are wrong to sue him. As the old saying goes,"If you're slow, you blow!"
Lawrence S. White

Nissan is a very comman name in Israel. Not only for last names, but for first names also. Back in the 1960's I had a summer camp counsler named Nissan Rand.  So what's the big deal?  Nissan is the man's given legal name and as he even registered it first, he should be able to use it in whatever context he wishes.
Luci Fowler

I am jewish.  Nissan Computers has every right to this copyright.  They are not doin anything to harm Nissan Motors.  That is all, don't be like Metallica an Napster.  Take it easy.  Jeeze.  Good luck, Nissan Computers.
David Bookbinder

Uzi im on your side,......keep fighting,.. all the way from south america,...

I take out from my very valuable time to express my opinion against the car maker NISSAN for this action which not only jeopardizes the small businesman's ability to deliver quality by engaging in such a costly action of defending against a major corporation. There has to be a limit as to the extent to which these oligopolies can destroy young companies. If it were illegal for the first ten years of a young and struggling company to be sue by one of these big compannies,  free competition woul really be free and not dominated by those who can afford the best lawyers.
Jaime Gonzales

I believe that the suit undertaken by Nissan Motors against the legitimate Nissan Computer Corp is an unfair and inapprpriate use of the power of the car company.  Nissan Computer had registered the domain name of prior to the car manufactuer and should therefore be able to retain it.
Larry Hecker

I think it is disgusting that a major corporation should be allowed to even try and stop a person such as Mr Uzi Nissan from using his own name for his business just because a company is now trading under that name, when clearly Mr Uzi Nissan and his heritage should clearly come before the car manufacturer and should take presidence, money, No Matter how much should come before human or family heritage.
Michael Johns

It seems that the older people become the more childish they act.  Big business has gone far beyond the senile stage when they assume they can take a person's name away from simply because they feel they can.  Don't believe me? Just ask the artist formely known as Prince.  His name, given at birth, was Prince.  But when he left his old record company, they kept his name.  No one has the right to take something because they think they thought of it first.  Everyone has two major things when they are born, a first and last name. Mr. Nissan has a right to attach his name to his computer company if he chooses to do so.  He is not trying to produce cars just computers.  He should be left alone to do just that.  Perhaps, he should sue those who are using his name to manufacture cars.
Bunni Martin-Nichols

I think that Mr. Nissan ought to have the right to use his own name in his own company name without any reservation.  Since he got the "dot com" name first, he should be able to continue using it without any limits.  I don't believe that Mr. Nissan should be allowed to stop the Japanese company from using Nissan in its company name because they also probably got the name in the same way.  Finally, I didn't know that there were so many Jewish people in Japan back when Nissan auto got started.
John Murray

Nissan Motor Co., go back to Datsun, you stole Nissan Computer's name.
Paul R. Burgess

I am ashamed to see how the big fish tries to eat the small one.  As one opinion states Nissan Computer should take Nissan Motor Co. to court as  the former were first in calling their company Nissan.  We all remember when it was called Datsun. I am sorry but I think that with this attitude  the Nissan industry is not going to get too far.
S. Benzimra

Twenty years ago when Datsun was going through the name change me and a few friends were wondering why they would suddenly change their name. When we looked it up in the dictionary and found that it was a month in the Jewish calendar we speculated that perhaps a Jew made it to the head of Datsun.  As I remember it took a very long time (years) for   U.S. citizens to pronounce it like the Japanese do. Nissan Motors pronunciation of Nissan is unique, non-phoenetic and very different from the dictionary. Nissan Motors pronounces it Neesaun. This makes me think that it may have been converted from Japanese by the same guy that wrote their owners manuals back then ;)
Datsun, a.k.a. Neesaun (spelled Nissan) doesn't have a leg to stand on. You just can't pick any word out of the dictionary and stake claim to it throughout the entire marketplace. If they realy want to get into computers they should find a new name.  How about "Neesaun"?
Bjorn Burton

I feel that you are in the wrong (Nissan Motor Co).  I really wish the big companies would quit using the large amount of money that they make to force what they want on smaller business.  What is being done in this matter is wrong. It is ethically wrong and should be legally wrong in my opinion!!  I sincerely hope that Nissan Motor Co. Loses in a big way.
Larry Britton - Douglas, GA.

Nissan Computer Corp. has obtained and fairly and have just as much right to the name as Nissan Motor Co.  Nissan Motor, back off you bullies!
Jill M.

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