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Nissan Needs to back OFF...The government should do something about large comp. bulling smaller buisnesses. I got a e-mail from Nissan saying that they need to protenct there copy right, bull shit!! Ill still stick with toyota...
A. M.

To whom it may concern:
Your suit against Nissan Computer system is nonsense.  If anyone has the right to this name it is Nissan Computers and not Nissan Motor Co.  You cannot restrict the use of someone's surname.  It would be my contention that the suit should be filed against your company for using His Family name in your business, and this point will be shared with his legal defense I am sure.  Get the message!  Perhaps you will get this one even more.  This family will not purchase a Nissan auto of any kind in the future and I will see that all my friends do the same.
Jim Lewis (Yaakov)

I am absolutely appalled by the heavy handed tactics employed by the automobile maker formerly known as "Datsun".  It appears to me that Mr. Uzi Nissan would have more grounds to sue the automobile maker formerly known as "Datsun", than the automobile maker formerly known as "Datsun" has to sue him. I would be doubly appalled if, despite the available documentation, the strong-arm tactics of a major corporation should succeed in depriving the industrious Mr. Uzi Nissan (the proverbial bootstrap sort of fellow, by all accounts) of the use of his ancient and honorable family name in the pursuit of his various enterprizes.  I am surprised as well, that a company with its roots in Japan, itself a nation of ancient and honorable customs and traditions, should stoop to such dishonorable tactics.  We've all seen the image on Public Television:  Little puffin catches herring, big nasty seagull tries to harrass it away form the puffin.  Nissan Motor Co.:  go catch your own fish!
I used to drive a truck made by the automobile maker formerly known as "Datsun", with "Datsun" very prominently displayed on its tailgate.  That is not likely to happen again, even though it now would read Nissan.
Rudiger Laufhutte

Today, I attempted to find Nissan Motor's home page on the Internet, and instead found Nissan Computer. I saw a notice that Nissan Motor is suing Nissan Computer over the domain name I think this is a frivolous lawsuit, and that people wishing to find have an easy path to do so, as Nissan Computer has included a notice on their page directing traffic there. My parents and I own two Nissan Motor vehicles and are interested in buying an XTerra some time soon, but this bad business practice does far more to tarnish Nissan Motor's reputation than to protect it. As a long time member of the Internet community, I have seen far too many ill-contrived and petty lawsuits of this nature, and register automatic disgust with any company which unleashes its lawyers with such punative and oppurtunistic intent. It is evident that Nissan Computer is neither a trademark thief nor a cybersquatter, yet it seems this lawsuit has been directed agains them as if they were. The Internet should not be turned into an anarchy where organizations with the most money for lawyers have their way.
Chandler Wilkerson

Mr. Nissan has every right to use his name and his computer company's name on the net.  I think the legal bully tactics being used are irresponsible.  Note, I don't believe in the extortionists who register the names in order to force a legitimate user of the name to pay them off and buy it from them.  If however, the user has a legitimate use of the name (it is his own family name), you may offer to buy it from them, but why the legal bully tactics.  I have purchased several Datsun/Nissan automobiles.  However, I will refrain from purchasing any more if they continue this action.
Kurt Nygaard

I firmly stand by Nissan Computer Corp. in their right to their domain.  Let's look at the issues... (1) Nissan Computer Corp. is a legitmate business that is trying to make a profit using the internet.  (2) Nissan Computer Corp. bought the domain name prior to Nissan Motor Co. and therefore has a legitmate right to it.  (3) Domain names have always operated on the principal of who gets their first gets the domain name.  Obviously Nissan Motor Co. does not understand this.  (4) If the courts allow Nissan Motor Co. to acquire the domain name or then they will be setting a precedent for future companies to file a mutlitude of lawsuits, who have no right to the domain names.  I could understand the lawsuit if the Nissan Computer Corp. was not a legitimate business, however they are.  Just because Nissan Motors maybe more well known doesn't give them an exclusive right to the domain names and
Xan Nick

I don't see why this suit has to continue.  This man has OBVIOUSLY every right to use this name as his domain name, it's his HERITAGE, his last name!!  This is ridiculous.....Why don't you people just let it go.  You knew about it for years before deciding to take action, why now??  Why do it now??  When you knew about it for all of these years???
Shawna Bennett

IF Nissan is your legal and given name, you have the right to use it!  You cannot be forced to change your company name if That IS your name!  Any decent Lawyer should be able to put an end to this!  It is shameful that you have to go through this legal process though!
Sara Schaffer

Dear Nissan (Datsun) Motor Company:
You are not the only group of people on the face of the planet with the name "Nissan" why should you get the domain names when you were 'beaten to the punch' by another organization with a similar name?  You shouldn't.  Frivolous lawsuits such as yours are what causes the legal stagnation that we have today in our courts.
If you wanted those domain names, you should have been more forward-thinking and registered them first...or just remained 'Datsun'.
Please feel free to send me 'your side of the story' so that I may see your point (if you have one).
Gary D. Cremeans II MD

This is just NOT FAIR! It is very obvious that this name and domain was clearly in use by Mr. Nissan before Nissan Motor Company. Perhaps Datsun should have done research before choosing the name, which would have saved both parties and taxpayers alot of time and expense.
Debra Durkee

Nissan Motor, has no right to make you NOT use YOUR own family name.  This is absurd.  So tell them to register the domain name,,,  If they already have these I dont know.  Good Luck, I will post your banner on my site.

I have always been willing to stand up and be counted whenever duty or fairness calls. We cannot begin to allow people or corporations for that matter to have the basic right of fairness negated in the name of individual or corporate size. Whatever it takes; make it right!
Dennis Wikoff

This is to oppose your harrassment of Uzi Nissan for properly using his domain name and  Your continued harrassment by way of legal actions against Mr. Nissan and his firms only shows your illegitimacy in making your claim.
Gilbert L. Claborn

You have my support Mr Nissan.You have the right to your own family name. Don't give in to the Japs pressure.
D. Wang

You go sir! Let them have "Nissan.JA" if they want.
Don Geiger

After reading from your website of what happened, I can see no logical point for Nissan motor CO. to sue Nissan Computer Co, for several reasons.  1) They sued you after several years of the creation of the web site and not immediately which indicates that if it were really affecting them in any way they'd have acted much sooner.  2) There can't be any conflict between a car co. and a computer co. if I were to enter the Car Co. site I wouldn't mistake it for a compuetr Co. unless I was totally dumb or something and vice versa.  3)If any company has a claim on the name then it must prove that it used it first on the internet..and that it had patented it for it's sole use, unless they could do that then they simply can't sue anyone for using it, just like any invention, if u don't patent it then don't blame me fo rusing it.
Ahmed Baghdady

DUDE you guys registered the domain name first so you are the owners I wish I could help you guys but what can I do?????
Jadon Petersen

I think that nissan is just scared that they will lose business because of your last name. They want to use the or net for there own purposes. Money Money Money. That's what there all about so I believe you were the first with the name for generations so you have a right to use it. What they say, First come first served you where first so by them sueing you they are really just hopping and counting on there team of lawyers to pull something out of the hat and crush your empire. Don't let these company take out the small business man and fight for what is right your family name. You had it first and that's what matters. Just my 2 cents. God bless.

I believe it is a shame that a big corp. would try to bully a small enterprise in this way. I only know of the details as presented by Mr. Nissan on his site but if it  is acurate and complete and his web site was well established as per the articals sited before Nissan motors then it should be like water rights first to file and maintain should win.
C. Rex Browning

Leave this guy and his company alone. Drop your lawsuit. This guy has a right to this internet site. Workout a deal so that he will have a lnk on his sight to your site. That should be enough.
Michael Martin

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