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Drop the lawsuit.  I have supported your company, but if you continue such a petty action as to hurt a small company, I will no longer purchase any of your vehicles, and will recommend that my colleagues follow the same action.  They will do the same to family and friends, and so it will continue.  I ask you to not persue this action.
Lou T. - Portland, OR

I am a 22-year-old college student, soon to be in the market for a vehicle.  It will not be a Nissan.  I will discourage my friends and family from having any dealings with Nissan Motor.  My words to that company: Stop the lawsuit, and get some morals.  To Nissan Computer: Bravo.
Eve Ross

I have read about Nissan Motor Co.'s claim against Nissan Computer Co., which I believe is unfair and unethical. They are not competing with you, so you have no legitimate claim to the domain name. I will think 2X before ever buying a nissan car.
Ellery Manes

I apologize for this but I bought a new Pathfinder about a month and a half ago. If I had known about this lawsuit I would never have bought it. I am sick about hearing stories of corporate America steam-rolling the little guy! I will be phoning today to see if I can return my vehicle. All the support in the world to you fighting this corporate bully!!
A new Nissan owner...sorry
Thomas Crown

I have read the story of this ridiculous action being taken by the Nissan Motor company and it is my hope that they will cease and desist from creating any further problems for Nissan Computer Corp. I am not an expert in legal matters, but it is pure common sense to know that Nissan Computer is well within their rights to use the domain name they have chosen. I think Nissan Computer should be compensated by Nissan Motor for all of the expenses incurred, and that they should post an apology on the internet. I will surely not consider purchasing another Nissan Motor Company product until this is solved in favor of the Nissan Computer company.
J. Levin

Sorry to hear that Goliath is giving you trouble. For the information of any concerned, I have known Uzi for approximately 7 years and have done quite a bit of computer business with him.  I know him to be an upright individual, honest as far as I know, in all his dealings.  Here's hoping that once again "David" can overcome "Goliath!"  More power to ya' old friend.
Ray Dotson

I have been "online" for nearly 10 years here in the Raleigh/Durham area.  For the entire time, I have been familiar with Nissan Computers and their website.  I am not confused to the difference to Nissan Computers and Nissan Motor Corp..  Nor do I feel that Nissan Computers has in ANY way benefitted or infringed on the "good will" (what good will is that by the way?) of Nissan Motor Corp.?
Danny Jacques

Nissan Motor Co. should not try to bully a smaller entity. They were not alert enough to the problem and they lost! It will cost them millions in legal fees + loss of prestige and they will still loose. They have no chance! Nissan Computer Corporation should not give up!
David Zohar

As a long-term netizen, US citizen, NC resident, and Nissan 300ZX Twin-Turbo driver, I am concerned that Nissan Motor Co. would stoop to legal means to take ownership of Nissan Computer Corp.'s namespace.  While I understand that the name is extremely valuable to Nissan Motor, I am sure a financial settlement could have taken place, just as if Nissan Computer Corp occupied a valuable piece of real estate in the real world and Nissan Motor Corp. wanted to build there.  Just when Nissan looked like it was beginning to get some respect again...
Mark Sparling

I have read Mr. Missan's story of the history of his use the NISSAN.COM/NET on the Internet.  It appears to me that he has every right to the use of the name Nissan - it is his sur name and he registered it first.  Get off his back.
I am passing the word to my friends as to what your company is doing to the 'little guy".
Howard Atlas

To whom it may concern:
If Large Corporations are able to use their vast wealth to hold small business owners hostage and bankrupt them to steal their legitimate URLs from them, then the internet has become as corrupt as  governments that suppress human rights. If this abomination is allowed, then 'Piracy' has adopted a new, broader definition!
Rick Foster

I generally find myself being pro-business; I'm a businessman, myself.  However, at times I am quite disappointed by how some businesses behave. Nissan Motor vs Nissan Computer is a case in point.  Not only is Nissan Computer's behavior innocent, it in no way is harmful to Nissan Motor.  An example of a big company pressing on a small one, just because they can.  Aparently you have more lawyers than you really need if they have time for this activity. I will continue to follow this case in hopes that Nissan Motor will find something more productive to pursue.
Paul Hoover

Why sue the little guy? Can't you come up with a compromise without all the money and time spend on a law suit? One could be and the other could be with with disclaimer on both websites that the companies are not related.  The defendant was born with the name Nissan. He has a right to use it just as I would mine despite the fact (and probably similar law suit) that there is a clothing company by the same name. As a consumer I would not be confused by Nissan Computer vs Nissan Motor co. and even if I were, and even if I reached the other's website, it would be good advertising.
LN Lerner

Do you know ? You are fighting with G-d's children's, and G-d fight for us...
Alvaro Bar Yona

1. I think you are using the "Nissan" name earlier than Nissan Motors. You started the use of the name on 1951...  2. Next will be that one of this "giants" will sue us for using our name on everyday use....  3. I frankly think they have no case against you.
Good luck,
Rafi - Tel Aviv, Israel

I was wondering if I could sue Nissan Motors for using my first name and displaying it everywhere. When I was born it was still Datsun :-)
good luck.
Nissan Dachs

I want to express my discontent with the way governments and laws systems failed to come along for the ride for so long and now they finally jumped the wagon they think they can reverse time. SHOULD'VE PULLED THE BREAK WHEN YOU COULD. SHOULD'VE CARED BACK THEN TOO.  I think it's good to add further restrictions and consideration to domain names and their (permitted) goals but Nissan motors was too late, can't blame you for it.  You have just as much right to the name as they do but you were earlier. Brand name right precendents are NOT the way to solve this, it's just an easy lazy way for the courts to deal with a phenomenom everybody else has to adapt to.
Bum Beekman

Seems to be an open and shut case.  Uzi Nissan 10, Nission Auto 0.
Nisson Auto - fire your worthless lawyers and stupid executives. If you spent a fraction of this energy making your auto better, you would not be worried about such trivial matters.
Dwayne Knonx

Go for it - By what right do they have to do this.
Francis X. MacFarlane

I've been sent a "junk email" which I don't normally read, however the title caught my eye, and after reading I felt obliged to send an email in supprt of Mr Nissan's cause. I am a website designer and have been following the Internet Naming lawsuits for some years. From reading Mr Nissans statements I feel that you are talking the mickey. I have no intention of buying a Nissan car, and never would have, but the principle I object to most is how you are trying to use your wealth to get what you want. I shall be forwarding the email I received to all my friends and family and recommending they do the same. As others have said before - Shame on you Nissan.
Kathy Gibson

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