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While the domain name in question is a valuable property, it appears that the current owner, Mr. Nissan, should have the use of it, being there first.  There appears to be no malice, only an early awareness due to his being in the business.  If you want the name, buy it from him.  Lawsuits like this are a misuse of the courts, and give big business their (formerly) ill-deserved reputation.  It is activities like this that confirm those that feel unkindly toward business, and your actions are a blight on all of us in business, big and small.
I will not be considering your products for purchase due to this egregious behavior.  If you drop the suit, or settle on a reasonable amount of cash for transfer of ownership, please let me know so that I can reconsider the decision outlined above.
Tom Quinn

Nissan Motor Company, a.k.a. Datsun as they were formerly known in the U.S., is attempting to subvert the ebb and flow of US Capitalism.  They should buy the "" domain if they want it or use some other nissan-related name.  Instead they take legal action, which is nothing more than a bullying tactic.  Nissan Motor Company had the opportunity 6 years ago or more to register the domain name "".  They shouldn't be allowed to bog down the U.S. judicial system to make up for their own lack of marketing foresight.  I believe american consumers should boycott companies, such as Nissan, that attempt to use the courts to correct their own poor business judgement.
Mark Ring

I am disgusted by the actions of Nissan Motor Co. and I wish all the best to you, Mr Uzi Nissan. You are another fine example of a real American, a person who stands up for his rights. I hope you win out. I won't be buying any Nissan automobiles, for sure.
Anne Jantz

Dear Nissan Motor Company,
Leave this guy alone.  You are clearly on the wrong side of the moral argument, no mater what your high paid lawyers are telling you.  I am currently a happy Nissan owner & now in the market for another new car.  I would like to consider a new Nissan, but if you are going to bully & intimidate small business owners trying to make an honest buck you may have to count me out.  "nissandriven" is a fine internet address.  This guy beat you to the "nissan" domain name fair & square.  Get over it.  I hope you will do the right thing & drop your silly suit.  Stick to designing & building great cars!!!
Thank you,
Brad Murphy

It is clear that you have a family name with a long history, a company with a long enough history, and most important a true Internet history history from early on. It is rediculous that suddenly Nissan suddly thinks they want a web site and will take yours after years of being in business. Since they showed no interest since the one letter in 95 it shows the lack of value the place on the site name. More importantly it shows that they saw now trademark infringment problem for 5 years and that in and of itself should show the court they are trying to abuse the legal system. This is rediculous! I was looking at buying one of their vehicals just yesterday but I hate abuse of power and will now look elsewhere. I hope you not only win against them but that you receive damages for their smearing of you good name and for your time and effort wasted in their blatant attempt to steal what is plainly yours!!!
Ron Coveney

This is unreal! How can you sue someone for using thier last name? There are a lot of businesses in the US and the rest of the world that share a name but nothing else then that! You are a motor co. and they are a computer corp. Two different companies without a doubt. Maybe Nissan Motor wants to go to Israel and shut down all the businesses that share the name there too? Now theres an idea! Matter of fact, I am sure Nissan Motor, that if you try and look there are probably some corp. in Canada and other countries that might be sharing "your" name...I know it must be dissapionting to find that your name is not an original in this world but what can you do...In some countries Nissan is almost as popular as Cohen...So do a little research before you go and try to take away someones livelyhood...
Maybe then you will realize that no one is trying to steal "your" name...Matter of fact , maybe it was you who stole theirs...
Talia Masri

Get your own domain name Nissan Motor Co.!!!!!! Deal with the reality that you weren't first to get the name.
You have lost a customer!!!
Cathryn Thomas

Clearly, by the evidence submitted on these web pages, Nissan Motor Co.  is quickly trying to establish itself as the domain owner without regard to the established facts.  It's time the big fish leave the small fish be and find other methods of growth rather then harassment. I'm sure that if Nissan Motor Co. were to invest half the energy they're consuming on this case and apply it to the quality of their vehicles,  there may not be a need for this nonsense. This is only driving up the cost of my vehicle purchase.  STOP IT !!!
S. Rogers - concerned consumer.

I have recently become aware that Nissan Motor Co. has dragged Nissan Computer Corp. into federal court over a dispute regarding their domain name.  I fined it obscene that Nissan Motor Co. would use its finacial superiority to crush Nissan Computer Corp. over this matter.  I could understand the desire to have this dispute mediated, but not the action Nissan Motor Co. has chosen to take.  I don't believe might makes right.
George Demas

I think that if you had the domain name first you have the right to have it and you should not be sued.  I think there are rights for everyone and you got the domain name first.  Nissan Motor company is a good company and I am sure they are just trying to scare you into giving them your domain name.  I would keep it and if they do sue then that is just wrong.
Brendan Bennett

It appears Nissan Motors is "late to the table" to register the "Nissan" domain name.  The timing and entrepreneurial history of Mr. Uzi Nissan indicates to me that he did not register "" to "hijack" the name and "greenmail" Nissan Motor.  So, I judge this case harassment" by Nissan Motor.  N.B.  Precedent exists: A very similar name dispute case was brought by Safeway in Indianapolis; Safeway LOST.
Jay Lerman

To whom it may concern:
I believe the law suit should not win!  By winning this suit, it would enable anyone to "steal" already established domain names by setting precedence.  As I understand Mr. Nissan owned his domain name first.
Ivy Taylor

Nissan Computer Corp is the rightful owner of this domain name. There will be a lot of companies worldwide with common names. In that case Domain names should deservingly go on a first come first serve basis. Nissan Motor Co. can always get   (Japan) for themselves.
Girish Jhangiani

Don't you people have anything better to do than to try to strip the last name off this very fine gentleman??shame on you! , I hope Mr. Nissan sues you for $100,000,000 , and I am sure he will win.  He's got my support.
Pablo Lewin

This is totally unfair.  The motor corporation is already profitable; use of the name by the computer company is not going to alter that fact one bit.  This is a frivolous lawsuit, and the motor company should be ashamed of wasting tax payers' money in this manner.
H.J. Hunter

Winners keepers - that's my opinion.  You can't sue someone for thinking of something before you did.
Roni Parnass

I don't believe it would be appropriate for nissan motors to take what mr. nissan has honestly and fairly aquired. Any such actions are not far removed from theivery.
R. S.

I was considering buying an x-terra, it is no longer a consideration after reading about this law suit. It is a shameful action Nissa Corp! why don't you get all those lawyers busy finding a new name for you to use on the internet instead on picking on the little ones? Nissan computers I support you all the way!
Marisa - Phoenix, Arizona

I'm sorry you feel that you've had your company name stolen from you but he did legally register the name first for his business with the name Nissan.  The internet's pioneer first come, first serve is what appeals to many small businesses.  He has provided a link redirecting people to your site.  What more do you expect?
Isaac Thornton

Nissan Motor Corp - you need to leave these people alone and quit trying to steal their name. Go back to using Datsun.
Denise Weinbeck

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