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I was appalled by the story in the N&O about your domain name dispute.  I will certainly tell all my friends and family of this travesty and will no longer consider any purchases of Nissan or Infiniti vehicles.  The facts seem to speak clearly in favor of Nissan Computer.  The Nissan motors lawyer, Mr. Schindler, is entitled to his own opinion of the facts.  However, he is not entitled to his own facts.
Mark Ray

As my name is Nissan, a Hebrew name that has existed for thousands of years, I resent any attempt to hijack the name Nissan, simply because you are currently the largest entity that happens to be using that name.  Other people legitimately have that name, and it is entirely legitimate for them to use that domain name, if they registered it first.  Please desist from any actions against Nissan Computer Corp.   I will not be purchasing any Nissan vehicles until you desist - despite the fact that it is fun to already have one's name on the car!
Nissan Okrim

Leave Nissan Computer alone or I will not buy your cars.
Woody Armour

To Nissan Motor Co.,
Are you familiar with the term you snooze you lose?  Logically and ethically how can you pursue legal action for copyright infringement against a company that just happens to have the same name as your company?  Nissan Computer is a legal business entity that chose to use their owner's family name as their company name.  They realized the power of the Internet and secured their name as a domain name.  You got beaten to the punch!  Stop bullying the little guys and put your overpaid marketing gurus to work and create another domain name.  Nissan Motors is acting like a school yard bully taking the smaller kid's milk money.  Let Nissan Computer survive and flurish and you go about more important things!  If you continue with this legal action I will never purchase a Nissan vehicle and I will embark upon a negative PR campaign against you.  Have a nice day.
Disgusted With Corporate Giants,
Chris Earley

Dear Big Guys
Don't do it.  If I check on the internet and find out you have stolen someone elses domain name, I will never buy another product from you. In addition I will influence my family and others via the internet of your bully acts.  It isn't worth the bad PR to you.
D.K. Booth

I don't think its fair for nissan motors to bankrupt nissan computers and take their domain from them...
Steven Leung

This is what is wrong with this country. The big Corporations can afford to pay for what they want.It would go a long way towards leveling the playing field by setting up a flat tax of 10% and closing all corporate tax loopholes. Then wasting money on superflous lawsuits like this might be too expensive. I can tell you I would welcome a 10% federal tax.
Lee Maxey

To whom it may concern:
I strongly believe that Nissan Motors should not have the right to tell Mr. Nissan that he cannot use his name for his family buisiness. I think that the officials at Nissan Motors are upset because they should have registered the domain as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours,
Diandra C. Alders

I oppose any effort to take away any domain name that has been legally obtained...hands off!
Sun Son

I think it is shameful that an international company like Nissan Motors would choose to pick on a small computer company in this manner!  This is simply ridiculous, and as a consumer I will not buy products from companies who act in such an unscupulous manner.  Best of luck to you Mr. Nissan in your fight to get to use your own name! 
Suzanne Prokopchuk

I am shocked at the attitude of Nissan Motors Co.  The Hebrew Calendar could be sued by them too if anyone takes them seriously.  The arrogance as well as the ignorance of their legal department amazes me.  I also have a friend named Nissan.  And Nissan is this man's surname.  He didn't decide to use a name of a Japanese automobile manufacturer.  He used his own name.  He also had to register the domain name in order to get his website.  If he was able to get the domain name it is his to use.  Nissan Motor Company needs to apologise and pay any legal fees incurred by this enterprising man and stop harassing him for being proud of his own name.
Nissan: Shame on you. I am ashamed to say I own one of yours.
Sara-Ann Lipson

I do not know much about this case other that what appears to be Nissan motor company trying to get a small company to hand over their url address to aid thier own marketing efforts.  If this is the case, I would hope Nissan Motor Company would recognize that people will be able to find them on the web in a miriad of ways and that it is unnecessary for them to own "Nissan" as a word.  Nissan, like any other string of letters, can have many meanings and as long as the owner of the url address has no malicious intent to the company or persons involved, I would hope the courts find no legal baring for this case.
Michael Knopf

I used to be a computer professional myself.  Don't get sucked in, take a stand you can, set an example.  I'll help any way I can, achi.  I'm also near Washington, DC.
Good Luck,
Chaim Adam Link

I support Nissan Computer Corp. in keeping their domain name. Nissan Motors could try and find another domain name that does not infringe on Nissan Computer Corp.'s established business.
Monica S. Flores

I think you should win this case and I hope you're compensated for the harassment of Datsun/Nissan Corp. All the best and good luck to you!
K. Higg

Sometimes in a democracy David does slay Goliath. Now I know why I buy Honda.
Steven Berner

To Whom It May Concern:
Regarding the use of "Nissan" in the business name(s)/ website of Mr. Nissan, should be of no concern to the Nissan Car Dealership.  Perhaps they should have made sure the name "was not registered" to anyone else before they decided to use it in "their" business name. It is obvious that Mr. Nissan's claim to the business name is just as valid as the Car dealerships, perhaps more so.  It appears to me that it is just a matter of a "money/power" struggle for the Nissan Car Dealership.  Does the Nissan Car Dealership have an address on the web listed as "", and if so, why don't "they" change it?
Hilda Leduc

This sucks.  Just another flagrant use of power by a big corporation to get their own way.  It's their own fault that they didn't snap up their domain names when they had the chance.  The internet has been around for years and they had ample opportunity to secure their name.  I would encourage Mr. Nissan to make this offense more public.  In the light of the Firestone fiasco, people are not feeling too good towards large corporations right now.  That would definitely help in bolstering support.
Ben Wagner

This is a clear case of a small established business using its name for its url adress.  Though actions must be taken against cyber squatting, there also must be protection for the small business that may have the same or similar names to larger companies.  It will be a sad day when these companies start being stripped of their right to use thier names in their URLs just because it causes minor discomfort for a giant!
Walter Hyde

I understand there is a dispute raging between Nissan Motor and Nissan computer.  Recently there has been alot of controversy regarding people who register domain names of famous people or movies or big companies with the sole purpose of turning around and selling those at a huge profit. From what I understand, the courts have been ruling overwhelmingly in favor of the "famous/notable" litigant over the "first come first serve" litigant.
But the situation is quite different here.  Here, there are two reputable companies each with a valid claim to the name. Neither wants to turn around and sell the site at a huge profit to the other.  It is my opinion that Nissan Computer, who, as I understand it, was the first to register the site and has maintained and utilized it for years as a business tool, must prevail in this case!!  If the facts as I understand them are correct, this sort of heavy handedness on the part of Nissan Motor, should be considered unfair business practices and, more so, totally a-moral behavior.  They should be ashamed for thinking that as a larger company they can walk all over other, smaller companies.  And they should be wary!! This is the sort of thinking that people don't like to see; it just may backfire and end up biting them where it hurts most.... in the wallet.  I strongly urge that Nissan Motor give up it's claim immediately.
I visited the page on the recommendation of someone else who was aware of the controversy. What's right on top of the page??? information on where to find the web site belonging to Nissan Motor!!! that's right free advertising.  Now, honestly, I don't know if the advertising is for free, or if Nissan motor is paying for it, but either way it was a very fair gesture on Nissan computer's part.  If there is financial compensatin going on for that advertising, so be it. If not I think there should be, or at least a corresponding link on Nissan Motor's site to that of Nissan computer.  My name is Jeffrey Lubin, I don't have a web site, but if I do decide to register a domain name, that is the one I would probably choose.  If it is already taken, so be it - I'll find another name.   But I would be outraged if after I registered it, some other Jeffrey Lubin came out of the woodwork to try and take it from me.
And as far as trademarks go, I'm pretty sure there have been numerous court rulings stating that a person has the right to his own name being trademarked for him.  and in this case Mr. Nissan of Nissan computer should likewise have use of his own name!  Shame on you Nissan Motor!!!  That is not the way our system works.  I think all parties in this case should think long and hard before making any more tragic mistakes.
Thank you,
jeffrey lubin(.com???)

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