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It is my opinion that the domain name "" rightfully belongs to Nissan Computer Company.  However powerful and wealthy Nissan Motor may be, they did not register the domain name and now have no legal right to do so.  Nissan Motor should become aware that there are other languages in use besides Japanese and English.  Any legal action to prohibit the use of "" by Nissan Computer should be halted and any legal expenses incurred by Nissan Computer should be paid by Nissan Motor.
I will back this statement in the most important way I can.  Until this legal battle is terminated and Nissan Computer awarded free use of its legally registered domain name, I will not purchase Nissan Motor products and will encourage my friends and family to boycott Nissan Motor.
Stev Lenon

I have had experience with other small companies being bullied out of business by large company lawsuits.  I find this to be one of the most deplorable, underhanded business practice I know.  If Nissan Motor Co. did not have the foresite to register a domain before anyone else then they should be upfront enough to accept or some other name that works.  To go after a little company just because they want to grab that name is simply wrong.  I hope that Nissan Motors comes to their senses and realizes what a black eye this kind of stunt gives them before it becomes common knowledge.  In my case it is already to late.  I can choose a variety of products as a consumer, why would I do business with a company that I know employs such sleazy practices.  Courts are not the answer for your poor planning.  Courts are not the way to drive a little company our of business. 
James Dull - Small business owner

Leave Uzi Nissan alone or buy the name from him, but don't try and bankrupt him by taking him to court for using his own name.  I now have one more reason not to buy another nissan.
Someone who had a 1985 Nissan 200sx for 12 years

I wish to express my support for the defendant, Nissan Computer Corp.  I can see no way in which his prior use of this name for a computer company can interfere with the gigantic Nissan Motor Co.  Under the circumstances I shall no longer purchase Nissan Motor Corp. cars.
Albert N. Greenfield - Los Angeles

To whom it may concern,
You would think that a big automobile company has better things to do, like design safer cars, than picking on small companies.  Is your company so insecure that they feel that Nissan Computer is going to be confused with Nissam Motors.  I don't think so.  Shame on you.  I won't drive a Nissan car if it was given to me for free.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Barbara Dundee

To whom it may concern:
I am apalled by the lack of common respect given to the owners of the website by a much larger corporation.  This is not an action that decent people will take sitting down.  Stop the court case or you will suffer for it since it is neither fair or proper.  I am very surprised that you have been able to get this far in the courts.
Aron Morgulis

To the President, Nissan Motor Company.
I strongly feel that your action against Nissan Computer Corp. is totally unjustified, and goes against common justice.  I could understand your protestations if someone had hijacked your name for financial gain, but this does not seem to be the motive in this case.  The only person you should be taking action against is your own IT & media personell for not realising the importance of domain name registration.  I feel that if the general public learns about your actions, and the voice of pubic concern is heard, your sales globally could well be effected.  Please don't use your financial superiority in persuing this case, I genuinely feel that the final outcome will not be in your favour.  Your advisors have let you down before, please for the sake of the name of an excellent motor company, review their advice and use your own respected judgement and commercial acumen.  Please drop this action.
Yours respectfully,
Glynn Oakley

Why can't Nissan Motor Co. just use or  If Nissan Computer registered the domain name first, Nissan Motor Co. should be gracious, choose another name and simply go about the business of making cars.  Corporate ego is the only explanation for the waste of time, money and energy that this lawsuit represents.
Ruth Mastron

Typical big boy want so big boy thinks they can have... at school it was called bullying.  We are currently going through the same thing with Rolex if these corperations want a name they should have registered and been switched on enough to do it or be prepared to pay for it. Until trademarks include the world internet in their registration it is clearly first come first served ... Nissan get screwed ..I hope you win Nissan Comp Corp. You have my backing.
Adam Worsfold

I reviewed all the information regarding this law suit and have come to the conclusion that you should reconsider this action suit against Mr.Nissan
Kathleen Marasco

How can any one regardless the size of company and their money to go against a computer Company whom is registerred legally for so long under the U.S. Laws?  If Nissan Motors had registerred their name over 10 years ago then the US Govt wouldnt of approve the computer Co registration.  Is clear here that the name of the Computer Co is due to owner name and not for benefittin from Car Co name.  Contrary The Car Co if they want the Computer Co to change their name which is impossible as this the owner name then they should come to them offer a certain amount to convince Mr Nissan to be willing to change his Co but legally no one can force him.
Jakob Meirovits

It wouldn't matter who regestered first as long as they weren't capitalising on the Nissan Motors good name.  It would be similar to demanding someone with the same name to remove theirs from the phone book.
John Moody

The early bird gets the worm.  Whoever registered the name first should be the rightful owner.  It seems it should be an easy decision that doesn't need a lot of legal assistance.
Rob Mogerman

If you registered "Nissan" at the time the Japanese automaker was trading in the US as "Datsun" I don't see how they have the Chutzpa to challenge you years later.
Shana Tova!!
Lew Cohen

I think it is absolutely riddiculous that the American court system is even considering Nissan Motor's claim.  Both parties have just as much of a right to use as a domain name.  It just so happened that Nissan Computer Co. got there first.  Therefore they are entitled to the name.  End of story.
Jeremy Fischer

I support Nissan Computer Corp.'s right to own their OWN name.  It is NOT Nissan Motors.  Tell the Nissan Motors people to stay out of buinesses they don't own, and with which they have nothing directly to do.  I would fully support a counter-suit against Nissan Motor.
Jonah Lissner

Common sense must prevail one day. How arrogant can u be?
Dwayne Henry

How can a corporation sue someone for using their own last name.  Too bad they didn't register in a timely fashion or they wouldn't be doing this.  They should offer to buy the address for millions of dollars and then the little guy would be more than happy to find a new URL.
Lisa Smajovits

You would be wise to stick to rolling off assembly linse instead of trying to roll over a bussiness that is using his or her family name in the first place.
Joseph Sandone

If uzi got the name first he should be able to keep it, and not forced to give it up, because some big company wants it.  Nissan, is the hebrew month in which freedom is celebrated, Uzi should be Free to keep the name
Rivka Jacinto

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