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Toshiba made my "no more business" list when they sold a 9-axis grinding machine to the USSR.  You just made it there as well.  For the record, I drive a '93 import and when I trade this year, you damn well won't be on the short list.  Many Americans have L-O-N-G memories.  I've been in the computer business since PCs came with cassette ports and 16k wired to the mother board, and I WILL MAKE IT MY MISSION to make sure everyone I know in the publshing business gets a whiff of your business ethics.  Nissan must be Japanese for Fornicates with Yaks.  P.S. My e-mail name is Copyright2000 and I dare you to use it.  I WILL MAKE A FEDERAL CASE OUT OF IT.
Tom Adams

Nissan Motor is so STUPID.  I was looking for their website to buy a Pathfinder but now that I have found out what ASSHOLES they are I don't even want one.
Maria Bass

Nissan Motor Co. is out of line, justice must be served in this and other cases like it.  Domain names are first come, first served, just because Nissan Motors has a trademark on the nissan brand does not give them a right to the domain name.  This is just another example of what is wrong with the world today.  I promise that I will never, ever, EVER, buy a Nissan automobile after reading about this case, and I will tell everyone I know to avoid Nissan products because of the company's downright dirty business practices.  Nissan Computer, know that we, the internet community, support you 100%
Mukunda Modell

Nissan Motor company does not have a case.  They should have tried a different approach if they wanted YOUR domain name.  You registered it before THEY WERE EVEN NISSAN!!  it is YOURS!!  Nissan Motor company should have made a offer to BUY its rights from you, which you have the right to accept or decline, depending on the offer and how strongly you feel about keeping it.  That is the way the domain name registry is, first come, first serve.  End of story.
Due to Nissan Motor company's ignorance of technology, and attempting to "throw their weight around" I, nor my family WILL EVER BUY A NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY PRODUCT FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES unless NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY drop the suit.  And even if they do, what a bad taste they left behind!  This is ridiculous and I cannot believe they are doing it!!!!!!

Nissan Motors, just because youre a huge corporation doesn't mean you can push around the little guy.  Let Nissan Computer Corp. keep its domain names.  I will get my driver's license in several months and need to buy a car and at this time my decision is definitely not in favor of a Nissan.
Joe Ketner

Dear Srs.,
The word Nissan was the name of the First, and most important, month of the jewish calendar- and derived from this, a jewish name- thousands of years before Nissan Motors ever dreamed of existing.  It is therefore, in my opininion, completely outrageous to propose that Mr. Uzi Nissan should not be able to use HIS own name for HIS own company, just because some company picked the same one as their fantasy name.  Given that Nissan is also the months during which Jews all over the world celebrate the time of Freedom, I think it is most appropiate to fight for it and the rights of small people against big powerful corporations.
Alfredo Nudman, MD

I was listening to G105 when I heard that Nissan motors was sueing Nissan Computers for the name basis.  The fact is that Nissan Motors had more than enough time to try to reserve that name if they so felt that it was their's to have.  In the reasoning that they feel it is wrong for someone to be using "their" name....they need to have a reality check.  Do you know how many companies are out there that have the same name?  Millions yet all of them are not fighting in a selfish childish manner because they feel they rightfully own it.  I believe that Nissan Computers has all rights to the website because they went through the process to gain that website and they reserved it by going through the many applications needed to do so.   So on that note my response to Nissan Motors is to get a darn life and move on.  That shows a real professional much that really would you want to buy one of their cars????
Thank you and Good Luck Nissan Computers,
Jennifer Bennett

I am sorry to hear that Nissan Motor has stooped so low.  My dad was a manager at Datsun Dealerships for 15 years and our families have owned just as many vehicles. I want to know if Nissan Motor has realized the full negative impact it has produced with this minor issue. Why would you mess up a great reputation for this?  I can tell the difference between Nissan Motor and Nissan Computer...Can you?!
J. M. Lawrence

I believe that an individual should be able to use his own name for any kind of business venture he pleases.  I do not think that Mr. Nissan will damage Nissan Motors in any way.  Possibly Nissan Computer has a legitimate cause for damages against Nissan Motors for using his good name!
Ron Musick

Nissan Motors ought to change back to Datsun if they're so bent on exclusivity!!! Go UZI!!!
Michael C. Zollo

Let the man do his business.  Just because Nissan Motor Co. is a much bigger company, does not mean that they deserve the domain name more than anyone else.  First come - first serve.  I hope justice is served!
Chad Elley

If Nissan Motor thought it was such a big deal to have the name, they should have registered it before Nissan Computers did.  To use their power and strength to try to threaten and sue Nissan Comp is horrible and bullyish.
Mendy Littman

To whom it may concern:
I believe that Nissan Motor Company's lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corporation is frivolous and unnecessary.  On the Internet, it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.  If Mr. Nissan registered and, well before Nissan Motor Company thought of doing the same, then he owns that name in the ethereal world until he or his successors in his computer firm no longer require it.  Since Mr. Nissan is only using his surname, which is FAR OLDER (by at least 2.000 years) than the motor company, then he has, in my opinion, full right to use that name in any business venture he chooses.  I feel that Nissan Motor Company's only desire is to broaden their presence on the Internet with a more recognizable URL -- which is greedy and improper given the fact that the URL that they seek is already owned by a legitimate business.
Alon Mizrachi

This is a bogus deal.  You should be sueing them for use of your name.  They should have bought the domain name sooner if they really wanted it.  Since your name is Nissan, you should have the right to use it in your business name.  Nissan Motor should be ashamed of their actions.
Matt Minnis

Dear Sir,
I would most respectively ask the Nissan Motor company to show the greatest respect from any and all persons who, by tradition, have a family and moral right to the name of Nissan.  This respect must include freedom from legal suits of any kind.  I am certain that the Nissan Motor Company understands the need for good will in the world and for the importance of maintaining its own corporate image as a thoughtful and compassionate enterprise.  Sincerely yours, Gary Donovan.
Dr. Gary Donovan

I heard your side of the story.  If this is the whole picture - I'll suppot your side.  If there are more details that I don't know - I wish to know them and then to decide.  Be strong and don't give up your domain.
Best regards
Eli Meiri

Given the facts of this case, I believe that the honorable solution would be for Nissan Corporation to withdraw its action and apologize to Mr. Uzi Nissan. This is a deplorable way to conduct business. If the Nissan Corporation wants the URL that badly, then attempt to find a price that Mr. Uzi will be willing to sell it for, and buy it. Trying to beat up a small businessman tarnishes the reputation of Nissan Corporation.
Bill Maniaci

If Mr. Nissan legally registered the use of the domain and beat them to the punch then I say bravo Mr. Nissan, and use it well!  Don't let the corporate bullies push you down and steal your name.
Pete Cedor

Big corporations can create some other name to go by, a person using their god given name should have the right to be using it and not have the big boys take it away!
Linda peterson

My opinion is that common sense says that there should never have been a law suit against Nissan Computer Corp. by Nissan Motor Co.   Hopefully "big"" corporate money and power won't prevail in the case.
Mark Miller

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