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I think Nissan Motor Company needs to get a real life!!!! If they are gonna sue one then they should sue all. I have heard of petty but this takes the cake!  I personally would file a countersuit against them for using my family name and making millions of dollars a year while doing so!  I hope everything goes well in your endeavour.
John Dennis

I am highly disturbed by your mean-spirited attempts to ruin a legitimate business man over a domain name.  Your tactics are unethical and wrong.  I own a used Nissan p/u but will never buy a new Nissan auto ever.  You are wrong, wrong, wrong!  In our society where we take pride in having honor, you have none.  Your lawsuit is ridiculous!  Stop crying over spilled milk and pick another domain name! is available and accurately describes your company. Shame on you, Nissan Motors.
Vincent Jong

I was about to purchase a Nissan Motors vehicle to replace an aging Jeep I own.  After seeing how this new form of "slap suit" is being used to attack and drive decent hard working American citizens out of business by a large multinational corporation I have terminated the purchase of that Nissan vehicle and shall opt for another company's product.  To think that our national leaders are allowing such attacks on our freedoms and in this case upon someone's family name is an outrage.
John Gagne

I used to be a big supporter of Nissan cars have owned several and still one two.  I will never purchase another Nissan product again.  It really saddens me when the Big Guy picks on the little guy.  I wish you the best and hope you prevail.
Anthony V

I am writing you to suggest strongly that you allow Uzi Nissan of Nissan Computer Corporation the use of the web address My family and I have owned and driven Nissans since 1978, but if I hear that your company was responsible for snuffing out a small business over a small matter, I will no longer purchase one of your cars, and I will urge my family members and friends to do likewise.
Yours truly,
Burt Kempner

If Uzi Nissan, who has been Uzi Nissan his entire life, chooses to name his business Nissan Computer Corp. and do everything in his power to protect himself, his company, and their trademark legally, than Nissan Motor Co. has no right to protest at all.  I remember very clearly the car company called Datsun, and when they disappeared off the face of the earth, so did their products.  I know several people who owned Datsun vehicles and could no longer get parts or services for them after they switched.  It seems to me like they just wanted a cooler sounding name, so they took on Nissan.  When they did this, Uzi Nissan and his company could have made some claim about having rights to the name, but they chose not to because they knew that consumers are smart enough to recognize the difference between a computer company and a motor company.  This case should not even be allowed to enter the court system, but it is, and I feel that this shows just how corrupt and dysfunctional our courts have become.  Legally and morally, we all know the truth: Nissan Computer Corp. took action first, and therefore has all rights to the internet domain.
Claire Harris

This is ludicrous!!! This gentleman doesn't manufacture vehicles. The Nissan vehicle manufacturers don't do computers. Since when is there a restriction on businesses (in *completely* different lines of work)having the same name? Look in the yellow pages!! Not only is this a frivolous and harassing lawsuit, it's clogging up America's courts!! This is disgraceful!!! ONLY in California!!
Kari George

I recently saw a news item about this issue on Yahoo.  I was surprised to get an email alerting me to the website for detailed information.  But I am very impressed by Mr. Nissan's website and his documentation of the dispute.  Nissan Motors should drop the lawsuit, reimburse Mr. Nissan for his expenses, and get about rebuilding customer interest.  It is obvious that many individuals have dropped interest in or loyalty to Nissan Motors products and that number will increase as the web awareness increases.  This legal pursuit can only continue to hurt Nissan Motors and if there is any justice in the world, Mr. Nissan will prevail.

My opinion is you Mr. Nissan were the first to integrate the name Nissan as a domain name so you deserve the Name NISSAN.COM.  The big corporation can Shove it .(YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE)!!!!!!
Don Prociw

This is a pure example of the big business trying to quel small busineses.  Mr. Nissan uses his surname in good faith.  I will believe that NISSAN Motors will not one day ask him to drop his surname for them.  My advise to you Mr. Nissan, do not relent on your effort to fight for your right.  Thank God you are in American where I presume individual right is always protected.  Hang in there body!!!
Good luck!,
Azubike Obiajulu

I knew that when they passed the law regarding the hoarding of domain names, that there would be grave consequences.  I knew that it would pave the way for larger corporations to bully smaller ones.  Although I know that in your case you are legitimately using the name, I wouldn't agree with what the big Nissan is doing even if you were hoarding it.  America is a capitalist country.  Capitalism is the driving force which makes this country prosperous.  If I purchase land in a terrible neighborhood for very little money and later that neighborhood is taken over by yuppies and artists, lucky me!  It's called free enterprise.  I consider domain names to be the same thing, cyberspace real estate.  People who were lucky enough or smart enough to settle this land early on should not be bullied off their property by anyone.  A person has the right to do with their property what they wish.  Nissan (the big guys) you made it big in America because of free and fair enterprise why not take your money and enjoy it rather than using it to stomp on other people.
Allyson Moskovits

please let this man make a living, i'm not here to judge any one of the parties, but, as all the evidance that i've seen till now, it looks as "the big bear trying to eat a small insect" it looks as if you're the "big truck on the road trying to push off the small car"
Ýsteve mayer

Does McDonald 'own' the name?  Is everyone with that lastname 'illegally' using it?  A clear case of big company indimidatation.  Everyone on the net knows that it was that motor company's own peopel who screwed up - did not register company name early enough.  While they could easily register themself as, the idiots in the boardroom decided on law suit? Great publicity move.
Lingyu Chang

In the 'new' economy a web name customers can remember and easily type is a valued business asset.  You did, you acted on it and you got it.  In this case the failure to act is owned by Nissan Motors.  And they probably think that by throw a ton of money at their lawyers they can bury you in legal expenses and take it away from you.  From this perspective it looks to me like Nissan Motors' actions are consistant with the Japanese corporate culture where businbess is war.  And they're on a war mission to get that web name.  So now, having isn't what's important.   No, what's important now is winning this little war.
Pete Harris

Just because they are a multi million (if not billion) dollar company, they think they should be able to buy anything or anyone! WRONG!!!  It has to stop, if they were so keen to get this domain name, they should have pulled their fingers out! First come first served, first registered first "surfed!"  Let the little guy have his day, where do we draw a line, so do you give them your domain name? Would you hand them your house keys and say "go right in and make yourself comfortable" I THINK NOT!!!!!!!

A name is an important family legacy...more important than product identity. When did we lose common sense and allow a dollar's cents to make our laws. Please do the 'right thing and allow Mr. Nissan and his domain alone.
thank you,
Jane Miles

I think it is disgusting and ridiculous, what you are putting Mr. Nissan through.  God forbid there be another person out there in the world that has the last name of Williams.  If they so much as try to use their last name as the name of the business or try to use their name in association of doing any kind of business, I will sue them. It is that kind of ass-backwards thinking that is bringing down society and cloging up our court systems.
Bryce Williams

If I were Mr. Nissan, you would have to pay me millions for my name.  Mr. Nissan has used and registered his business name long before Nissan Motor changed it's name from Datsun.
Tom Beeman

I am very concerned at the current Nissan Motor co vs Nissan Computer corp case.  If the ruling went in favour of Nisan Motors it would mean that individuals would have no right use their own name in their business domain name.  This would potentially undermine many companies, including my own.  Nissan Motor Co should use a domain like which would be equally visible.  If they had wanted they had plenty of opportunity to buy it before Nissan Computer Corp.
Gordon Hudson

I think if somebody bought a domen that's his full right. So, if there's a dispute other company SHOULD BUY the domen it wants. No matter of consumer perception.
Dmitri Maslitchenko

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