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I came upon this issue searching for a car.  My choice is easier because I've cut Nissan from the list.  Nissan Computer's claim to the IP domain name is sound.  Internet pioneers have rewards.  If Nissan Motor, as the larger company, wants the name, buy it, pay for a slick redirect link, or work to establish an identity for
John Riegel

To whom it may concern:
I have read of Nissan's lawsuit for the use of the domain name.  While I am sympathetic with such action in those cases in in which a person has "squatted" on a domain name to get a payday from a company, based on what I have read that is not the case.  The current holder of the domain name has been in business under that name for years.  His family name is Nissan, which I am use sure you are aware is a Hebrew and Arabic term, as well as Japanese.  This is clearly a case in which the private owner simply got to the domain name first.  It is wrong for Nissan Corp. to sue this small businessman in an attempt to appropriate the domain name for yourselves.  If the name is so desirable, you should pay Mr. Nissan to obtain it.
I own a 1996 Maxima GXE.  It is a wonderful car, probably the best car I have owned.  However, I will certainly feel no brand loyalty to Nissan when I purchase again if this is the manner in which you deal with those who have done you no wrong.
T. Johnson

Nissan Motor Company:
I am sorry to inform you, but perhaps you are not aware of how things work with the internet.  Domain names, such as, are available on a first come first serve basis.  Your company is being petty and selfish. Nissan Computer Corporation has the registration rights to the domain and that's final. You need to put to work your staff and have them attempt some creative thinking to think up a new domain name. NissanUSA.COM? ? Many companies do it. Look, I just came up with several names. USE THEM!
Your attempts to destroy a small company's well being is absolutely ridiculous. I will never buy a Nissan car again and I will sure none of my friends, co-workers, or associates purchase or lease one of your vehicles. You are the epitome of the "Money Hungry Large Company" who attempts to destroy an "Honest Small Town Company."  You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Grow up.
Sarah Bleviss

I think that Nissan computers is proven to be the first registered user of the site he owns the domain name without any contest. Nissan motor is just upset because it was slow to adapt to the changing technological world and now that they did a fumble they are trying to catch it up by bulling the small guys. If they want the name so badly they must buy it off Nissan computers for a price, the same price they pay when the do R&D in their company. The want something they do not own if you want the rights pay for it. Nissan computers has be a viable business for a almost a decade now and did not register the website the deter Nissan from doing so. therefore Nissan motor has no claim at all. As an owner of a Nissan truck i feel ashamed that this corporation would be such a bully and trust me my next purchase will never be a Nissan.
Arieh Ohayon

This is an unfortunate situation and one that surprises me - a long term Nissan Motors customer. Frankly in light of their continuing poor product line, it has altered my perception of the company.  After reading the in-depth background and why came to be, I feel I have to add my voice along with many of your supporters.  Nissan Motors Co., does not have a case for their lawsuit against your establishment. One that certainly did not spring up overnight, nor unarguably had the intent to cut into their business.  To me it's clear that had they been concerned about the fact that you are using the name Nissan, then they would have pursued the matter in the past - not present. Because of this, it is clear to me that the issue at hand is the fact that you have ownership of ""
To Nissan Motors Co., shame on you.
As a previous and current customer of Nissan Motors, this has seriously affected my outlook and decision making in which brand of automobiles I will be shopping for in the near future.
Helry Cobeng - Toronto, Canada

To Nissan Motors:
Millions of people are now buying domain names to use. I have not had a company trying to take one of my domains that is rightfully mine, but the feeling I get, when I hear of a company doing this to someone else, brings up feelings of outrage and injustice. This is the same feeling that millions of people will feel towards any company that does this, since millions of people will own their own domain. Feelings are powerful. Years ago, I once had a bad experience with the JVC electronics company. I will NEVER buy anything from them, and to this day, I recommend that nobody else buy anything from them either. JVC doesn't know it, but their poor customer service has cost them more than if they had taken back that VCR that no one could repair. It will continue to cost them, and some day I will let them know this. People like to think that their decisions are based on logical thinking, but in all cases, decisions are actually based on emotions. I don't want to go into that philosophy, but you do not want to have millions of people feeling hostility towards your company. It will be a factor in determining how many  vehicles you sell in the future, and you may not even be aware of why your sales are declining. The more you try to pass yourself off as a friendly company, the more angry people who know about this domain situation will become. People do not like to be tricked, or deceived. I suggest that if you want to increase your sales, that you have the rightful owner of the  domain put a note on his front page, indicating that Nissan motors is a friendly company, who has not used their money (which they got from selling vehicles to ordinary people, who own domains) to try and take the domain from the rightful  owner. Then beside that note, there would be a link to your site. If the note is worded correctly, that would give people the feeling that there are good people running your company. People like to do business with people they respect and like. I  would be proud to own a vehicle by a company who respects the rights of others. Sometimes people with a lot of money are not in touch with the emotions of the average person. Don't let that be your mistake.
Brad Britton

Dear Mr. Nissan:
Seems to me that if you registered the name of legally, and it was accepted at the time, you have the rights to the web site, no matter how famous or successful Nissan motors is.
One thing I know for sure, and that is that my next car will definitely NOT be a Nissan!
Daniel Ben-Sefer

Just when I think I have seen greed and stupidity packaged in everyway possible, Nissan Motor has come up with yet another way. Congratulations Nissan Motors! And to think, I was actually considering buying on of your cars.
Stephen W. Cotlar, M.D.

Terence here from Malaysia. Please accept my apologies for my broken English, but it doesn't stop me for commenting what I feel that is right.  It was Mr. Nissan who bought the domain name first to run his business, Nissan Computer.  It is absolutely right and correct that he should keep on using this domain name for his business, because he bought it first.  I have no idea why Nissan Motor wants to sue Nissan Computer. It makes no sense at all, and infact, no moral value.  I was actually coming here to do some research on cars that I wish to purchase in the few months time, but after seeing this, I don't think I am going to consider Nissan cars. I would be ashamed if I have one.

Dear Nissan Motor
WE found out your legal action against our computer and internet provider and are quite amazed that you would sue someone for such reason when the business ar so different, this shows a certain attitude not relevant to the American spirit.  BY doing this you need to know that many people will avoid buying your product that myself, in constant contact with public by means of servicing for different reason, will spray the news about your custom, and I can assure you that among the years coming, many people will have had a second thought before buying your product , and every time I will advice someone for a car, since i fix them as well the word will be drop about this event , so if you win the first round you may loose in the long run...
j. siary

Mr Uzi,
I recently was in the market for a new automobile and the Nissan Maxima was my top choice. As I was trying to reach their website by going to '', I was fairly surprised to see your company's page displayed instead of the automobile manufacturer that I had expected. I did, however, notice that you had conveniently displayed the correct address at the top of your page along with a disclaimer. I then noticed the flashing text 'Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer' and clicked on it, curious as to what the auto giant was spending their funds on. I must admit, I was highly disappointed to find that they were suing someone for simply using their surname as their domain name (which I totally agree you hold all rights to). After reading other people's comments, your story, and realizing that if they are spending this much money on a ridiculous law suit and apparently not putting those funds into research and development like they should be, then they definitely weren't the manufacturer I was to be making a purchase from any time soon. I truly hope that you win this case as it is most evident that you are entitled to use the name 'Nissan'.
Ray M Deese II.
P.S. I now own a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

I am in complete support and agreement with Nissan Computer Corp.  I believe that a large corporation should not be able to use its money and/or political power to compensate for not realzing the potential of the internet in the "early days".  Unlike so many unethical, in my opinion, people who purchase domain names for the sole purpose of selling them to others with a vested interest for profit, has developed their site for the purpose of promoting a business that existed 3 years prior to the purchase of the domain name.  I did stumble into the Nissan Computer site while looking for information on a Nissan Maxima.  The first thing I read upon entering the site was that this site was in no way affiliated with Nissan Motor Co.  I will have to think twice about purchasing an automobile from a company that behaves in this manner.  Does this reflect the way in which you treat your customers?
Matthew Harper

I find this sort of big-boy Corporate muscle-flexing ridiculous. It's the worst sort of negative PR that a company can project.  If a company the size of Nissan Motor didn't have the foresight or technical prowess to register the domain when the World Wide Web was in its infancy, then it simply demonstrates incompetence.
You can't then expect , once the Web is established, to come running back with a hotshot legal team and start bullying people. American corporate don't own the web as they'd like to think. Although this sort of case provides great business for parasite lawyers who see months of retainer fees waved in their eyes, it's not in the interests of personal freedom and its not legitimate.
What really annoys me and what prevent me from ever buying a Nissan (I remember when only old men bought Datsuns) is the attempt to appear friendly and customer-service orientated when in reality, they're just another collection of hard-nosed businessmen who don't give a fig for anyone's rights, as they are demonstrating.
Go for it Uzi and I think you should do your best to spread the word as nothing hurts car sales more than bad press.
Why do you think Nissan rebranded from Datsun in the first place? It's because they had the wrong image in the public's perception. Great, let's do it all again with a poorly planned legal timewaster! Go for it Nissan :)
James Pimentel-Pinto

I own 2 Nissan cars, but the idea of buying another car from a company that has it's head so far up up their _____ makes me wonder about where their priorities are. Come on fellows, GIVE IT UP!  Nissan Computer Corp. was first, they get the right to the domain. Next time, pull your big head out and pay attention.
Chris Borgman

I'm in the market to buy an SUV this coming week. I find it disturbing that Nissan is harassing this person just because he got the domain name before you did. This is America. If a Japanese car company can't act with American Values they they won't get my business.
Shawn Regan

I am under the impression that the issue is simple. No computer company, big or small alike, would attempt to sell cars or represent a car manufacturer in any way. Besides, the dates speak for themselves. First is first. I wouldn't want to do business with a company practicing this kind of behavior and would reconsider the renewal of my lease come February. I wish Mr. Nisan strength and courage. Giving up is not an Israeli trait and all the more power to him.
Smadar Babchuck

Come on Nissan Motor Co., give this guy a break!  He is making a legitimate use of his own family name in his business, and has done so for nearly 25 years in the U.S., long before you used the same name.  You didn't drop the Datsun nameplate in favor of Nissan until the mid-80's.  Did Mr. Nissan sue you for appropriating his family/business name?  Give it up; if American law is the same as Canadian law on Copyright and Trademark (and I believe it is), then you will not win in any event.  That is unless your intention is to defeat Mr. Nissan in a war of attrition by wearing him down financially.  I wouldn't count on that succeeding either.  I would be delighted to hear from you.
Yours sincerely,
Barry J. Goldman - Barrister & Solicitor

Dear Sir
I am really sorry for what happened there to you, but still you have to fight, and fight for your history, and from my side here I will do as much as I can. I will try to make a kind of small group to talk more in this subject, and for me I will not buy any Nissans for a life time, also I wish if you could open any business for your company here in Cairo, yes I mean here in Cairo, I will try to help and do my best, just try you not going to lose any thing ......
yours faithfully

It is an outrage how a hugh corporation can take advantage of the little guy.  I will no longer be buying or even thinking of buying a Nissan car.
Laura Baley

To Nissan motor corp, this is absolutely one of the worst things I think I have ever heard of.  You are trying to destroy a small hard working business man for your own needs.  I was in the market to buy a new car and I will never again look at a Nissan car because of this.  You should be ashamed!
Jason Ballek

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