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Like many of the peoples who looked for NISSAN.COM, I was surprised but not frustrated to find Nissan Computer at this address. If Nissan Motor is reading this : I am in the process to change my old Toyota Tercel and was seriously considering the Sentra. Like many others, I will now look somewhere else for my next car. Why a company as big as yours can't simply make an offer to M. Nissan for HIS legally owned domain name ???
Jean Lalande - Québec, Canada

Although domain name piracy is certainly a problem, I think that, according to what I have read at your site, this is absolutely ridiculous.  The idea that a corporation can usurp an individual of the right to use his or her own surname as a domain name (especially when that individual laid rights to that domain first) is actually pretty scary.  Get off it, Nissan (cars).  Although myself and my family own a number of both foreign and domestic automobiles and are actually shopping for a new one, you can believe that it won't be a Nissan!
Christina Crockett

First, I do not believe "Name Squating" should be condonded, but the assignment of Domain Names has always been on a first come basis.  If Mr Nissan has registered his family name as a Domain before Nissan Motors decided it wanted to be Nissan.Com he has every right to the Domain.  I assume that the Domain (or similar) is available, so why is "BIG Nissan" beating up on "Little Nissan". I know that the courts are less concerned with fair and just, than with who can fielded that best team lawyers.  I have owned Nissan cars in the past this action does make me less likely to buy another.
Robert Leeson, Jr.

I am sorry to hear about your litigation.  I think that it's ridiculous that a deep pocketed company thinks they can throw around the little guys in order to get their way.  I will definitely keep that in mind when I make my next auto purchase.  Domains such as, are available for them, and they should go with that.  Internet is first come first serve.  It's too bad they didn't know any better when the internet started taking off.  This is their problem not yours.  Maybe they should buy, or
Leave the little guys alone!
Richie Tayor

I was an owner of Nissan Primera SE which I really liked and came to the Nissan site to learn more about the new 4x4 which will be on market next year in Turkey. To my surprise, I learned this interesting case instead of new 4x4 and now I'm going to the Honda site to see the HRV and the Toyota site for new RAV4. Nissan is out of question from now on!. Congratulations Nissan Motors.
Yusuf Alican, M.D. - Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Sirs
After reading about Mr.Nissan's Situation, I must say that I am outraged that a huge corporation like yourselves would waste the time and effort to harass a company the size of Nissan Computer Co.  I guess I can now understand why your cars are so expensive, Because all of your overhead is tied up in legal fees.  And The real point is the fact that there should be no legal way or reason for the courts not to allow a person to use there G-d given name!!!  My last name is Lucas, and I have my own painting business, so I supose I should be expecting a call from the Star Wars people and George Lucas any day now!!!  Grow up and stop acting like the neighbor hood bully!!!  And may the Force be against you!!!!!
Dean M.Lucas

I find Nissan Motor Corp is very unreasonable in fighting for the domain name from the first registered owner Nissan Computer. Looks like Nissan Motor company is trying to use their money power to dominate the market place by crushing small businesses.This is really ridiculous situation. There is no connection between registered trademarks and domain name registration.
Gamini Wickramage

I am very sorry to hear abour your predicament. I have e-mailed all my friends to get them to lend support to you. Personally I am very annoyed when large conglomerates try to intimidate ordinary people who just want to get on with their lives. I trust that this matter will be resolved in your favour. G-d bless.
Andrea Parris-Moseley

Uzi Nissan is his name!  Anyone can have any domain name they want if they have it first.  Nissan, being a month of the Hebrew calendar, and a personal pronoun, cannot legitimately be copyrighted!
Orion Parrott

You have right to use this name, becuase you registe it first.
Trinitro Tolueno

I like your cars but I think you need to lay off this guy.
Joe Allen

These large multi-national corporations need to get real. They do not own everything on the planet. The internet belongs to the people.
James Campbell

I have read some information regarding domain names. The rights of first in, first served are a basic decent human quality and represent fair play.  This is not an example of someone registering a domain name (using a well known company name) for no other purpose than selling off that name to the company concerned.  Pride integrity and honour, in how we live our lives, how we deal with other people and even how we conduct a business is paramount. It should never be the case of whoever wields the biggest stick, gets the what they want. Is this any different from the schoolyard bully?  I consider the action of Nissan Motor Co. to have no honour, morally or ethically and I fully support the right of Nissan Computer Corp. to the domain name.
Bruce Bovill

Domain names were and are free to anyone to register and use. If a big corporation wants to use a particular name but its not available or not fore sale, then they have to find an alterate name. This is similar to, the same company trying to open a retailer/dealer in a location of another store. They either have to buy it out or change plans. They cannot claim "well this land is rightfuly ours because our name..." thats why people have deeds and contracts with either land or domain names. To protect the wise, who laid claim first, from the powerful who just wants things their way nomatter.
PS.  Honda makes better cars anyway!!
J Alexiou

I feel that Nissan Motor should have registered their name if they wanted to use the internet.  Just because they have deep pockets, why should the little man suffer over unwaranted lawsuits. This is just another example of people who have money treating other people or business's.

There are times when consumers purchase domain names simply for a quick cash payout.  I don't think there are any grounds for stripping you of the domain name.  The Nissan Motor Company might be larger and/or more well known than your business but I don't think that should be enough.  I hope you win the law suit.
Alberto Flores

I think that it is wrong for people to "cyber-squat", but this IS NOT ONE OF THOSE CASES! Nissan Motors should SHOVE OFF!!
Vershal Hogan

Something else to chew on...
I have all ready commented once, but noticed something else on the Nissam Computer Corp website.  Mr. Uzi Nissan is courteous enough to post Nissan Motor Co. correct website for those who travel to his site in error so that they may find what they are looking for.  That alone says something about Mr. Nissan.  And for that Nissan Motor Co. is suing him.
Bill Leonard

Basically, the Nissan Motor Corp. does not have a case.  The title/name Nissan is to generic.  It has been ruled by ICANN that generic titles/names are not privy to any one business or individual.  ICANN (the internet governing body, bascially the law of the internet) has instituted measures to prevent cyber-squating, individuals who register domain names and then ransom them for money.  Such a generic domain name such as Nissan is no where near specific enough for people to associate the name/title with just the Nissan Motor Corporation.    If the domain was "", then they might have a case.  This is not so.  You can read the rules for yourself on the ICANN website  This is a prime case of the big company with the big corporate attorneys not beating out the little guy.  Why does the Nissan Motor Corp. lose?  They didn't register the domain name first is what it comes down to.  It's that simple.  On a personal note, Nissan's are overpriced.
Bill Leonard

I hope they drop there suit.  I certainly will not be good advertising for the company that used to be called Datsun.  I would like to write them a letter and also I would love to see a 60 minutes episode about this story.  This story has to be told.
Michael Lowenthal

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