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Boycott ahead? Stop the domain name hijacking involving and  Obvious incompetence in your IT department.  No malice aforethought from Mr.Nissan.
Richard Powell

Dear sirs:
This action is an example of the worst sort of corporate strong-arm tactics. The most distressing fact of it all is that issues of right, wrong, and justice will have nothing to do with the outcome. In point of fact, this will come down to a simple matter of who has the most resources. I find it reprehensible that Nissan Motor Corp would bring this suit, and until and unless it is withdrawn, or settled in the defendant's favor, I will boycott Nissan Motors' products, and actively encourage my friends and family to do so by telling them about this action. Nissan Motors: Do the RIGHT thing here, not the EXPEDIENT thing...please!
Rick McDole

Nissan Motors is using bullying tactics over smaller companies, and in turn, the same people who are potential customers.  This is a very unethical practice and the reason I will never buy a Datsun or Nissan automobile and will deter all my friends, family, and co-workers from buying a Nissan Motors product until they drop this lawsuit prior to trial.
Patrick Ellis

Shame on Nissan Motor corporation. They are behaving in a dishonorable manner  with respect to Nissan computer. I will not  buy a Nissan vehicle
Richard Katz

Mr. Nissan is a respected businessman here in the Raleigh area and has been for many years.  How can you do this to him.  It's a classic example of the big guy picking on the little guy.  Please be assured that this car buyer will never in the future again consider another Nissan automobile.  However, I will continue to support Mr. Nissan's computer businesses.

I wish Uzi Nissan luck fighting Nissan Motor Co.  While it appears to me that he is certainly in the legal right, to fight a major corporation can often lead to a war of attrition, where the smaller company simply cannot keep up.  Unfortunately, I believe we will see more and more cases like this as celebrities and corporations have their names stolen from them.  Those who are using the same name with fair and legal reasons will be stepped upon in the process.  Good luck Uzi!  Hang in there.  You are fighting not only for yourself, but setting precedent for others.
May your new year be rewarding and see a fair end to this case.
Rabbi Jennifer Gorman

In my opinion to obtain a domain name is much more like to own a land & it must be free of anything & any rules.
Deniz S. Kayabay

I support the Nissan Computer Corp. in their right to continue to use the Nissan e-mail and web site. It is obvious that our country is based upon the right of all people, not job just those in high stations in life.  This is a matter of the basic principals of our nation.  You have my support in seeking justice.  Jim Rusnak
James E. Rusnak

I think that it is a shame, as well as an example of dictatorship. I hope that the 'first come, first serve' rule will be inforced by the courts.

Nissan Motor Co. go back to the well-known name of Datsun and let Mr. Uzi Nissan use his own name and leave him alone, please?
Robert Pasman

I can understand Nissan Motor Co.'s point of view, and I sympathize with their position.  Nevertheless, I feel that by waiting 6 years to instigate legal matters the automaker has forfeited the right to the '' domain.  I therefore support Mr. Nissan in his struggle to keep a domain name which is rightfully his.
Good luck to you, Mr. Nissan.

Nissan Motor Company form my most humble point of view, should simply drop this case for three main reasons 1. hey its his last name 2. he registerd the name first and 3. he does not deal automotives or the like.  perhaps Nissan Motor Co. should attempt to purchase "" if they want it so badly even the government would offer to pay for it
Kevin Casey

Nissan Motors have no reason to file a law suit agianst They are invloved in totally different industries.  This is just an attempt to takeover the DOTCOM domain name, since Nissan is probably frustrated that it does not have one or never registered one in time. The law suit should be dismissed as it is nothing but vested interest on part of Nissan.
Good luck Mr. Nissan
Kaushal Vyas

I am in complete support of your operations. I myself am being dragged through WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) because a French Company that doesn't even publish in, or is their website in French, now, after three years, want's my surname: They already have their domain name!
GO Uzi, keep up the PR!!
Bertrand Gallimard

Might does not make right.  Mr. Nissan, in my view, claimed the website fairly, before Nissan Motor Co. did.  Therefore, said automobile company should have no possible claim to it, and any attempt to wrestle it away by drowning the competitor is simply immoral.
Joshua Meisner

I hope you succeed with this insane lawsuit.  I cannot beleive that a company with the resources Nissan has would bully you around.  Everyday I find another example of what I thought was school yard mentalality being briliantly displayed in the corporate world.  I have only one question to you.  Have they offered any kind of compensation to you?  I faith in Nissan will be completely gone if they haven't.  If they are willing to watse money on lawyers, they should be offering you something.  Anyway, all the best of luck to you.
Shane Quigley

I wholeheartedly appreciate and support Mr. Nissan's historical and biblical use of his name as an internet reference. As an internet and non-internet consumer, I see no discrepency nor disparity in visiting and/or shopping at more than one unrelated business or e-business with the same name.  My name, Pierce, is associated with dozens of businesses and e-businesses without offence.
Michael Pierce

For as long as I can recall, Nissan was known as Datsun.  I suggest they should have done their homework before choosing the name.  In the event, as Shakespeare said, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Please stop taking domain names that aren't rightfully yours.

Dear sirs.
My father gave me a Nissan that I love alot since now my dad is dead and my Nissan is one of the best things I have.Mr.Nissan is proud as I am of his last name and I think that he deserves to continue to use his last name in his company. I will apreciate that you consider my opinion since I will always love my Nissan and this upsets me alot because it is not well seen not to permit a person to use his name.
Sincerly yours
Elizabeth Macias

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