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Till now, we had several cars from NISSAN. But after that story we stop buying cars from NISSAN.  We will inform our dealer and all of our frends about that situation.
Peter Jordi

It is clearly a harassment from a big corporation like Nissan Motors, I was looking for info for xterra, but I might as well forget it.  I have avoided buying Sony products after reading about a Sony restaurant that was sued by Sony, just because it happens to use the same Sony ,it is clearly different when you have restaurant, and an Electronics Store.  Same is true in this Nissan situation, it is but a clear harassment to see how much money they could spend, until you finally relent due to lost of time and money.  There should be a law against legal harassment, just because this companies are big and have big pockets.
Rest assured , I will not buy any Nissan Motors products, and will show this harassment to friends and relatives.  I know I like the xterra. But I could live without it.
Amor Tupe

Dear Sir or Madam:
Be advised that I will not consider any Nissan product while your company continues its extortionate legal action against Mr. Uzi Nissan and the Nissan Computer Company. I sincerely hope that many others in this industry will do the same.
Mr. Nissan's use of his family name in trade clearly antedates any general use of the word "Nissan" by your company in the United States, his trademark in no way resembles yours, his business does not compete with your business, and  he uses the domain name, <>, for legitimate purposes (promoting his business).  He doesn't just sit on the domain in order to force you to buy it. As the first registrant of the domain name, he seems to have the indisputable right to use it.
I must therefore conclude that your legal actions are intended to extort the domain name from the legitimate registrant  by running up legal bills that you can afford and Nissan computer cannot. Such conduct is dispicable. I hope that Mr. Nissan's attorneys are considering a civil action for abuse of process and criminal complaints for barratry and extortion against your firm and its attorneys. I also hope that they will bring up your  attorneys' conduct before the state bar.
Robert Craig Johnson, Ph.D. - System analysis and documentation

Big companies like Nissan Motor Company seem to have this ridiculous belief that having tremendous amounts of capital, as well as far-reaching name recognition entitles them to privileges beyond their individual rights. I realize that Nissan Motors is by far more famous, and could probably get more mileage out of the domain name. However, trying to bankrupt Nissan Computers via long and expensive legal proceedings, just to swoop in and scoop up their domain name afterwards is so blatantly immoral that it makes me want to retch. I would like it to be known that I am never buying another Nissan Motors product; as far as I'm concerned, they can go rot in their own ill-begotten cash.
Craig Stern

I own a Datsun 200sx (1984 model) and was planning to purchase another replacement vehicle this year, but now, I think I'll look at Toyotas instead.
Thanks for the memories...

The challenge by you to the use of Nissan Computer Corp. is unfair and ridiculous. There is no possible way of confusing the products nor does there appear to be any attempt to trade of the Nissan Motor name. This type of bullying will only create ill will towards Nissan Motor Co.
Abe Rappaport

To whom it may concern:
Because of the size and scope of the Nissan Motors name, I am distressed to see it pit its strength against a small company that in no way conflicts with it.  If Uzi Nissan, his real name, were willing to add a disclaimer at the opening of his sites denying any relationship with Nissan Motors and its subsidiaries, wouldn't that be an acceptable compromise?  Then the man could continue to use his own name and not reflect on your company.
Adrienne Raff-Prekop

It's time that those big corporation make sense that the fair judjment would prevail. See the case of Microsoft. In other hand this kind of dispute make the American customer goes against your products.
Felix E.

Nissan Motors could have registered the site.  Why didn't Nissan Motors register the URL?  If they didn't want to, you have a right to get the site. They have a presence in the U.S. They knew the ruless. When was your site registered? Did they know about the internet before you did? or after If they didn't register the site. let them change their company name to something else.
Reuben Pludwinski

This is a tragedy.  Once again the story of the corporate giant  side-stepping the law to over power the smaller bussiness is being told.  I pray that Nissan Computer Company's lawyers are of  the top nich for this is what will win the case.  I stand behind Nissan Computer Company and hope they win for if they lose it will be the beginning of a chain of unlawful events.

If, infact, your legal name is Nissan, than the courts will have to side with you ultimately.  However, the other Nissan has so much money and huge legal staffs that they can tie you up in knots and ruin you financially, well before the courts rule in your favor.
Good Luck,
Matthew M. Press

Nissan Computer Corp has a clear right to use the URL,  I have worked in the internet world since early 1997, and I have dealt with many url disputes internally.  NCC should be able to use
Joshua Pines

Uzi: I hope you take'em to the cleaners! Good luck with your fight.
Bill Weinel

well I totally support you, youo being the first makes you the one that is the rightfulowner of that domain name. I am not trying to make a bias out of Nissan Motor, as they have excellent products.  Unfortunately, their legal department make dumb things such as suing anyone, even though they don't have much of case.  To that, I would like to show my support to Nissan Comp. Corp.

Absolutely absurd to proceed against someone using his own surname as a trading name.  This is perefctly legal and acceptable in the UK.
Wishing you Hatzlacha Rabba
Alvin Ormonde

I am saddened to hear that Nissan Motor Co is attempting to remove the rights of Missan Computer Company to their valid .com and .net  names.   Had Nissan Motor Co wanted the name, perhaps they should have properly registered it first.
Bill Feldman

I was born in the month of Nisan, which is approximately April, the Passover month.  I love Passover and the spring season, in which it falls. I wish you success in sanctifying the month that is so meaningful for me. I will pray for you and your defense.
Nehemiah 2:1   In the month of Nissan in the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, when wine was brought for him, I took the wine and gave it to the king. I had not been sad in his presence before;
Esther 3:7   In the twelfth year of King Xerxes, in the first month, the month of Nissan, they cast the pur (that is, the lot) in the presence of Haman to select a day and month. And the lot fell on the twelfth month, the month of Adar.
Fred Edelstein

There must a strictly defined law that defines the line between the utilization of a domain name to "squeeze" rediculous amounts of $$$ out of a giant comany, and the use of a domain name for a legitimate business who practices under a similar name.  If Nissan Computers has been incorporated legally without any dispute over the name of corporation, there is NO REASON why it cannot buy and legally use the domain name NISSAN.COM as well.  It's not as if John Doe has purchased the domain name COCACOLA.COM and is holding it ransom for 1 billion dollars.  Nissan Computers is a legitimate business which has bought a very logical and suitable domain name to do business on the Internet.  The fact that a giant corporation was too slow to get around to it is just a pitty (not to mention a huge embarressment on the part of their Marketing Dept.!)  The logic is stated above.  Domain name ownership should be regulated to the extent that one cannot purchase a domain name for the clear purpose of holding another company "by the balls", but otherwise, it's first-come-first serve regardless of the size of the entities involved... (and NISSAN Motors...  quit using your huge budget to exploit the law with big-shot lawyers - that's called bribery - remember OJ Simpson???) - you want NISSAN.COM?? pay up like the rest!
Doron N.

I sincerely doubt, in spite of what big business thinks, that the Nissan Motor Company has proprietary rights to a name. I'm sorry, but just because you go and name yourself something doesn't mean you are the only one that can have that name! Mr. Nissan, of the Nissan Computer Corp. has put a note on his site, at the very top, that will put a person in contact with the Nissan Motor Co. Since he has been running his site for 6 years, it's absolutely ridiculous that he should change his domain name to something that better suits the need of a big motor company. Too bad, Nissan Motor!
Elizabeth Peart

It's obvious such tactics will be used by the lager companies when they realise what they have missed out on, they behave as my 4 year old Daughter does on missing a trip with me.
Good luck Uzi!
Craig Havenaar

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