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We Jews of Sephardic Ancestry can document the use of the name of Hebrew month of Nissan as a surname for centuries and as a first name for millenia.  It has never occurred to me to question the right of a twentieth century Japanese Motor company to to use a name so common and dear to our people as a logo for automobiles.
Perhaps I should use my position as spiritual leader to a group of Sephardic Jews here in Miami to push for a boycott of Nissan Motor Products.
I am forwarding this web page to Sephardic Image Magazine. Perhaps they and their tens of thousands of readers will choose to organize on your behalf, Uzi. Afterall, how many hundreds of their subscribers are named Nissan?  Perhaps we will need to begin a class action suit defending our right to use this very common name. Hopefully Nissan Motors will not sue all Hebrew calendar producers for the use of the name of the Jewish month.
Let's just hope that you are fairly and generously compensated for your troubles in the end.
Rabbi Shmuel Kohn

The President, Nissan Motor Co.
Upon reading Mr. Nissan's story, I am surprised that you intitated a lawsuit against him for using his own name! He legally registered his domain names, and company names, using the proper legal framework for doing so. This sounds to me like the big guy bullying the little guy to get, not what he is entitled to, but what he can get because of his size. In your case the size of your company. Instead of trying to bully Mr. Nissan why don't you offer to buy the domain names from him? (Whether he decides to sell to you or not should be his decision without any presure from your company) This would be the professional and gentlemanly thing to do. After all,I presume your company is run buy mature adults, not by schoolyard bullies...but I could be wrong.  The type of legal action your company has taken against Mr. Nissan epitomizes all that is wrong with "big business".  As this action becomes more public, and you can be sure that it will,your company will be the ultimate loser.
I for one will be bringing it up at the next Chamber of Commerce meeting I attend. I will also be discussing it with my colleagues).
Incidentally, my spouse and I have been considering purchasing a new vehicle this year. We presently own four vehicles, a Ford F150, a Volkswagon Sedan, a Mazda B2200, and a Toyota Corolla, all of which we which we bought new. We were thinking about buying a Nissan Pathfinder this time but I am not sure we will after hearing about Mr. Nissan's plight.  I cannot support a company that stoops to such low tactics. I hope you will reconsider your approach to Mr. Nissan.
Bob Lougheed

Lay off the small guys.  I am not purchasing a Nissan car at this time.

It is a shame that Nissan Computers, must be dragged through the mud of corporate legal battles. In this day of modern business, the first to capture the moment, is the winner. Nissan Computers legally filed for and registered the domain name application, before Nissan Motors did. This shows lack of action, vision, and planning upon the part of Nissan Motors, and it is thier problem. Live with it.
I am a former owner of two Nissan Pick up trucks, and my personal reaction to this childish lawsuit will only be to notify as many persons as I can, to boycott the further purchase of products offered by Nissan Motors. In my opinion the early bird gets the worm, now be kind enough to allow the bird to enjoy his efforts. Shame to you, Nissan Motors, for starting this lawsuit.
Bill Johnson

I find this heavy-handed action by Nissan Motor Co. to be completely despicable. I plan to purchase a new vehicle in the second half of 2001, and a Nissan is now unlikely to be on my list. I hope that Common Sense and Justice will prevail over Big Money in this case. Good luck Nissan Computer!!

I'm all for NISSAN MOTOR on getting their own the situation stands, it's a trademarked name!!!  So, to help out the incompetence in the situation, - - - -
Dan Luban

I agree, Nissan Computer is a valid reason to have the web address, they are not cybersquatting and therefore should be allowed to keep the address.  If Nissan Motor wants the site, then they better pay up just like everyone else, this would include payment for any lost profits from the transfer of the site to Nissan Motor.
Jeff Amerine

I believe that the first user of the name in question should have rights to that name.
Mark G. Mcnair Sr.

Keep up the good work, as a fellow independant Computer tech, I understand how hard it is to get past the politics of life....  As for the domain...Everyone knows thats its first come first serve.....So Screw Nissan Motor..and get on with you life...  Good luck
Kevin Whitteker

Chizuk chizuk v'shana tova to you all.  Keep pressing ahead....the publicity is doing you the world of good.
Robyn Rubenstein

Dont let the turkeys get you down!!!
Jon S. Sutherland

I heard about the dispute of the domain name Nissan. My feeling is if you did not register the domain name first you lost out.If the article I read is correct Mr. Nissan registered his sir name as his domain name for his buisness not to do harm to the auto company.  Why did you change the name of Datsun motor co. to Nissan anyway? Datsuns were good reliable cars with a good name.  If the domain name is not awarded to the first person registering the domain name instead of the person with the most money a lot of damage will be done and a very bad precident will be set.

Re: Uzi Nissan vs. Nissan Motors:
You should be ashamed of yourself. Here's a man, using his real last name, trying to conduct a dignified business which, in no way, reflects shame or dishonor on your firm. Don't you have anything better to do, or haven't you sufficiently-used the retainer provided to your law firm? Get a life and leave the little guy alone.
Frank L. Laifer

I am olso an israeli born that has been here for over 30 years. I compliment you for standing for your rights. I am sure its very costly, but I am also sure that the "end will justify the means"
Shana tova vekol tov" behatzlacha
Nitza Merhav

To Mr. Uzi Nissan and all concerned:
In a democratic society, people have rights than elsewhere would be viewed as openly immoral, unfair, or otherwise distasteful.  This case reeks of the above. We live in a democratic as well as a capitalistic country. If people cannot get what they want by asking nicely - or not so nicely, then they usually end up paying for it. Usually this is the case. "Money is the solution to all problems".  However, what becomes to the exceptions, is usually a cacophonous display of grabbing, horseplay and name-calling. This is also known as dragging your opponent to court. After all, if justice is to be served, should not everybody give of their life and property to try to attain it? So what is wrong with this picture and why should one viewpoint be more legitimate than the other?  The answer lies somewhere between the price one affixes to their good name and the one they must pay to keep it. Apparently, Nissan Motor Co. has a very modest view of their representation. Makes one wonder, then, why they would go through this zealous effort to get themselves a "pure" name. Do I hear "self-contradiction"?
My enthusiastic support goes out to Nissan Computer Corp., the true "David" in this unfair controversy.
Matt Morgan

I am not agree whith the problem because Nissan Motors didn't do anything before and Nissan is a last name whith many years old.
Sheito Camina

Internet is a Free Area !!! Every people can use the names !
Dimitris Flamiatos

Good luck in fighting the big corporation.  It sounds like you have proper documentation to win your case.  I wish you the best of luck.

I just want to let all those concerned that I believe that since Nissan Computer registered the name in good faith and for good reason they are the proper owners of the name. If Nissan Motor wants the name then they should make an offer to buy it. Nissan Computer should be under no obligation to sell.
Joseph Reinman

I would like to express my opinion on the domain name "" dispute.  I do not feel it is right of the Nissan Motor Co. to be suing the Nissan Computer Corp.  The man's last name is Nissan and that is the name of his company. What is the problem here?  He registered the domain name "" with InterNic (now Network Solutions) as I am sure you know. He also obtained a service mark registration for Nissan and his logo from the State of North Carolina.  Your company was aware of this and wrote to him regarding the matter and of your concern.  I understand that you may not like the fact that he is using this domain name but keep in mind, it is also his name. And has been since way back when...  Sometimes there are things in life that we don't like. But we have to deal with it. I'm sorry.  Thank you and have a nice day.
Natalie Martinez

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