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Nissan was only one of several vehicles that ended up on my short list for new purchases this year in the US, Israel and SE Asia. Since I just read this file, we made it a "nonstarter."
As a Senior Lecturer in International Marketing, I will certainly include the case in my future courses.
Good Luck,
Prof. Rafael Boritzer - Swinburne University of Technology-ISEMI Campus

Shame Shame... I am very disturbed by this lawsuit, Nissan Motor.  Nissan Computer has a legitimate business.  The Nissan name does not belong to anyone it is not unique. There is lots of business that use Nissan in there name.  Why don't you take on everybody else that uses Nissan in there business name.  Just because Nissan computer beat you to registering the, so be it.  Take it as it is, instead of being like the rest of the big Corporation use all that extra money and sueing a smaller company.  If you had vision back then you could of registered it first.  Now since the internet is booming, you scramble to declare the name Nissan as yours.  Just because you are such a big company that doesnt mean you own everything, trying to be a big shot and sue. I can tell you now, Nissan Motor will lose this lawsuit. Instead of wasting money on a lawsuit, offer a price for it or maybe work together to find a solution...
I had always appreciated Nissan Motor especially the Nissan Pathfinder.  I was planning to buy a 2000 model Nissan Pathfinder.  Wanted to check out more info on it, that's how I stumbled upon  And it wasn't the Nissan I expected.  I would of continue to find the right site.  But when I saw the lawsuit on this site, I could not believe that Nissan Motor is doing this.  I was so dissapointed, now I have changed my mind and now going to buy a Toyota 4runner.  Well Nissan you might think I am just one customer you have lost. Think again, the more people are aware of this situation, they will feel the same way as me.
So to Nissan Computer, I support you all the way.
and for Nissan Motor, shame shame....
Alex To

I have heard about your demand from Mr. Nissan to surrender his domain name to you. This is a ridiculous claim: a man is entitled to use his name. I will not consider buying any of your products until you withdraw this claim.

Nissan Motors needs to take a long look at this case and what it really means. They could have worked with Mr. Nissan and simply had him redirect any traffic for the Nissan Motor Corporation. Instead, all they have done is caused this public outcry. I used to own a Nissan Pathfinder. I can assure you that now, I will never own another Nissan vehicle. Nissan Motors, you are making a big mistake and its my hope that suffer the consequences of such short sighted thinking. Mr. Nissan clearly has the documentation to prove that he was using the name long before you did, even having his car repaired in your Datsun shop. The irony is just too strong to ignore. Wise up, drop this suit and repay Mr. Nissan for his legal expenditures. Then my opinion might change of your company.
Ralph Hilliard

It's not Mr. Nissan's fault that Nissan Motor Co. was short sighted.  If you want the name ante up and offer to buy one of his sites.  Maybe I'll sell my Altima and buy a Toyota.

I think Nissan Motors is wrong for trying to bankrupt Nissan Computer and should back down and find another name for their website such as or something along that line. Good luck Nissan Computer Company. I hope that Nissan Motors is forced to pay your legal bills if an when they lose their bogus claim to
Greg Meck

To be brief:
I think that as long as Nisson Motor Co. does not manufacture the same sort of products as Nissan Computer Corp. there is not even an issue here. Let Mr. Nissan keep the name of his company as is.
Thank You
Stephen Moore

The Corporate Japanese giants need to know that they DON'T CONTROL everyone. Mr. Nissan has legally obtained permission to utilize his OWN NAME. Mr. Nissan should be allowed to continue to use his family name in his business....After all, his family name existed long before the Japanese Company was born!
Mr. Nissan, I support you!
Ruth Antebi Rahmani

I morally support you! You have all the rights to use your name Nissan for your bussiness and website (be it domain name).  I will pray for you.
Hussain Ali
Note: What a co-insidence! I got married on 4th of June 1994.

It seems to me to be the tough luck of Nissan Motors that a man named Nissan chose to use his own name for his company and web site and did so before they did. Either Nissan Motors should drop their case or pay Mr. Nissan an appropriate amount of money.
D. Penzel

I can't beleive Nissan Motors is all fired up about using your legal name in your buisness.  A little strange they waited 4 years to make a issue about it.  I wonder how many other individuals with the last name of Nissan are out there doing the same.  Is Nissan Motors going to go after them too? 
You have my support.
David Rasbold

I own a nissan.  Good truck. But shame on you Nissan Motor Co.  I would have thought better.

My name is Jose Rivas and Im from PERU , The Nissan family existed in the world before even the DATSUN company were created , further The Nissan  Computer registered its name according the State Laws , so tha Nissan Motor claim has no any tecnical fundamental ,and only the Size of that Global Company ,Nissan Motor ,does not give it the right to NOT respect the Law in an American State.
Jose Rivas - Lima, PERU

One should have the freedom to use their name in business. Nissan Computer Corp got the domain name first - bite the bullet Nissan Auto folks and deal with it. You were not there first.
Sandy Reutzel

This is a deplorble situation and should be thrown out of court. If Nissa Motors wanted to set up a domain name then they had their opportunity to do it. It is wholly inappropriate for them to claim rights to the name when they chose to use some other variant (ie NissanDriven.Com) If they want to complain about the fact that they were scooped by a smarter individual let them go to the incompetent who advised them to use the more complex name for the domain. Mr. Nissan of the computer co. is even acting very responsibly by placing a very clear and legible note on his web site indicating who he is and how to get to the motor co. site if they arrived there by mistake. Nissan Motors lisck your bruised ego and go home. You got some bad advice from your marketing people years ago, now live with it or pay Mr. Nissan to give up the domain name for your use if he chooses to do so.
Alan Rosenblatt

Dear Sir
"NISSAN" is an ancient hebrew name,which is being used by many people as first or family name.  "NISSAN" is the name of the 7th month in the Jewish calender,and in this month the jewish people celebrate passover which is knowen also as "The Freedom holiday".
Best Regards
Meir Levy

As a native of Raleigh, North Carolina; I am concerned that the powers that be would come to the conclusion this late in the game that Mr. Nissan should not be allowed to use his own name as part of his businees strategy and design. If Nissan motor company wanted to use,, etc., they should have taken steps to register and reserve the name for themselves, as would any other legitimate businees.  Mr. Nissan is a well liked and high respected business man in this community and deserves the consideration due him and his business in this and all other matters concerning these issues.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Richard Lee

I fully support Mr Nissan and the Nissan Computer Corp in its fight to retain the right of every man or woman to freely use his or her own family name in corporate or domain naming.
As a potential user of Nissan motor products I will re-assess my continuing use of such products if it comes to my attention that Mr Nissan has been prevented by law or by other means from using his own name in appropriate circumstances. I will also urge all my friends to similarly reassess their use of Nissan Corp. products.
Kindly leave alone Nr Nissan, his corporation and his internet services.

We support Your fight Mr. Nissan, that is as David vs. Goliath, with our prayers.  God always helps the righteous and littleons !
Hiero Hieronymus - Austria

This man's name is Nissan.  He registered his name.  End of story.  Nissan (the car company) has no claim whatsoever to this site.
Neil Richler

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