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I wish there was a "" for stupid things company's do, I'm sure this would be a winner.  I'm trying to imagine what the people who made this decision were thinking:  "Hmmm.. Let's see..I have million s of customers that want to get to my web site, but they find Nissan Computers instead...I KNOW, let's piss off the person who controls that site by Sueing him!  Yaaaa..that's a good idea!  He's only one man, how would anybody know."  Duh!  I hope that Mr. Nissan not only wins this case, but turns around and Sues Nissan Moters for LOT'S of money for there incredible stupidity.  Then he can retire having become a multi-millionaire and sell the URL's to somebody else -- just to frustrate Nissan Moters.  I like the many others here will boycot Nissan Moters, and encourage others to as well.  Keep up the good fight Mr. Nissan!
Malcolm Hostetler

I used to say that I was a proud owner of a Nissan Maxima.  That is untill I herd of this dispute between Nissan Motor, and Nissan Computer.  I would like to know what right Nissan Motor thinks they have to a domain that was claimed so many years ago?  Why cause problems now?  What right do you have to tell this man that he can not use his own last name, or his companies name?  I belive that he has more right to that name than you do, being that it is his family name.  In addition I would like to say that I find it very wrong for Nissan Motor to do this just because they are bigger.  If this is an example of how Nissan Motor treats the little guy, then I have only one thing to say.  You can have your Maxima back, as well as it drives, I can't, in good concience drive a car that helps you to finance such dispicable activities.
Joshua Garza

Nissan Motors don't be a bully. Leave the little guy alone. I do not think that this computer company is a problem for you. I can assure you that I will never buy a Nissan if this continues.
Howard Hassan

I can promise I will watch this litigation and I will never consider another Nissan if the Motor Co is successfull with their suit.  This is an outrage.
Peter Reguin

This is the perfect example of a big company taking the working man that is trying to make a life for himself and his family and greed makes this guy fair game. I say where is your concern for the fellow man.  I would not buy anything from a company that plays bully to the working man.  I think the man should have the rights to his own family name and with the millions that this big company has there ad department can come up with something just as effective to use as a internet name.  GIVE THE LITTLE PEOPLE A CHANCE FOR GODS SAKE.

It is unfotunate that some businesses did not forsee the coming of age of e-business .That is not the fault of the people or the creators of the web but only shortsightedness and ill prepared businesses that should have to  bear the burden and swallow the cost of now getting prepared to do business on the web.Big companies who have long been a part of the real world let the internet go along without any attention to the fact that domain names were being swept up in droves; .com's and .net's etc., and now they have the gall to come in and try to take the registered user of that name away ??? That's STUPIDITY and ARROGANCE at the top level. You think you can push people aside with your fancy big buck lawyers and loopholes ??? I hope you lose your shirts!!!!! It's very easy to overcome the situation...just call yourself NISSANAUTO.COM or NISSANINT'l, NISSAN .There's certainly a better way around this then trying to take someone else's name by force!!!!!!!
Layne R. Conn

Nissan Motor Company lost out.  They should not be creating an expensive legal battle for Mr. Nissan.  I feel sorry for all the small companies in America that have to battle the corporate giants.
Mark Majeske

The perfect example of why Nissan Computer Corp. shold be allowed to keep the domains in question is this:  Nintendo recently named GameCube as their next video game system. Well, a site I host ( is owned by a private party, and Nintendo basically just said they were not interested in owning the domain name, and let us off. Nissan Motors has no legal right to "take" this name. If they did, Nintendo would have taken from us!
Dylan Buchfink

I have received an email from Mr. Uzi Nissan, of the Nissan Computer Company, telling me that he is being sued by Nissan Motor Co. because he is the registered owner of the domain name.  I of course don't know both sides of the story.  But I do know that Mr. Nissan also owns  So if the facts are essentially as Mr. Nissan has stated, then I have a suggestion for Nissan Motor Co.:  Perhaps you should offer to buy the name from Mr. Nissan for a reasonable price to be negotiated, and in exchange you would formally waive any objection to Mr. Nissan's use of the name.  I would also be interested in hearing the other side of the story.
Neil Parks

That lawsuit needs to be dropped. A lot of people have the same names. I can't sue somebody just because they have the same name as I do. Why should a big business be able to sue someone for having theirs.

This is too much. You cannot copyright common names, such as Tuesday, September, Seven, and so forth.  If there is an issue with logo/icon plagarism, that is an entirely different story. (Which I understand this is not.)  Seems like the may be a few too many lawyers with little to do at Nissan Motors.  Just stop it.
Asher Montgomery

Nissan motorcompanys behavior is unbelievable.  The guy is named Nissan and he registered the name BEFORE you did.  What kind of case do oyu have.  Basically you were too slow, the early bird gets the worm.  Since his legal name is Nissan, he has as much right to the site name as you do.  Probably more since it is his personal name and not his corporate name.  Change your name back to Datsun. is not registered, so you can sure get it without terrorizing and bankrupting a private citizen. 

Something should be done to allow the use of same names in domain names when the difference of business is obvious and relates to the name of the owner or owners.
Gilles Marin

Cease and desist, bully.  I hope the computer nissan wins and counter sues the pants off of you.
Lee Ogren

Its another example of big fishes trying to eat the small fish.  The internet was created not for institutions but for the good of all peoples around the world....Maybe just maybe we will be able to preserve this principle....I hope so!
R T Daniel

Knock it off, Nissan Motor!  Does the word "dibs" mean anything to you?  If not, have someone 'splain it to you.  The little guy counts, too!
Elmer Boyce

I understand that there is a concern that consumers may think that there is a relationship between the two buisnesses. Even so, that does not mean that the lesser know buisness needs to give up or change its name. It should be sufficient for Nissan Computer state clearly on their website that there is no relationship between Nissan Motor Co. and Nissan Computer.
Rabbi David Ribakoff

Nissan Motor Corp is plainly a bully in this case. If they (Nissan Motor) wants the name they should buy it from the current owner if he wants to sell it.  STAY OFF!

I think it is improper to sue Mr. Nissan for using his own name.  Surely a large company like Nissan Motors should be able to make it worth Mr. Nissan's time to change the name of his site!  Why sue him when he was registered first and did not violate his own moral dictates? SHAME ON YOU NISSAN MOTOR CO!
Howie Rose

The big fish don't have to eat the small fish. Good luck. I'll send email to my friends to support you. Nissan Computer NOT GUILTY.
Razvan Duta

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