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Nissan Motor,
Please know that my life partner and I are presently in the market for our first new car, but have ruled out any Nissan vehicle due to your unconscionable conduct. In persecuting Nissan Computer Corp., you are harassing and disrespecting not only an honest American business, but also an entire people and heritage. Do you intend to sue the writer of the Bible for the use of your name, as well?  Please reconsider your actions and drop the suit.
Naama Goldstein - Brighton, Mass.

I support the right of Mr. Nissan (his Hebrew name) to own the domain Nissan Computer.Com.  Nissan Motors Does NOT own the name Nissan...I own a Nissan Maxima and was planning on my next car being a Nissan Motor car, but you MUST stop harassing the little people.
Mel Meir Beba

Since learning of this ridiculous lawsuit, we have strong reservations about Nissan Motor Company--specifically the judgement of those in charge . We were considering purchasing a Nissan truck, but now have marked Nissan off our list.  The time of Nissan Motor Company officials would well be spent in more productive pursuits. Nissan Motor Company---get off the backs of the little guys and don't forget that the buyer keeps you in business!!! 
Yours in hopes that you will consider the goodwill of the consumer,
Randall and Elizabeth Kimbro

This is a story that deserves to be on Dateline with Stone Phillips.  I would never buy a Nissan automobile regardless of this story.  However, this story poses a much larger scale of importance in consideration of legality, morality, and the pure power that the dollar has in America has to over-ride them both.  Mr. Nissan, your clain is righteous and you deserve to keep your domain name. Try contacting Stone Phillips with Dateline NBC.  I think he would love to air your story.  Who knows, Nissan Motors etc. may even drop their case if Stone backs off from bringing such bad repoire on their company in front of the whole country.
Best regards,
Jacobe Scott

Shame on you for trying to infringe on the rights of those who are not quite as powerfull as you. I don't think I will ever purchase a Nissan Auto after reading what you are doing.

The lawsuit againt Nissan Computer is a ridiculous waste of time and money designed only to send your attorney's children to Stanford.
Marilyn Gibbons

The big corporation with lots of lawyers against a little guy; they have no bloody right in the case, simply money to throw around to throttle a smaller business. I can only wish you guys well, and that the worst befall Nissan Motors. A class action suit against them for their SUVs would be karmically appropriat.
Bruce Schaefer

Nissan Motor is a bully!  Stop the bullies!  Nissan Computer has every logical and legitimate right to the domain name.  If "Nissan" was in no way connected to him, it would be questionable.  But give me a break!  IT'S HIS NAME!

Isn't "Nissan Motor Co." a Japanese company? So why can't they simply stick with a URL in the nippon top level domaine? Do multinational companies own the world yet? - But I can't hope for a US court to see it your way Mr. Nissan. I'm sorry but I have little hope that the US judicial system will help the "little" guy, but rather cater to big money.  Why don't you sell your domain name at a good price and save yourselve all the junk with the lawyers etc. - Give your company a new image - the money you make selling the name,, could help you getting started. That will save you some sleep belive me!
Yours truly
R. Halfliger

if anyone should be sueing it should be Mr.Nissan sueing your company. for G-Ds sake, this is his legal family name. THE NAME BELONGS TO HIM! can it be that you did not think fast enough to reserve the name for your own internet site fast enough? i wonder.

It is the mans lastname and he got the domain name first.  Nissan Motor, you snooze you loose.

After reading the information I have received regarding the disspute over the domain names and, between Nissan Motor Co. and Nissan Computer Corp., I find it appalling that this type of activity occurs, but I must say that I am not suprised. Although I have no legal expertise, I feel that the law suit filed by Nissan Motor Co. must be weak and that they are simply using political clout to abuse the legal system. I urge Nissan Motor Co. to discontinue their law suit and Nissan Computer Comp. to further use their case to help expose legal abuses by overbearing, multi-national corporations that presume to bully rightful owners of their property.
Peter Corrie

This is a message in support of Mr. Uzi Nissan. It is well known, that bad opinions spread much faster, than the good ones, including a reputation of a corporation.
Lidia Krasniewska

You apparently have nothing better to do than cause lawyers to rub their hands together with greedy expectation of the money they will make pursuing this law suit.  Go back to making cars!!

Based on the information you have provided on your site, I wish to state that you appear to be having you name hijacked. An ignorant move on the part of a company I otherwise respect (for their not for their humanity). I expect to see more of this in the future if it is not stopped now. You registered your sites and were allowed too.  If the lawsuit game must be anyone suing those who allowed you to register the name? Point being: if you were infringing on someone, you should not have been allowed to register the name. That is common sense and probably does not apply here.
I wish you the best of luck.
Norman E. Rondeau

Shame on Nissan Motors for trying to intimidate the "little guy."  Yes, Nissan Motors would prefer the simpler, but the fact is, Nissan Computers beat them to it, and appears to have a legitimate right to the name.  Nissan Motors should either settle for, or offer Nissan Computers enough cash to persuade them to sell their domain name.  Lawsuits are BAD public relations!  (It might be a nice gesture for Nissan Computer to add a NissanMotors link to the top of their page for the convenience of those who come looking for Nissan Motors!)

It seems strange that the court would even accept a case with a person's legal name in the title of their business.  If that is really your name you probably have more right to use it than Nissan Motors.  I think I would find out where their name came from and file a counter suit.  There are always lawyers who will take a case on a contingency basis.   Sorry I cannot help more, my daughter just opened a business and I am her venture capital.  Please do not clutter my inbox.  I have been ill for a year, so have had as many as 2000 unread Ems in the box.
Good Luck,
Maggi Knoebel

STOP harassing MR Nissan now!!!!!!
Walter Rhiner

I'm tired of this stuff.  The internet has been around for quite awhile, if a mega company like yourself hasn't been aware enough to plan your electronic future, then too bad.  You snooze you lose.  What makes you think you have the almighty right to a name?  Yeah you have a copy right, so lets copy right every word in the human language and see what happens.  Your corporate attitude is disgusting, i'm sure you have the same benovelent view of your customers or any other organization that is below you in corporate worth.  I hope the courts realize that this hijacking of property is wrong.  Why should everybody get out of the way of capital giants like you, because of your ignorance, ineptness, or inability to successfully manuevre the technical changes of the global free market??????
Crystalyn Waldor

It's first come first serve in the Domain Name biz, I wish the Nissan Computer company luck in thier legal proceedings and I hope they are awarded a countersuit.
Tony Pietrzak

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