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What is with your company's disgusting behavior of trying to sue someone for using the name nissan if that's his name and always has been. He has every right and you have none in this matter. Get off his back !!!!
Yes I will boycott any and all nissan products and so will my friends and family.
Henry J. Fackeldey

I guess I'm not surprised at big company tactics.  I will never buy a Nissan vehicle, for this and other reasons.
Leslie Smith

I am in the market for a new car, and in the process of researching comparable models I visited this site looking for Nissan Motors.  Mr. Uzi Nissan was kind enough to place a note on his site referring vehicle shoppers to the Nissan Driven web site.  I would have headed over to Nissandriven if I my curiousity had not been picqued by the "nissan vs. nissan" notice.  I am very disappointed in Nissan motors.  The management lacked the vision to register the domain name prior to Mr. Uzi Nissan and now they are persecuting Uzi for their failings.  If Nissan USA wants the domain name, why not try to purchase it, instead of trying to steal it?  Apparently Nissan management not only lacks vision, but honor and integrity are also lacking.  As a consumer, why would I want to place my trust this company to stand behind their products and give me fair treatment if I needed warranty service?  There are too many choices in the automotive marketplace to deal with Nissan Motors.
There will not be a 20th Anniversary Maxima in my garage.  I will give my $30,000 to a more ethical company (which won't be difficult to find).  Best wishes to Mr. Uzi Nissan in his fight against Nissan motors.  I hope you file a counter suit and get BILLIONS and BILLIONS in punative damages.  I really hope I get called for Jury Duty for this case!
Jay Drummond

I own a Nissan. But I do not like what I am hearing what your are doing to UZI.  Leave him alone and let him use his last name.  This does not make your moter company look good at all. And I think i just bought my last Nissan car.
bruce harapcio

Nissan Motors:  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  Mr. Nissan should prevail based on the facts and with a little luck the courts will award him huge punitive damges in order to make you and other big corporations think twice before attempting to bully a little guy.  You can be sure that a Nissan Motors product is not in my future.

Tell Nissan Motor Co. to blow it out their tailpipe!!  That is the most ridiculous and idiotic thing I have ever heard, and considering that this is election year, that is saying a lot!!  Nissan Computer has every right to have the name, after all, first come, first serve.  Tell Nissan Motor that the early bird gets the worm, those jackasses.
Chris Anderson

Ok, you'd better astart thinking of suing Israel...why?  Because Nissan is the name of a month in the calendar.  Ooops, now you've got trouble.

This is just another case of how corporations care nothing about honest people trying to make an honest living.  Nissan Motor Co. and Nissan Computer Corp sell two totally different products.  I am a student at Clarkson University and one of the classes that I currently take is Law and Society.  We learned about a case where Federal Express sued Federal Espresso, Inc. for trademark infringement.  This case had nothing to do with a website domain, but I think it set a precedent in business and using the names of companies that sound similar.  Federal Espresso won the case because the products were dissimilar.  I don't think you guys have anything to worry about.  Good luck in court!
Eric Avis

I, too, find this practice offensive.  Since when does a person 'own' a name or word of any language.  This is also becoming a scarey problem with patents of any kind.  Apparently, some interests are claiming things they haven't even invented yet.  This means they will 'own' whatever someone else might develop!!!!  It is a slippery slope for sure.  The corporate world is now too powerful and, in my opinion, also owns most of the polititians which does not bode well for the rest of us.

I fully support Uzi Nissan.  The name Nissan is an old name that does not belong Nissan Motor Corp.  As such buy it or drop it.
Shimon Klein

I believe what Nissan Motors is trying to do is immoral. I will never purchase a Nissan car and shall encourage my relatives, friends and colleagues to boycot the purchase of any Nissan or Nissan associated motor cars and products. Shame on you, your President, Ceo's,and all your employees... you DISHONOR your Company by this Disrespectful action.  Is your Company visionless.....unable to build for a future. Your shortsighted action against a legitimate owner of the name "Nissan.Com" WILL COST YOU MULTIMILLIONS of Dollars In Lost Future Revenues.  It is immoral and unconstitutional for Nissan motor to intimidate and threaten Mr. Uzi Nissan.  I would urge Nissan motors to get real and leave Mr. Nissan alone!

I think this domain name suit is absolutely ludicrous.  Nissan Computer Corp should not be dragged through a law suit and possibly put out of business by nissan motor co.  Nissan Comp reserved the domain name first.  end of story.  Nissan Motor Company should have to BUY if from Nissan computer corp.  Definately a No-Brainer.  Just my opinion....probably will be considered wrong by the trial's outcome.
Michael Montgomery

I believe that this individual has the right to use their name for any business purpose that is initiated by them.  If Nissan Motor co. does not like it I am sorry. They can change their name or use it in conjunction with another word.  Mr. Nissan is not doing anything wrong but promoting his business the way he wants to.  I think this is his choice and no one has the right to dispute that.  He was born with that name and he has the right to use it!!!
DeborahI believe that this individual has the right to use their name for any business purpose that is initiated by them.  If Nissan Motor co. does not like it I am sorry. They can change their name or use it in conjunction with another word.  Mr. Nissan is not doing anything wrong but promoting his business the way he wants to.  I think this is his choice and no one has the right to dispute that.  He was born with that name and he has the right to use it!!!

I wanted to register my family name, and it had been taken by the Jordanian Royal Family, who have as much a right as I have.  Let Mr Nissan keep the name as he registered it first and did not do it to spark and arguent with the Motor Company.
All the very best
Isaac S. Hassan

I think it is wrong for Nissan Motor Co to drag you to court over your own name. How ridiculus is this? Just because they have the money and supposed clout to do so. You have gone through the proper channels to register your domains. Let them have to choose another.
Jeanette Adams

Nissan Computer has gone throught all the proper channels in obtaining the right to use his family name in his business.  There is no reason that such a big bully company as Nissan Motor Co. should have the right to stop this man from using his family.

It's too bad that BIG NISSAN worry to much about small one, beside, cars are not the same as a computers.
Amiram Kupfer

This is not right!  Nissan Computer is not trying to get rich off of the automaker.  My mother always says, the early bird gets the worm!  Do not let this bully win!
Jason Kaufman

I'm a bit curious about how Nissan can really think to win a case like this? Obviously, they will try to win by claiming you are a fraud who bought (and .net) just to get huge amount of money from nissan. But this doesn't refer to your company. I'm a student in computer science and information technology in the netherlands. I can't be much of a help, but i will inform our press and email all other students, if possible not only at my college, but really ALL students in the netherlands. I'm really concerned about the slow measurements taken in cases concerning Internetsubjects. Because Internet is bound to International Law and Order, there are too many ways to outsmart a system that tries to defend the weaker ones. This way the strongest always win, and this is NOT what our society is fighting for.
And for Nissan Motors: If you can change from DATSUN to NISSAN, then do everybody a favor and change it to WNICWIWMFCV... probably you can get a domain that's still available.
A concerned student computer science

It must be so nice to sit up in you offices thinking up ways to make an extra buck by clogging up our juditial system with such vlagrent and superficial lawsuits.  People do not even like nissans and if they were looking for your site I think they would be smart enough to know if they logged on to the wrong site.  You people make me ill, and you are the reasons capitalism gets a bad rapp.  You guies should spend more time redesigning your cars and less time tring to persue shady lawsuits.  

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